Six Wardrobe Essentials…

In September last year I wrote a guest post for the lovely Kimba at Kimba Likes, on the top six wardrobe essentials {in my humble opinion} … to read the full post – including why and what to look for – click here – a brief summary can be found at the bottom of this post.

A list of essentials is an idea I am expanding on, I am creating ‘Twenty Items For a Stylish Wardrobe’. This list will be less focused on trends but on pinpointing items that are stylish, add class and can be worn throughout varied seasons, trends and occasions. There are many who have created fabulous lists of items to collect, which I will admit provided some food for thought. Most notably, my favourite list would be Nina Garcia’s “The One Hundred”,  her list is very well thought out, forms a book and inspired me… I felt encouraged to look into my collection of accessories, clothes and shoes to determine what were the key aspects of achieving my style. I find knowing this, has been beneficial in looking deeper and isolating a small but generous number of items that I feel could be essential or of extreme benefit to any stylista {or those new to the game}. Once completed the list, I will of course write about it.

Six Wardrobe Essentials {investment items to be wearing for years to come – avoid details typical of current but fleeting trends}

  1. A Good Pair of Jeans – everyone should own a well-made pair of denim jeans, in a flattering but neutral cut.
  2. A Leather Jacket – a stylish yet practical item which will keep you warm and protect from rain whilst adding instant edge and glamour.
  3. Pair of Statement Heels – will become your go-to heels, able to be added to any outfit, go for a reasonable level of comfort but with features that add instant impact to a look.
  4. Statement Accessory – Costume jewellery is ideal, offering many options in regards to size, colour/pattern, embellishment, style and price.
  5. The Little Black Dress – The LBD is an iconic item that should be simple, affordable, versatile and long lasting. Think of the LBD as a perfect backdrop on which to design an amazing outfit that shows class, elegance and style.
  6. Leopard Print – Leopard print is a classic print, it will fill you with confidence and adds sass to your look. Stay away from fluorescent and look for the iconic leopard print {or soft earthy tones} to invest in a piece that will be easy to add to your favourite outfits.
Image - Deminology

Image – Deminology

Image - Style Bistro {SJP Leather Lookbook}

Image – Style Bistro
{SJP Leather Lookbook}

Image - paperblog

Image – paperblog


Image - thebudgetfashionista

Image – thebudgetfashionista

Image - mycelebrityshoes.blogspot

Image – mycelebrityshoes.blogspot

mkDo you have any or all of these items? What is a must-have in your own top six?Would love to hear from you, Happy Styling, Kooklah…Like For the Style Seeking Girl on Facebook Follow Kooklah on Instagram (@saregiak)

Embrace the Head Scarf …

Today on the Fox In Flats April Style challenge the prompt was ‘Scarf’, not only have I completed the look and uploaded it but it has prompted me to complete a post I have been meaning to write for awhile on the beauty and ease of headscarves.

A scarf is one of the best accessories – it can be hung around your neck, arm, handbag straps, body or hair. The head scarf is one of my favourite uses. Either covering your whole head or as a headband. In a past post on For the Style Seeking Girl called ‘For those bad hair days’ I detailed ways to extend the ‘life’ of your hair one of these ways included the use of a head scarf. It is something so easy and simple to do. It looks chic, carefree, classy and can be used in casual or dressy looks.

My favourite styles are:

The Band – should look like a thick band around your head with nothing draping. How to: fold or twist the scarf so into a long rectangle and then place on top of head, pull tight (not TOO tight but enough to secure and ensure it won’t fall off) and wrap underneath. Depending on the size of your scarf you can tie then or wrap again and tie in a knot or small bow at the top or side of the head.

Retro Knot and Tie – Women used to do this to hold in their curlers while they did housework, it then become popular for some dances. How to: similar to the band wrap the scarf around the head and either tie a knot or create a bow with the ends of the scarf, looks harder then it actually is. Pile your hair high and messy for a fabulous look – LOVE Rhianna’s curls in the pic below.

The Bandana – pretty self explanatory …just don’t style yourself like a pirate! Let some of your fringe fall out (set the bandana back) or have hair coming out the back. How to: Fold the scarf in half to a triangle, place over heads and tie at nape of neck. For some flair jaunt to the side.

The Long Headband – a head scarf fashioned into a head band partway through or at beginning of hair. Similar to the Band but the rest of the scarf hangs once knotted. How To: twist or fold the scarf and place on head, I like to leave part of my front section of hair and then place the scarf, tie at the side or base of neck and leave the ends of the scarf to drape over your shoulder/back.

Head scarf/Head dress – The traditional use, very classy and perfect for travelling and respecting cultural customs in certain countries and at certain monuments such as temples. How To: wrap it around your head and fasten with a brooch or just by overlapping the fabric.

