Add a small spark…

I have been feeling pretty low lately. It will take me a little bit to get back to normal, to the happiness I found during my 100 days challenge (I really really will do an overview post soon) … but today I did things for me.

I had a day where I just followed my instincts for what I wanted to do. I had errands to run, work or housework today but I left those and attended to a day that would be good for the soul.

I first enjoyed a sleep in, followed by a walk with my dog and then a stroll over to my favourite beauty salon Little Miss Gorgeous for a manicure I had booked in this morning. It was while there, talking to the beauty therapist that I decided I needed to inject and add some sparkle to my day. I have an obsession with all things glittery, sparkly or embellished {most likely a leftover piece of my childhood}… I had been about to choose a standard colour for my nails, when I came across a colour called ‘ruby glitz’, the name and colour reminds me of Dorothy’s brilliant shoes in The Wizard of Oz … they glisten in the light and are making me smile when I look at them.


My afternoon consisted of playing with makeup and watching multiple episodes of an old favourite Gilmore Girls. It was during this that I injected more sparkle through eye makeup, creating my look for today’s Fox in Flats Style Dare and I have loved it so much that I’m only just taking it off now.



I will do a post soon with a ‘how to’ for this glitter eye look,  for now head to my instagram feed {saregiak} for a hint of the products and other shots!

Hope you’re having a good night,
More soon!
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Guest Post: Tips to Improve Skin Texture

It has always been the dream of every woman to achieve extra smooth skin. However, this desire can seem so out of reach for most women as they just seem unable to achieve it. This can be mainly attributed to the ineffective methods that most women use. The following ways though, can be used to achieve great texture for your skin.


Stop using anti-aging products

Many women use many anti-aging products in a bid to make their skin look younger and smooth. Overuse of these products though, can actually work to your disadvantage. They can cause irritation, make the skin appear more red and flaky. Fine lines can also appear on the skin as these products can cause dryness so it is probably best to stop using them.

Less washing of the skin

It has long been believed that if wash often, your skin will become smooth and soft to the touch. Too much washing can however, bring in the opposite effect. This is because it can remove the skin’s natural moisturizing oils and cause dryness and redness. It also overworks the skin causing it to produce more oils to provide protection and one can thus end up with dry yet oily skin.



Exfoliation really has gained a bad reputation as it is thought to dry and thin the skin. This is however not true as it really helps to remove the dead skin on the surface. It also helps increasing cell turnover making the skin produce moisture bearing properties. Exfoliation also helps in collagen and elastin production and all these properties combine to give one smooth skin. Caution should however be observed as overdoing it can give bad results.

Good diet

Diets are not only meant for those who wish to shed extra pounds because a good diet can go a long way in improving your skin. Foods rich in omega-3 oils and lean proteins help the skin retain moisture. In addition, foods rich in anti-oxidants and minerals such as magnesium are also good in improving the texture of skin.


This is probably the most basic move you can use to make your skin smooth. Water goes a long way in making your skin more elastic and improving its texture. Failure results in dry rough skin so it is extremely important that you get enough water and other fluids to maintain a smooth skin.


It would be extremely dumb to want smooth skin if you do not moisturize. Do it as often as possible, preferably twice in a day. This will ensure that your skin is optimally hydrated and the cracks on the surface of the skin are well sealed hence making your skin achieve a smooth texture.

The above were just some of the ways that one can improve the texture of your skin. Follow this few tips and the results will be mind-blowing.


*Author Bio*


Slayton Jacob lives in Bedford way, London, UK and is an avid reader and blogger. He is also fond of writing. Since his early years he’s had a passion for writing. His articles have been published in several Blogs. He works as a guest blogger on his chosen areas of interest and currently writes on behalf of EHIC which helps in medical emergencies.

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Thanks Jacob for this fabulous information! My Mum drummed the importance of a good skin care regime into me from a young age, and I am so thankful I listened. For anyone thinking it is too late – it is not! Follow these tips to brighter, healthier and smoother skin… what is your current skin care regime?



Gold Eyeshadow

Gold eyeshadow is the new white. Seriously. I stopped using white shadow to ‘open’ my eyes and switched to gold about six months ago. I love it.

Gold eyeshadow doesn’t have to bring connotations of over the top, showy looks, it can be used for a glam night out but also as a casual day look. Use it in the day time to brighten your face, make eyes pop and add some subtle glam.


Image -

The best part is, gold eyeshadow is super easy, you don’t have to layer it to build colour and it looks fantastic even without other makeup! Just swipe some on your eyelids and the inner corner of your eye, for an instant pick me up {it is my go to if I am tired} and it looks good on all skin types/tones.

If you do want to dress it up from day to night but still keep it low-key, try adding tinted moisturiser, a flick of eyeliner, some mascara and a berry toned lip.


Image -

Have you got a bright-eyed makeup trick of your own?
Kooklah xo