Portmans Cargo Style Jean – Product Review

A couple of months ago I purchased two pairs of jeans from Portmans as I desperately needed some new ones that fitted properly. I was replacing a black and berry pair with my trusty dark blue jeans safe in my wardrobe.

I settled on the cargo style jean from Portmans – in khaki and black.
They have a soft, relaxed feel with good tapered tailoring throughout the leg. The fit is good. I find them perfect for casual days or dressed up with a fancy shirt and blazer for dinner or drinks.

There are side pockets which fit a phone or keys in easily.  Faux pockets are on the front with zips, they create a good aesthetic whilst maintaining the streamlined design of the pant. Down the bottom are zips, which can be worn done up to ‘hug’ the calf and ankle or undone to drape over shoes.. my favourite way though is to half zip and fold up the unzipped section in a cuff. It is relaxed and looks particularly stylish when wearing patterned or embellished ballet flats.


Images - Portmans

I have found the sizing to be true to size and comfortable.

The one detail that I have taken dislike to, are the “back pocket flaps”, there are no pockets, just the flaps.


After the first wash whenever I wear the pants I am really aware that often the flaps flip up which either creates bumps if worn under longer garments or looks funny. Something minor but it is a shame they weren’t fastened (even a stitch or a button) or reinforced in some way to reduce the frequency of this.

I still love them and wear them often, they are super comfortable and offer a good fit without restriction.

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SensatioNAIL Product Review

One of my favourite things to do is go to a beauty salon and get my nails done. This little bit of pampering gives me a mood boost and I love the look of manicured nails.

For the last year and a half I was periodically getting Shellac manicures, a gel enamel that lasts for around two weeks. I’ve recently cut my spending habits to save for a few things.
Ironically it was after I decided to stop getting my nails done that I received an email from the PR team behind SensatioNAIL – a company providing kits to achieve salon standard gelnamel nails at home.


SensatioNAIL sent a starter kit which includes everything you need to achieve nail look {pro LED lamp, gel cleanser/primer/polish/base and topcoat, lint-free wipes, nail buffer, manicure stick} as well as a detailed but simple to understand instruction card.



This card has instructions to prime, paint, set and then remove the gel, with handy pictures in case you need an example.

I was also sent a removal kit, {so I can remove and continue to maintain manicures at home} and two extra colours.



I set aside Thursday afternoon to play around with the kit. I settled on a silver glitter enamel as it complemented the dress I planned to wear to a concert that night. I found everything easy to use and the instructions easily understandable. The finished quality feels exactly like salon finish. I followed the provided instructions exactly, as a result my nails were completely dry. I went on to curl and style my hair, plus put makeup on and my nails stayed perfect!


One aspect that wasn’t explained was how long the lamp stayed on for {has an on/off switch for power and then a button on top that turns the lamp on}, this information is needed because at different stages nails are cured for 30 or 60 seconds.


It isn’t a huge dilemma, just good information to have. I timed it myself at 30 seconds.

I am excited to try the other colours provided, and will update this post with how long the enamel stayed on for. Product states up to two weeks. When using the glitter polish, if a heavier cover is required, I would recommend a third coat or to put it over another gel polish for extra depth.
Although I am currently enjoying the splash of sparkle two coats gave!

Have you tried this product? Is attending to treatments at home something you’d consider? I highly encourage you to try it!
The information I received states each bottle is enough for ten manicures. There are a range of different kits from starter, essentials and removal {view kits here} with a variety of colours {I received Silver Glitter, Kitten Heel and Scarlet Red}.

I found that from setting up, attending the manicure and packing away took just over 20 minutes, which is ideal to fit into an at-home-routine.

I hope this review was helpful, I am thrilled to have beautiful, good quality nails that I can do myself {I’m also going to treat my Mum to a Mani this weekend!}

Kooklah xo
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Shop Til You Drop + Then Some..

Many Australian magazines have folded this year, the internet surge + smart phone trend have definitely changed the way magazines are used by most readers, especially women. Been able to search not just ‘Google’ but also specialty websites, brand/label/company sites as well as blogs and online versions of publications has meant that I stopped buying magazines.

By looking up information online, the content I needed was right at my finger tips. I could access new trends or stories in an instant, instead of waiting a whole month for the next magazine to come out. I still wished for a magazine that would do something new – with not the usual suspects for covergirls. I wanted something fresh, unique, little bit left of centre + something inspiring. Enter Shop Til You Drop … I know this magazine has been around for numerous years but they have recently changed the format and since October have released a new edition each fortnight.

This is the first Australian magazine to make this move, I think it is great – the challenge is to keep content fresh, new and vibrant. There is no room for ‘filler’ content and it enables the magazine to stay with the most current fashion as well as take inspiration from events and online bloggers. The covergirls haven’t been oh-so-typical either, think Alexa Chung {so unique in style}, Olivia Palermo {one of the most stylish women on the planet – her style is classic, feminine + fresh} and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley {a model with approachable style taking the world by storm}.

