Sounds of Inspiration – Guest post for Creating Contentment

All my life I have loved music. This easily stems back to my early childhood where the typical children’s songs and entertainment of the time {the very first version of The Wiggles} would be played for not much longer than an hour or two before Mum and Dad would turn it off, place a record from their collection in the player and blare it. Anything and everything in their collection was played – the list would fill this page – but it always had a decent beat, could be danced or sung to and was played loud. I loved it. It forms my fondest memories… music was always in the background.

From there music became the vice for me to cope with anything life could throw my way.

In December I picked a song that was ‘current’ of the moment that made me feel energised and inspired whenever I heard it. I thought this is the song, it is the one that I am using to remind myself of my strength and resilience, to promote confidence……

For the rest of the post, and to find out what the song is, head to Creating Contentment


I hope you have enjoyed this post, I would love to know if anyone else has a song that is spurring them on at the moment,

Styling Positive,

Sarah/Kooklah — For the Style Seeking Girl