Other ways that I would love to attempt – and are maybe not so easy?
(I will attempt and let you know how easy or hard these styles are to achieve)

To end, a vintage gallery of some of the most stylish women in history wearing a scarf (see below)! Hope you try some of these out … Let me know if you do! Check out what the foxy chicks are using a scarf for in the #foxinflatsstyledare on instagram (search using the hashtag), follow me on @saregiak
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Vintage Gallery



March Style Madness Week One

Loving this month’s style challenge from Fox in Flats … so much fun looking up the prompt each morning and styling an outfit or look. Here is the list for March – so many awesome prompts!

Love and looked forward to the following prompts in particular: Grr!, French, The Talking T, Madonna, Rock Chic, Bed Head, Black Beauty and My Mini Me…

Fox in Flats is the go-to place for style tips and tricks, created to help mothers stay and feel stylish despite time restrictions and sleep deprivation. I love this site and the fresh, fun and chic way Andrea conveys ideas and inspires others – what a role model! I am not a mother (and will be borrowing my adorable 9 year old cousin Isabella for prompt 30 – I call her my mini-me anyway) but find this site amazing – especially due to the long hours and shift work that are involved in my job.

Here are my pics which I uploaded to instagram (which are also shared in my twitter and facebook accounts) for Week One: 1st March – 7th March…

Day One – Grr!

Grr… pale pink leopard print top with a claw to show off the new matte bronze glitter manicure I had just got that afternoon! Always love some leopard print but aimed to wear something a little different.

Day Two – Black & White
A black and white polka dot no sleeve blouse worn open over a black shirt…
Day Three – Combat
Such a fun prompt! I wore my khaki jeans, a black singlet top with a white cheescloth type shirt worn open over the top. Paired with a brown military style jacket and my much-loved leopard print military style ballet flats. Attention to make up and hair takes this outfit from dress up to brunch appropriate!
Day Four – French
French, French, Frenchie! I aimed for the classic French style of minimalism. French women are so classic because they use simple fashion letting their natural beauty speak for itself.
To create this look, I used a striped shirt (light pink to stray away from the usual white and black), hair simply pinned back, pearl earrings and winged eyes (inspired by Bridgette Bardot). Then decided to add some red lips for a bit of a kick. Cannot wait to travel to Paris in May!
Day Five – Cuff ’em
I absolutley love a good cuff! This is one of my favourites, a silver linked cuff
Day Six – Twist & Pin
I pinned the front of my hair back into a quiff, then sectioned the remaining hair and twisted into knots fastening with bobby pins. It was a super hot day (37 degrees) and this style was a perfect way to beat flat or frizzy hair. It also reminded me of how my Mum used to do my hair when I was young. I was also super pleased when the lovely Christina from Hair Romance added my shot to her wrap up of this day on instagram (@hairromance -go follow for amazing hair styles!) 
Day Seven – Ruffle
Handkerchief ruffle bottomed dress from BooHoo UK check out the dress here.
Has a beautiful embellished neck, comfortable fit.
Are you taking part in the challenge? If so leave me a comment with where to find your pictures and I will have a look! Would love to see them. You can follow mine on instagram – @saregiak or just wait for my weekly updates here. Do you have a favourite shot from Week One?
Kooklah Xx