There is also recognition of the surge in online shopping, throughout the magazine there are icons for content that can be further viewed online as well as the cost of items, sizes available and where to buy from. They also have sections where you can ‘shop the shoot’ as well as their very own e-boutique. Buying these editions each fortnight has become a guilty pleasure of mine! Read Alexandra Carlton’s {editor} brief on the change here … did I mention it costs less than $6? This means you can grab a caramel latte and the mag for $10 and have some much deserved YOU time!

Image from shoptilyoudrop.com.au

Image from shoptilyoudrop.com.au

Have you picked up a copy of the refreshed magazine? What are your thoughts? I am excited to get the next issue – although I am still reading the latest one…
Kooklah Xo

I LOVE Australis…

I own a plethora of makeup – it’s true – you should see my makeup drawer it is STUFFED full of makeup! I love makeup and beauty treatments because they help you feel amazing, beautiful and they are so much fun to experiment and play with. I have tried many different brands, and will often try new products that come on the market.

There are a few brands that I use often but one brand that I LOVE, it is my absolute favourite – Australis Cosmetics. There are many reasons that I love this brand, particularly they are such an honest brand, they are completely Australian and make high end, high finish, beautiful products. The product description is always exact to what the product actually does and the look it achieves. They are also ethically conscious and do not test on animals.

Australis are affordable and a great deal. It is rare that a product is over $20. They also offer a discount program for students {a MASSIVE discount at 25% off}, if you are a student make sure you head to Australis’ UNIDAYS for more. There are often also amazing sales at Priceline keep an eye out for those too!

They are across all social mediums including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Unlike some brands they actually respond to comments posted by followers, which makes them so much more accessible and a brand consumers can bond and relate to.

Some of my favourite products include – the Curve Ink Eyeliner which provides amazing lines and is so easy to handle with its ergonomically shaped handle {For the Style Seeking Girl wrote a review on this product in 5 Favourite Beauty Products}

The Voluptulash Mascara for intensely curled and high volume lashes

My favourite blusher also comes from Australis – it is called Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush which is a blended blush compact with different tones (not sectioned), the ones I use is called ‘Screen Siren’.

In a post that will go live this weekend, I will review some products sent to me by the Australis Cosmetics team to trial.
Do you love this brand? If so, what do you love about it or it’s products?

Here are some looks I created using Australis products

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Sarah/Kooklah Xo


5 Favourite Beauty Products …

Hello my stylish readers – old and new – I have decided every couple of months or so I will write a post with my 5 favourite and much used beauty products….read below for this month’s. I am always on the look out for new products to try, trial, review and of course add to my burgeoning collection! {If you have any suggestions or offers please let me know in the comments or email kooklahstyle@gmail.com}

This month I was overseas and I always find trips like this help to sort out what products are becoming essentials and which ones you can do without if need be.

Below you can find the product, a link and a mini-review {would love to hear your thoughts if you have also tried these products as what works for one may not for another}…

“They’re Real” Beyond Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics
I first used this mascara when a friend I met on my USA Contiki trip gave me one of her samples she had gained from Sephora. I still have the sample bottle. I loved the effect the mascara had and made sure to purchase a full-sized wand the next time I was somewhere that sold the brand.

This mascara perfectly separates and lifts the lashes whilst extending and finely coating them. The result is amazing, they look long, full, curled and lush! With this mascara you can get away with some tinted moisturiser or illuminator and lipgloss for a fresh look – your eyes will pop without eyeliner or eyeshadow. The mascara is not thick or overpowering which means you do not have ‘gluggy’ looking eyelashes and your eye is not irritated. I have long eyelashes anyway but this mascara makes this more noticeable, I also have a fear of eyelash curlers but you would think I had curled my eyelashes as well as applied this fantastic product when I wear it! {pssst! using eyelash curlers is a fear I hope to conquer but as one friend states ‘they look like medieval torture devices’} This product smells good – which is something I notice when applying, sure this may not add to the overall appearance but it adds some points for me! The product also goes the distance – I work 12 hour days and find this product lasts perfectly for 12-16 hours. For customer reviews plus tips/tricks click here. Locally you can purchase at Myer but Benefit products are available from the site (just click the links) and they ship internationally!

‘Complete’ Nightcream from Olay

Until this year I used to use a simple moisturiser (or even my day moisturiser) at night. I quickly began to notice that my skin needed something more, and like anyone I wanted to protect my skin and keep it looking young and fresh for as long as possible. I decided on this nightcream because I already use Olay’s Complete Defence Daily Moisturiser every morning before applying any beauty products and have done so for years. My skin remained soft and supple all year which makes me love {and trust!} the brand. So when I decided I needed a dedicated night cream it seemed to be the obvious choice to trial a nightcream from Olay. The Complete Night Cream is one of their newer products. It is a rich cream but light on the skin and I find that a large amount is not required. I have been using this cream for three months and can already notice the difference in my skin; it’s general condition has improved, it is well hydrated throughout 24 hours, feels supple and I have noticed that any blemishes clear faster.

