The SJP Collection…

Yes. Yes. Yes… you did just read that heading right.

I am very excited. Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a collection of shoes, with a handbag collection and a ‘Manhattan’ trench soon after. For anyone who is an admirer of SJP or a fan of Sex and the City this should have you with a big happy smile…

I almost feel like dancing.

Who better to design shoes than the woman who has strutted in heels through multiple city blocks and portrayed a character who openly spent a month’s rent {or more} to buy some stunning shoes? This collection has it all, beautifully crafted heels, ones that are simple and elegant, or brightly coloured with decoration. Not to mention sandals and ballet flats – something for every woman.

SJP Collection for Nordstrom {picture from}

SJP Collection for Nordstrom
{picture from}

A real draw card for me was that to create this collection, Sarah Jessica collaborated with the president of Manolo Blahnik – a brand much favoured by Carrie and myself. I often look at pictures of them – beautiful, handmade Italian leather and nearly purchased some when I went to the USA… I think this collaboration is a brilliant pairing, and a pair of these shoes has now made the top of my list. Each shoe has a signature that will become identifiable with the SJP Collection, some grosgrain {either in trim, accent, detailing} which is the kind of ribbons that SJP wore in her hair as a little girl. I love items that are instantly identifiable, like Louboutin’s red soles or the quilted handbags from Chanel, and I think this throwback to her childhood is really special.

I have seen a few pairs that I am lusting over… and a pair that made my heart race. This pair is called ‘Diana’ and are a very classically sexy shoe, it does remind me of the Blahnik style of Mary-Janes but with a more feminine cut and modern detail {loving the angle of the strap across the foot}…

Diana - SJP Collection {Image from The Windsor Star}

Diana – SJP Collection
{Image from The Windsor Star}


Here are a few more fabulous shoes … not all have been unveiled yet and I cannot wait to see the collection. Let me know what you think – especially the ones you lust after. The collection launches on February 28, at Nordstrom. For more sneak peaks head to Instagram and follow SJP Collection

The Carrie {available in multiple colours}


The Bobbi {available in multiple colours}



The Alison – gorgeous lace-up heeled boots



The Maud – this comes in different coloured themes including monochrome and metallics



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Kooklah XO


Re-Invent Yourself…Hair..

Style lovers! For part one in this ‘Re-Invent Yourself’ series, click here: Re-Invent Yourself…Style .

In the second part of my re-inventing and pushing myself out of my comfort zone aim, I thought about how moving out of the usual means taking a risk, changing something that is comfortable, something that may define you. Something that has become you.

I looked in the mirror and saw what I should change. My hair. I had really dark chocolate coloured hair, which, apart from the obligatory year eight fascination with hair rinses (chilli red, blueberry, chesnut brown) or dyeing it dark brown/black (semi-permanent washes) to add some sheen to my natural colour, had never been dyed, bleached or foiled. I had of course, had many different hairstyles- I have had layers, a side fringe, really long hair and a short, choppy, punkish concaved bob (which I loved!! See pic at the side…was concaved at the back).

I had been holding onto an idea for my hair, for a change- for a few years, I wanted to add some caramel colour and change my look. So I began searching for pictures and I found one of Jessica Biel that I remember seeing and thinking I’d love to be that brave. Here it is:

I had this picture in my phone for quite awhile, and about a month ago I started feeling like I was stuck in a rut. I knew that redoing my hair would revitalise my look and very possibly my outlook.
It would atleast be uplifting. I started to look for more photos that captured what I was looking for and found inspiration not only from Jessica Biel but also from Kate Beckinsile, Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sophia Bush, Drew Barrymore and Lauren Conrad.

I had seen this style on many celebrities and decided to look into it. Vogue Australia have an easy to understand explanation of Balayage. In summary of their explanation, balayage was first developed in France in the 1970s, the emphasis of the technique is on colouring the hair but so it looks naturally sunkissed with the hair moving gradually from a darker to lighter colour (”Sweeping” as per L.A. Fashion Magazine). The craze known as Ombre is a variation of the Balayage technique, perfect for a look that needs very little maintenance.
My hair was so dark, and untouched, that half of my hair was bleached, then using appropriate tonings and colours my hairdresser Amy (from Class One Hair Studio) washed, and then teased my hair before brushing the colour on my hair. I asked her about the teasing and she stated that the proper technique uses teasing on application to remove or reduce the ‘transition line’ and assists in the colour looking more gradual and natural.
Some obvious transitions:

For me, this hairstyle is perfect. It looks edgy and alittle bohemian which suits my style and is like one of my favourite style icons Drew Barrymore . I also have curly hair, which is perfect for this look as it highlights the colour transition (although I can say I do like to occasionally straighten my hair and it still looks good) and it is very low maintenance. I had my hair coloured just over a month ago and I am planning on going back until after my holiday (which will mean November). As the top of my hair was dyed a lighter, glossier brown as my hair grows out, the gradual colour will continue. This style is fantastic for me as I lead a very busy work life (and social life too-let’s face it).

