Slow Down


More often than not I find myself getting to the end of a day and wondering where the time went. I always feel like there are one or two items that I had planned to complete that day and for whatever reason, have not. This used to stress me out. By used to I am talking about as recently as last week.

In the past week I think my body has wanted me to slow down, and not take on as many projects at once. I only have two hands, and giving myself unrealistic deadlines won’t give me more. I became sick out of nowhere ….

As I spent many, many hours resting and recuperating I decided that this was my chance to recharge,  and try to make the most of not having to go anywhere or do anything. I also spent some time reflecting on how I go about completing my day to day tasks ….

To read on further, click over to my latest guest post on Creating Contentment. I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think and if your body has ever forced a uncontrollable slow down on you…




Accessory Obsessed + Organised

It’s no secret I am a great lover of accessories {see my Instagram shots @saregiak or read For the Love of Costume Jewellery} and I will shamefully admit that my local Lovisa store recognise me on sight alone.

Late last year, I entered a competition to showcase accessories to win a free Her Fashion Box. I was pretty excited as I absolutely love collecting accessories, and as we found, I’ve built up quite an obsession collection.

The competition was run by beautiful Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles & Bags who invited me to guest post on storing accessories.

My guest post Fashion Day: How to Store Jewellery provides accessory tips + tricks on how to store and protect necklaces, bangles, rings and earrings. I’ve also passed on a handy hint for traveling.

I look forward to thoughts or any tips you want to share…
Kooklah x.o.

.:.:.:. KOOKLAH .:.:.:.