Pregnant Style…

I was having breakfast out last week and saw two pregnant women at the cafe who looked so amazingly stylish. Lady #1 was wearing a maxi dress with thin black and white stripes with gladiator sandals and a topknot. Lady #2 was wearing a maxi skirt with a loose sleeveless shirt that was tied at the side, she had bangles and a chunky necklace on. They both looked incredible and had big smiles on their faces. The styles they chose were effortlessly casual and comfortable.

A friend of mine who was pregnant recently told me that she had decided in October that she would not be shopping for ‘maternity’ clothes. Instead she was going to make use of the plethora of maxi dresses/skirts, oversized shirts and loose pants that were filling the shops. They were not only comfortable but ones that she could wear again, as they were not meant to be fitted.
Loose summer dresses, flowing tops and bump enhancing belts are all items that look sensational too.

Below are some stylish celebrities in similar outfits that showcase the baby bump, are comfortable and stylish… They look so good that I might steal inspiration from these outfits (sans baby bump obviously…)

Love these long flowing dresses in a colour that enhances the bump and suits glowing skin. Angelina’s dress drapes beautifully from under the bustline and Jennifer’s belt adds some definition…

I love these dress-casual looks from Kourtney and Kristen (the floral pants are fabulous!).
Using a jacket showcases a baby bump and black is very flattering! The flowing fabric of Kourtney’s long vest adds a layered, softening look… Plus a smile always looks great!
I think Jessica looks amazing, her leather jacket drapes and has a beautiful cut, love the edgy vibe with the mix of leopard, leather and crimson nails! Victoria’s look is comfort-casual with a kick…
 Katie Holmes’ look is one of my favourites with her coat done up top and left open around her bump. She looks glamorous in jeans and a silk top. Pink shows the look I discussed above with a maxi dress that skims. Bright patterns and colours also look great in this effortless style too.
Do you have a favourite?
Happy Styling, Kooklah Xx