Inspire Me Woman – Emma-Jane Adams

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar…
Emma-Jane has just turned 23. She is a wife and a mother. 
Emma holds a deep love for the world of retro, nostalgia and Pin-Up, her modelling in this area is amazing and beautiful. She was recently featured in a photoshoot for Deadbeat Magazine and has entered competitions (announced as winner of the Miss Mini Madness Pin-Up competiton in 2011) and attends nostalgia festivals. Click the link for the Emma-Jane Facebook page. Read on to learn about the woman behind the name – her likes, dislikes, challenges and triumphs plus some beauty and style tips…
Can you briefly describe your job/career?
I work as a Cake Decorator, but I also work as a Pin-Up Model when I’m given the opportunity.
How did you get into the field you work in?
I fell into modeling after I was given money towards a Pin-Up photoshoot for my 21st birthday. After that I was contacted to shoot for clothing companies.
What do you like the most about it?
The things I love the most about Pin-Up modeling is getting to feel beautiful and glamorous when I’m in front of the camera. And being paid in clothes and beautiful hair accessories isnt so bad either.
What do you like the least?
I least enjoy the waiting time from finishing a shoot to actually seeing the final pictures. I’m always questioning if I could of done something better? Or did the shots turn out well?
What is your favourite colour?
My favorite colour is purple. It can be bright and calming, but can also be dark and mysterious.
Do you do your hair or makeup first when getting ready?
I do my makeup first when I’m getting ready, mainly because it takes the most amount of time.
Growing up what were your favourite styles/fashion trends?
I grew up loving the Spice Girls. So I’ve always loved big shoes and big hair I guess!
What are your current fashion favourites?
My fashion favorites never change. Pencil skirts and platform pumps!
If you could only use three makeup products what would they be?
Foundation, liquid eyeliner and red lipstick.
What is your signature look?
 I don’t think I have a signature look. Although I’m sure my friends would say something like big lashes or big heels.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years time I hope to have made my first magazine cover, and have studied makeup artistry.
What is something you have struggled or been challenged by lately?
Recently I found out my mum had Breast cancer. She’s since had two major surgeries and she begins chemotherapy in a month. It’s hard to deal with daily.
What has been the most exciting or satisfying moment for you professionally?
My biggest modeling dream came true last year when I was given the opportunity to shoot with amazing American photographer Shannon Brooke. With makeup by the very talented Jennifer Corona. The shoot was published in Deadbeat Magazine.
Do you have a quote or piece of advice that you use to live by or motivate you through life?
My favorite quote is from my idol Marilyn Monroe.
“Imperfection is Beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring…”
What is the piece of advice you give to others?
Advice I’d give to others would be Dream, Believe, Achieve! Everyone should always dream, and believe in themselves to achieve their dreams.
If someone wanted to break into your line of work, what would you tell them?
If girls wanted to become models I’d suggest paying to have some decent portfolio shots taken, this will help book future jobs.
Who are your role models? Why?
My role models are Marilyn Monroe and strangely enough Lady Gaga. I adore Marilyn I own all of her films and now enjoy them with my nearly four year old daughter. Alot of people dont realize how incredibly intelligent she actually was. I started off just enjoying Lady Gaga’s music but I was soon very intrigued by her style and lyrics. She was bullied in high school but never let them break her spirit.
Who is your style icon?
My style icons are Dita Von Teese because she always has a very classy style. Christina Hendricks is also one of my favourites, she has a gorgeous figure and knows exactly how to dress her curves.
Do you have a style or beauty tip you can pass on to For the Style Seeking Girl’s readers?
Always wear great underwear! A beautiful dress can be ruined by bad underwear. Always make sure you don’t have a visible line, it ruins an outfit!
What was your dream job growing up?
I had a million dream jobs as a kid, like every kid. I wanted to be a truck driver, an astronaut, a hairdresser, a spice girl!
What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
Oak chocolate milk! It fixes everything!!
What is something you want to cross off your bucket list?
I’d like to travel to America and see New York covered in snow, and take my daughter to Disney Land.
Do you have a single moment or time that has changed your life?
Having my daughter changed my life in so many ways. She has made me experience true love. She makes me smile and laugh everyday, having her has made me see what is important in life.
I asked Emma if her daughter is following in her footsteps with fashion. Emma said she loves clothes and walks around in Emma’s shoes! How cute! I used to do the same thing with my Mum haha.
What would you tell your 16 year old self?
I tell my 16 year old self to hold my head high and to believe in yourself!
What is a styling/beauty ‘rule’ that you follow/break?
I constantly break the rule to wash your makeup off before bed! I hardly ever take my makeup off after a night out. I’m lucky I don’t breakout or have problem skin.
What would you like to pass on to future generations?
I’d like future generations to be educated on classic films and how simple life use to be. When women had class and real natural beauty.
What is a fashion/beauty trend you dislike?
I really don’t like the super short shorts look. Where the pockets are longer then the shorts!! Girls leave nothing to the imagination these days.
What three things would you take with you on a desert island?
I’d take matches, bottled water and my makeup bag!
What is your favourite song?
Favourite song! That’s such a hard question. I’d have to say Ave Maria, it is the song I walked down the isle to and I don’t know what it is I just love it. And not the Beyonce version!
What is your favourite movie?
My all time favorite movie is Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe.

 I really want to thank Emma for these fantastic responses, I was really moved at some of her answers, they are sincere and from the heart. Thank you for your honesty and for opening up and sharing your world with my readers. You have a big heart, and I was glad to write this article to share with my readers, but also for you to share with your followers.
Emma is participating in the Leukaemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave to show support to her Mum, click here  to sponsor and help Emma reach her goal! *photos obtained from the Emma-Jane facebook page with permission..
I would love to hear what you are thinking of the Inspire Me Woman series so far. Don’t forget to click the link at the top of the page and head to Emma-Jane’s facebook page. Find For the Style Seeking Girl facebook page here. Email
Kooklah Xx