Five Destinations to Explore

As my plans are coming together for my USA trip at the end of the year I have started thinking about other trips and destinations I would like to experience. While there are many, I thought I would share five in this post {with more to come in further posts}…

Mexican Ruins
They have captured my interest for a few years and I am excited that during my stay in Cancun next year, I will have the chance to go and visit some. I am particularly keen to visit the site called Chichen Itza which has ruins from 7th and 10th Century that include stone structures with carvings, areas used to worship and an underwater sinkhole which was a traditional ceremonial site.


The ruins of Tulum along the Riviera Maya are also intriguing,  they are the only ruins built in a way that gives them ocean views. It is so pretty, and literally takes my breath away…


Juliet’s Balcony – Verona, Italy
The balcony and house that is said to have inspired William Shakespeare to write Romeo & Juliet can be found in the Italian city of Verona at Casa di Giulietta. I have a big interest in Italy and love the whimsical aspect of this site, I will definitely be writing a letter to Juliet! Even if it isn’t real, something that so openly celebrates love, will always win in my book.


Santorini – Greece
What’s not to love and have extreme wanderlust over? Santorini – an island formed from a volcanic caldera, this southern Greek island is an iconic image of Greece. Sun, beaches, volcano and white-washed buildings paired with colourful roofs or details (traditionally different volcanic ash was used to create this) that cascade down the cliff. Love that one of my favourite book series “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, has an amazing affinity to Santorini – adds to the magic!


Uluru, Ayers Rock – Australia
A sandstone rock in Australia’s centre – the largest of its kind at 350m high – holds a special significance to the Aboriginal culture. I find it fascinating that at different times of the day, as the sun changes position the rock appears to change colour – including amber, purple and blue. According to Lonely Planet, two thirds of Uluru is below ground and it would take three and a half hours to walk around!


La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona – Spain
Basilica, church, cathedral – whichever term you use, there is no denying that this is an amazing man-made creation. I love ornate architecture,  particuarly cathedrals, and this one is designed to a medieval theme. Interestingly the building of it is not finished,  it is expected to be completed by 2026. Mainly gothic style with three facades that face different directions which depict different scenes including Birth of Jesus and Heaven & Hell. At La Sagrada Familia – it is apparently not uncommon for the entry queue to be over a two hour wait.


I hope you enjoy this post! I look forward to putting together more in the future… have you been to these destinations or are they on YOUR list? What other destinations are your must-sees? KOOKLAH Xo



Inspire Me Monday …

I don’t know about you but the last couple of weeks have been pretty difficult. I have been holding on to a few items that have me inspired or are just keeping me sane at present! I have used these to form this week’s Inspire Me Monday post.

I find sometimes it is important to step back and find comfort, joy, strength or inspiration in something. This week my list includes beauty, fashion, love, words … what does your’s include?

Contour Your Way
Contouring is a wonderful way to highlight cheekbones and the shape of your face. I have been toying in this lately using foundation and illuminising/finishing/bronzing/blush powders. My inspiration? Khloe Kardashian – contouring (or kontouring?) QUEEN. I find Khloe so inspiring in so many ways. She is a great role model for the ‘real’ woman – curvy, strong, honest and independent.
Back to contouring – creates or highlights angles and is easy once you practice (will do a how-to post in the next day or so! until then a great how to post on Marieee Loves (scroll for contouring section)

All I Want IS… Travel!
Everyone always says that the first overseas trip is when the travel bug hits. I disagree – I have always had the travel bug. I can remember when I was young (as young as four) dreaming of far away places and different countries. As I got older this only increased. I have a list of places that I add to every now and then of destinations to visit and events to experience in them. I am now eleven sleeps away from my next overseas adventure and cannot wait to get on the plane with my best friend and start the adventure! This holiday has come at the right time, I need some space, fun and inspiration.

Words To Live By
There are limited second chances in life, I have made a real effort in the last couple of years to grab the moments that come my way and to make the most of them. Living life to the full at every chance ensures you get the most out of life. Life doesn’t wait until you are ready, it rushes in at full force and it is up to you to make it yours. Don’t be a wallflower in your own life….

I recently packet dyed my hair with a brunette Mahogany based hue. I loved it! I had been looking at mahogany hair pictures for a long time deciding if I should take the plunge. I purchased the packet for a pick me up. It was called dark mocha but I love the reddish hue that came out of it… so much so that I will go for this in a permanent colour once I get back from overseas.

Something to Ponder
Recently I was yet again reminded that no one is invincible and that something will happen, to every single one of us at some point in time. My gorgeous Nanna passed away recently and she was a fantastic matriarch for our family. She has taught has many lessons and inspired all of our family greatly. With sixty something years between us, age was never an issue, I could talk to her about anything and everything. She taught us to have faith, hope, express love, have strength, be kind and polite, have respect, give to others and expect nothing everything in return and to live life with no regrets and no hesitations. She has left a remarkable legacy behind. I can feel her love and know it will always be with me… which is so special. Live so that your legacy will be remembered and felt by those you love – and it will comfort them. Your legacy will live forever – make it amazing!