Curve Ink Eyeliner from Australis Cosmetics

My favourite brand created this eyeliner which has a specially designed, ergonomically shaped handle that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand with grip for your fingers…
I wasn’t sure about this at first, I didn’t find it as easy to use as a wand, but I stuck with it and once I got used to the feel of it I found it pretty easy to use{something other bloggers I have spoken to have also agreed on}. This product creates a beautiful line with easy fit-in-your-hand shape of the handle aiding to create the perfect curve – a good, solid cat-eye. I find it especially helpful if I am in a hurry {one flick and the look is done} especially as it dries quickly. I find this eyeliner keeps it’s depth of colour well for roughly 8-10 hours. It does gradually lighten {of course depends on what you are doing, the weather etc} but is easy to tuck in your bag or clutch for touchups. It is affordable – find it at priceline and kmart or buy from the Australis website.

Silk Creme Foundation by Laura Mercier
I am quickly developing a love affair with this foundation! It spreads on to my skin easily {with either fingers or brush} whilst providing good coverage. The bonus is {well there are many, but lets start with this one} you don’t need to use a large amount, which means the product lasts longer so don’t be deterred by the 35ml for around $40 – I have honestly NEVER got so much out of a tube of ANY product.

On the Laura website for this brilliant foundation (check it) in the product details they have stated that this product is ideal for use on skin that has colour or pigmentation issues and I can see why – if I use this product I don’t need to apply concealor to any blemishes or dark circles, it provides good coverage of these – they are invisible! It is great used on its own or with some powder/illuminator. I find it lasts really well over 12+ hours {of course dependant on the amount of times you touch your face}. I have been told my face looks fresh, flawless, vibrant when wearing this. Will give you a confidence boost! Great matte finish, providing the perfect base to extend your beauty look and is available in  shades.

‘Heavy Metal’ Glitter Eyeliner from Urban Decay 
Those who really know me or follow this blog (or my instagram feed) know that I absolutely adore some sparkle and glimmer. I found these eyeliners on my USA trip and purchased two. On my most recent trip I purchased a few more! They are fun, bright, easy to apply and blend into a look. They provide a perfect amount of shimmer – either by using a small amount for some subtle glitz or more liberally for addition to a glitter eye look. I wear them often and they last for longer than 12 hours. I love to combine them with black eyeliner to get a great contrasting look. They are inexpensive and there are multiple colours to collect! They stay put and you don’t end up with glitter attacking your whole face. Easy to remove. Check out the amazing colours {and their awesome names} here. My favourites are Midnight Cowboy and Groupie – I really want Spandex but they were sold out in Dubai… I think I will be putting in an order on the website.

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any products you want me to try and review, and also if you have used any of these products plus what you thought of them!
Kooklah Xx


KUSHLA – Product Review

KUSHLA is an Australian online accessories store. They have selected certain pieces of jewellery and accessories that are special and different to any you will have seen before. What I found fantastic about their collection is that there is a very limited number for each item sold. The idea behind this is to create a sense of individuality or uniqueness, don’t you love it? There won’t be a thousand people with the same item as you!

In 2012 the lovely people of KUSHLA contacted me asking would I take part in their launch, I was excited as this was something new for me, I hadn’t had many emails for the blog at that stage and it definitely spurred me on to making a great effort with my blog. At the start of this year, I recieved my first piece of physical mail for the blog, I could touch it, I was so thrilled. It was addressed to my blog – so huge for a girl who started this blog to satisfy herself. I had recieved a package, I opened it to find a letter offering an accessory from their current collection.

The accessory I was given, is called All Tied Up Rope Bracelet ($21.99). As soon as I opened the package I felt something. This piece reminded me of travelling, collecting memories and moments that form the glorious stories you recount when you return home.

What I love about this piece is the collection of charms and various other items that are attached to the rope. There are faux pearls/jewels, a piece of shell, as well as the charms which include a key, horseshoe, heart, bow and enamel tokens. It looks like the small trinkets you could collect at markets and stalls whilst walking the streets of far away destinations.

This piece comes in a variety of colours, as depicted on the site you can wear them woven around your wrist or ankle (layer a couple for a bohemian feel, or take inspiration from my post Hint of Glamour #3 and combine with other bangles and bracelets). Nothing says traveller like rope bracelets that are intriguing and spark memories or questions. Other ways to style this accessory include using it as a key ring, attaching to the strap of your handbag or across body bag (essential when travelling!), tying it in a bow on your suitcase handle – you will easily identify it at baggage claim, attaching it to your travel journal or hanging it by your holiday pictures. This would be a fantastic gift to give someone who is about to depart overseas, they could even add their own charms and trinkets to it!


I hope you enjoy looking through the Kushla website and current collection as much as I have… I am so excited to see the future collections and hope to work with them again some day! Please comment or email me with any comments you have! Especially if you have or do try a piece of the collection. Communicate with them on twitter/instagram via #KUSHLA and @kushlasocial or via the Kushla facebook page.

Kushla also featured in my latest Inspire Me Monday post, to read it click here

Happy Online Shopping and Styling!
Kooklah Xx