A Dream to Work On…

Hi lovely readers, today is my turn to be a guest blogger on Creating Contentment … you can look forward to regular fortnightly guest blogger posts from Creating Contentment’s Sarah {have you read last week’s called Thoughts … If not, do!} My post today is about an effective way to work on your dreams as well as some suggestions of how to do this.

Here is a little sneak preview:

I know some people who think that having their dreams come true, are life’s little miracles with no or little effort required whilst others believe that hard work is the way to make dreams and our deepest desires reality. There are, of course, many options and ways to interpret this little saying and I want to share mine with you, as well as how I am using that to achieve my own version of dreams coming true.

Taking some time at the end of 2013 to reflect I was able to identify what elements are the most important to me in day to day life. The qualities I found were daily elements of happiness, positivity and reflection. It might sound really basic, but…..

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Styling Positive,

Kooklah * Sarah

WordPress Welcomes For the Style Seeking Girl


I am so excited to be writing the first post to be published directly to WordPress. I have moved from another site and am excited to bring For the Style Seeking Girl to new readers {as well as hoping my old readers come with me}. I felt like a change, something fresh and new with some of the old but a whole BANG of new! My ‘little blog that could’ has been going for a couple of years now, and I have enjoyed the interaction that blogging can bring.

I am looking forward to bringing you my thoughts and opinions on new trends, great styling ideas, how tos, product reviews as well as more lifestyle posts. I love to read comments from others and create discussion – so please don’t hesitate to comment or contact. Especially if there is something you would like a post on.

You can find me on Instagram & Twitter {see the sidebar} as well as liking the For the Style Seeking Girl’s Facebook {http://facebook.com/forthestyleseekinggirl}

So… a bit about me. I am a fashion loving, accessory collecting, eyebrow obsessing girl who loves all things beauty, fashion and styling. I work full time as a health professional but my passion is this. I love to help people style an outfit – for a date, a night out, wedding or event. I have a long time and increasingly growing love for make up… and enjoy experimenting with different looks. Often I will sign off a post with Kooklah this means ‘Living Doll’ in Greek and is a nickname my Dad has called me since I was a baby. I think it is pretty appropriate!

New posts up soon,

Silver Sparkles