So there you have it – five things that are inspiring the start to my week. What has inspired yours?
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Sarah/Kooklah Xo

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Inspire Me Monday…


The weather is pretty miserable here. After many hot days (summer here in Aus), you’d think it would be a relief! Mondayitis definitely tried to set in this morning, so here are some pictures of pretty things that have me inspired in for the start of this week!

Shorts Shorts Shorts
I haven’t always been a huge high-waisted shorts fan. At 5″2 I often find the cut to be less than flattering. Enter ASOS, I am quite the seasoned online shopper but had used this site – many of my friends had so I decided to give try it. I found the site easy to navigate, service sensational (package arrived in 3 days) and the clothes a brilliant fit! I chose the ASOS shorts with ruched waistband. They add a dressy feeling even when paired with a singlet and sandals, my legs look great and are very comfortable! I have added them as a staple to my current summer wardrobe!
Image 1 of ASOS Shorts With Ruched Waistband
Inspire me to Wander…
A few months ago I recieved an email from up and coming Australian accessory company called KUSHLA. They wanted to know if I would write about their products if they sent out some information. This month I recieved a package – my first piece of physical mail for this blog- so exciting!! In it was a product and some information. As soon as I opened the box, I was both nostalgic and inspired, the accessory I was sent reminded me of my recent overseas trip and made me want to git the road again (to see more of their collection click here)… Review post will be up soon!
Shoes should be amazing, pretty or tell a story! I am loving the site Shoes in Style – they currently have a great deal free shipping until 21st January, 25% off due to the New Year and if you sign up you recieve a $10 voucher. Amazing! My pick are these beautiful black, suede wedges Sarah Black Suede by Diavolina … I think I will be buying these! They are perfect for a night out dancing, casual drinks, lazy sunday brunch and definite first-date material!
I recently cut my mid arm length hair (when curled), I about five – six inches cut off. I love it. It is a nice change to have right now, I had to say goodbye to my much beloved topknot but have been experimenting with hairstyles. I still have lightened/ombre ends and it looks fresher and brand new! This picture below was what originally inspired the idea… (see my Pinterest account for more!)
Pinned Image
Make up, make me Smile!
Current makeup fave? Blushed cheeks. I have swapped the bronzer for blush in the last few weeks, and am loving the rose tinged glow. Paired with a smile, made up brows and a small slick of mascara it provides effortless style so well. Fantastic for summer and a busy lifestyle! (see my Pinterest account for more fashion/beauty/styling/wedding/creating pics and tips!)
What is the inspiration behind your looks this week? What are you lusting after? Would love to hear from you (comment below or send me an email at Keep tuned for an exciting and amazing giveaway coming soon!
Kooklah Xx

Inspire Me Monday…

Hi lovely readers! I love sharing this post of all the things inspiring me at the start of a week.
Sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue.
Here are five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week….
WANDERLUST- let’s go on a journey…
People have always told me that once you go overseas, the travel bug gets you. I already have it… All I can think of are ways to get out of here and go explore another land. And so it is….
Only as old as you feel…
I love this picture below, the two elderly people going about their day, their spirits inside are young, dancing, joyful. Though we get older with time passing on, we can still have a free, fun seeking spirit.
Sparkle* up the Ordinary…
I love some sparkle, and especially if you can add it to a piece from everyday life.
Team Tartan
Ever since I was a little girl with my tartan dress I have loved the pattern. These days I have a much beloved vintage jacket that is tartan and would love to master these nails one day….
A Blast from the Past
Lately I have started to re-watch Veronica Mars, I used to love it when I was a teenager and it first aired. Her quick wit and super sleuthing powers, all mastered whilst in school. Plus the main character’s own mystery which drives most waking hours had me hooked.
What is inspiring your week? Kooklah Xx

Inspire me Monday

Inspire me Monday, because sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue. Five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week….
(This is a ‘co-post’ with my personal blog- Kooklah Check it out!!)

Get Lost in the Music- Trial Kennedy, the Final Tour
(One of my favourite indie bands on the Australian Scene, saying goodbye at one last show)
Hairspiration- Braided Topknots
(Such a cute, fun and original take on one of my favourite hairstyle the topknot.
Check out my post on topknots: The Carrie Bradshaw Bun)

Wanderlust- New York City Calling
(Have a trip booked for September in New York City is one of the destinations!
So excited, cannot wait to explore the city I’ve been dreaming of all these years. Getting butterflies everytime it’s mentioned! See this post on NYC as my money saving inspiration)

Look at ME Legs- Embellished Stockings
(A trend full of style, individuality and Sparkle… Click here for more)

Guilty Pleasure Read- Sugar and Spice
(Third novel in the L.A Candy Series by Lauren Conrad)

What is your favourite OR what is giving you inspiration at the start of the week? Check out my personal blog Kooklah, or look me up and follow me on Pinterest. Hope your week started well!

Kooklah Xx