Amy told me, it may take one or two times more to get the exact colour, but I am really happy with it. She also put through a few foils here and there that are blond in order to lighten the colour and my hair is now three toned-brown top graduating through to a caramel with blond highlights and blond tips. I have the choice to just go back and get a few more foils put through to lighten the overall look.

Here is a pic of me, before and after:

I love it, it has given me a new lease on life and I feel more ‘me’ than I have in a long time. To finish, here are some other pictures, one with straight hair, and one of the blonded tips. What hair risks have you taken lately? Kooklah Xx

The Carrie Bradshaw Bun

This is one of my favourite hairstyles iconised by Carrie in Sex and the City.
It is easy to achieve and can be worn as either a casual bun (whole focus is not on structure, may look slighty messy/pieces of hair falling out) or as a perfect topknot (slicked back hair and perfect bun).
Here is the perfected topknot- great style for weddings or formal occasions:

And here is the less structured look-perfect for everyday use, work, lunch dates, shopping:

This bun is acheivable by anyone who can put their hair in a ponytail and then pin the hair. Seriously.
Put your hair in a high ponytail and wrap around into a bun, pin in place. I have found two videos by bjonesstyle which show slight variations on how to create the Carrie bun, these are easy to follow and she does her hair as she explains it. Have a look and try it!
For a messier look, don’t have the front of your hair perfectly brushed back and work it with your fingers (run your fingers through your hair), wrap the ponytail around and pin to secure, slightly pull on loose sections to pull of the casual look. Great for bad hair days, when you should have washed your hair or for informal occasions. Click for the Casual Carrie Bun tutorial by bjonesstyle.
For the structured/perfect bun teasing and then smoothing the hair can help to create volume which not only ensures a bigger bun but that it will stay formed. Using a brush to ensure a smooth front of hair is also a must.
I am planning on wearing this structured bun to a wedding I am a guest at. I think it will be fun and formal at the same time, cannot wait! Below are some other celebrities who have tried this look:

Try it and let me know if you love it like I do…
Happy Styling,
Kooklah Xx

Sparkle, Sparkle, SPARKLE…

I love to have abit of sparkle.
 In makeup, hair, clothing, shoes or accessories. It reminds me of the saying, "every girl deserves to be a princess". It can brighten dull days, make people notice you and give a burst of confidence.
Glorious sequins and sparkles

A small bit of sparkle can be added to an outfit for just a hint of glamour without been too obvious (especially for those who are not sure if sparkles, sequins, glitter, jewels are something they want to add to their style or wardrobe) or for a more solem/serious occasion.

Once you get used to the colour, sparkle, attention, you can add more-like a whole outfit! Or maybe, like I did, jump straight in? Below are some beautiful sparkly clothes…
Shoes or accessories to pair with a sparkly outfit for extra punch, or to add to another outfit that requires some bling such as dark clothing, to work, brunch with the girls…

 Makeup looks that add sparkle! From subtle glimmer to eye catching sparkle glamour….

I love using sparkle to add a special something to an outfit, I feel pretty, sexy and special. I'll take the crown to go! haha. Thought I'd finish up with some sparkly celebrity looks! Whose style do you like the most?

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Sense of Romance…

The romantic style of dressing is one of my favourites.
 It is a style characterised by feminine, flirty, fun and pretty clothes or accessories with details such as lace, draped or flowing fabric, tulle, ruffles, pretty details including florals or a little sparkle.
An example of a long, flowing dress. The bodice is sequined with floral detail
Floral, lace, sparkle and button detail…
Using this style will not only ensure you look feminine and pretty but can also increase your confidence by making you feel attractive and happy.
 Romantic style is very girly, perfect for dates, outside events or parties.
I love this outfit, perfect for a date, girls night or even an outdoor cocktail party.
The ankle boots add abit of edge whilst highlighting the legs and flow of the ruffles in the dress.

