Inspire Me Monday

As I start this week – first up for days of work- my mind is completley on my next holiday away, a European adventure with one of my best friends. I have to admit, it is my main focus at the moment, from paying off my holiday, saving and looking into my wardrobe and mentally styling different outfits from a limited amount of items (trying to take the least amount of clothes possible but still have a variety of outfits over 20 something days)… These thoughts are definitely inspiring me and have crept into a few of the pictures I have picked for this week’s Inspire Me Monday post..
It’s All in the Eyes…
Liz Taylor, her eyes (and brows!) were always made up and fantastic! To make her eyes pop she used violet shadow. A hint? Violet shadow enhances any eye colour, so take the risk and try it! It adds a pop of colour and is a great alternative to a smokey or bronzed eye… My current favourite look!

Wander with me…
There are many things that make the perfect bag to carry throughout the day when you are travelling… a zip section, a partial or full leather strap (chains break if pulled) long enough to fit comfortably across your body plus fit the essentials – wallet, phone, passport, camera, sunglasses, small notebook, water bottle. I thought I had the perfect one for my USA trip but it could have been slightly bigger- didn’t fit a notebook or water bottle. I have found one that appears to have these aspects, for Europe – from ASOS
Loving this ‘do! Would love to rock this at an event, like a wedding..
Bit of a brave and sassy hairstyle! The Faux Mohawk!
My Inspired Kitchen
That time of year when the cooking competition shows take over and I am still completely obsessed with My Kitchen Rules… Too simple to be on the show but I love the idea of a glammed up healthy snack. Homemade apple chips – pieces of apple sprinkled lightly with cinnamon.
Inspire My Philosophy…
I love this piece of advice. I plan on doing just that and making the most of my 20s. To experience, explore, take risks, make mistakes, make magic, learn, laugh and LIVE. To really do things before myself, so that when I settle down I can focus on someone else.
Have a good start to the week everyone! This is going to be a big week on For the Style Seeking Girl! Keep in touch with us on our Facebook Page – for daily updates, tips and fun.
Kooklah Xx