                                            Lace is a very simple and beautiful way to add abit of romance to an outfit. It can be through the use of shoes or accessories such as headbands, earrings, bangles or, through using lace as the emphasis of the outfit for example dresses, skirts, shirts…

Lauren Conrad:                     Lauren really suits this feminine and romantic style.  Lauren has used slighty curled hair in a bun, with wispy pieces around her face. Her makeup is very natural with emphasis on flirty eyes..                                             

This dress has great detail at the top, it is very flattering and looks well put together and relaxed. The slight jewelled/crystal headband adds a lovely detail to the hairstyle that complements but maintains an understated look.
Blake Lively: Blake has really embraced the romantic style with this outfit. Her hair is very whimsical, with braids and plaits that are loose, her hair is partially pinned. It is very much so a hairstyle that will loosen and gradually fall out over time, which will only add to the overall look. The hair accessories which have been used are floral with beading, it is still quite natural as it blends with her hair colour.
I love that this dress is understated, cap sleeves, no plunging neckline with a slight flair below the hips. The lace work is amazing, complemented by floral details. This dress looks amazing and comfortable, a great one to copy for the beach, a date, a picnic or a party. Blake’s accessories in the ay of floral rings and a collection of charm bracelets are fantastic and really increase the romantic, slightly bohemian style.

Carrie Bradshaw- the intricate, mulitlayered dress worn in Paris (look at all that fabulous material, with the lace, ruffles, glitter and sequins) and the long, flowy orange maxi worn in the Middle East, this dress adds a fantastic pop of colour!

Romantic style can be simply achieved in the form of a sheer blouse…

 …or through the use of a beautiful pair of shoes.
                                                      Accessories are usually pretty and intricate with use of florals, beaded, glittery or lace detail

For your makeup focus on soft styles and colours such as nude, bronze, pinks, shimmer, glitter, gloss. A very natural, feminine look- wide eyes, long eyelashes, peachy pink cheeks.
 Hairstyles that compliment or enhance this style are waved styles like the pictures depicted above, loose braids, plaits or buns. Girly, flirty and fun hair. Doesn’t have to be perfectly put together, when I dress in this style or decide to use a romantic hairstyle I tend to focus on creating a girly, dreamy look-if it gradually falls or changes, don’t worry! It really does add to the look…

  Styling Tip: if looking ultra feminine is something you are not too comfortable with, you can still embrace the Romantic style- combine flirty, feminine details with another style.

 For example a flowing dress with a blazer or leather jacket, floral or pink heels with a LBD (little black dress), beautifully curled or wavy hair, a ruffled top with jeans or tailored pants or pretty, detailed accessories. This is the beauty of this style, it can be used to completley create an outfit, but also to influence or provide an addition to an outfit. 
I hope you enjoy this post! I had alot of fun creating it,
Happy Styling,
Kooklah, Xx

building inner confidence

I love the saying “Always make an effort as you never know who you will meet”. I think it provides a sense of hope but also motivation … I know on difficult days I always feel better after abit of time focusing on me. Whether it’s my makeup routine, styling my hair or putting together an outfit often I’ll have music on as I do so, I leave feeling happy, confident and positive about myself and the day or night out will involve. This confidence or the smile it brings is what makes other people notice. You’re more likely to make friends, meet a boy or have a positive impact on someone with this feeling – including creating a positive outlook for yourself. While it isn’t solely makeup or clothes that can give you this boost.. I think they definitely help! Below is a list of items that make me feel confident and amazing 99% of the time * a pair of heels or wedges- boost height, highlight legs and make calf muscles stand out * a little black dress (lbd) -I have one that has a frill out the front and back and falls to just above knee length whilst skimming over problem areas. * my black skinny jeans- they are worn in and so comfortable * feminine underwear – frills, lace, or the new sequin /beaded bra I just bought from Kiss My Button Vintage ( or providing a secret boost! * a fitted yet not skin tight dress – my current face is a hot pink, v neck dress that falls above the knee, fitted around the bust and waist. Love it. * patterned stockings -define your legs and add a cute, sexy, cheeky feel. * perfume – smell good and other people notice. I love Anna Sui’s babydoll, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s lovely, the SJP perfume has actually resulted in people telling me how good I smell, long after I can smell sit-in if that doesn’t make you feel good, what will? * combing my long eyelashes so they really stand out putting a couple flicks of mascara, instant eyeboost, Flirty eyes! * bronzer or blush, contours face, highlights cheekbones ..blush creates a feminine feel for me where bronzer makes me feel sexy and reminds me of summer * eyeliner -defines eyes * white eyeshadow- blend and the result is eyes that stands out, makes your eyes look bigger * free flowing straight, waved or loosely curled hair One of these or a combination is guaranteed to ensure an inner confidence for me personally, what does that for you? K, Xx