Six Hairstyles for Long Hair..

I have a love + hate relationship with my hair. Whether it is long, short, layered, straight or curly… the last couple of years I have chopped and changed between hairstyles.
I’ve had long hair that looks great curled or piled/teased into a massive topknot; a concaved bob; side fringes; layers; different hues and Ombre.

I am currently growing my hair out, and am excited to have luscious, long hair again.. When I do, the following styles are ones I hope to use regularly.


Topknot bun with braid at base


Fishtail braid


A curly, fun ponytail with height (also love the sleek, straight version too!)


Waterfall braid. Will be a first!


Plait or braid headband… love this with curls and waves like pictured but also with hair in a high or low bun


A rock chic style up do! Curl and pin!

Which looks do you love? What style is a must try for you?
Kooklah xo


Inspire Me Monday …

I don’t know about you but the last couple of weeks have been pretty difficult. I have been holding on to a few items that have me inspired or are just keeping me sane at present! I have used these to form this week’s Inspire Me Monday post.

I find sometimes it is important to step back and find comfort, joy, strength or inspiration in something. This week my list includes beauty, fashion, love, words … what does your’s include?

Contour Your Way
Contouring is a wonderful way to highlight cheekbones and the shape of your face. I have been toying in this lately using foundation and illuminising/finishing/bronzing/blush powders. My inspiration? Khloe Kardashian – contouring (or kontouring?) QUEEN. I find Khloe so inspiring in so many ways. She is a great role model for the ‘real’ woman – curvy, strong, honest and independent.
Back to contouring – creates or highlights angles and is easy once you practice (will do a how-to post in the next day or so! until then a great how to post on Marieee Loves (scroll for contouring section)

All I Want IS… Travel!
Everyone always says that the first overseas trip is when the travel bug hits. I disagree – I have always had the travel bug. I can remember when I was young (as young as four) dreaming of far away places and different countries. As I got older this only increased. I have a list of places that I add to every now and then of destinations to visit and events to experience in them. I am now eleven sleeps away from my next overseas adventure and cannot wait to get on the plane with my best friend and start the adventure! This holiday has come at the right time, I need some space, fun and inspiration.

Words To Live By
There are limited second chances in life, I have made a real effort in the last couple of years to grab the moments that come my way and to make the most of them. Living life to the full at every chance ensures you get the most out of life. Life doesn’t wait until you are ready, it rushes in at full force and it is up to you to make it yours. Don’t be a wallflower in your own life….

I recently packet dyed my hair with a brunette Mahogany based hue. I loved it! I had been looking at mahogany hair pictures for a long time deciding if I should take the plunge. I purchased the packet for a pick me up. It was called dark mocha but I love the reddish hue that came out of it… so much so that I will go for this in a permanent colour once I get back from overseas.

Something to Ponder
Recently I was yet again reminded that no one is invincible and that something will happen, to every single one of us at some point in time. My gorgeous Nanna passed away recently and she was a fantastic matriarch for our family. She has taught has many lessons and inspired all of our family greatly. With sixty something years between us, age was never an issue, I could talk to her about anything and everything. She taught us to have faith, hope, express love, have strength, be kind and polite, have respect, give to others and expect nothing everything in return and to live life with no regrets and no hesitations. She has left a remarkable legacy behind. I can feel her love and know it will always be with me… which is so special. Live so that your legacy will be remembered and felt by those you love – and it will comfort them. Your legacy will live forever – make it amazing!

So there you have it – five things that are inspiring the start to my week. What has inspired yours?
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Sarah/Kooklah Xo

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Inspire Me Monday

Today was a both a good and difficult day… a little of the Monday Blues for sure. Today is as good a day as ever to post up what is inspiring and motivating the start to the week…

I would love to be brave enough and colour my hair this tone one day! One item listed on my Bucket List is to lighten my hair to a kind of blonde, a light caramel/honey such as this would be fantastic!

Love Thy Body
I find Beyonce so inspiring! She is a strong, talented and inspirational woman. A fantastic role model for women and well as younger girls. Especially as she is curvy, a real size who looks fantastic and shines confidence! One of the most beautiful people… ever…
A stunning pair of shoes makes me smile. I love looking at the design and thinking of the craftmanship that went into making them. These ankle boots with bows are just adorable! Love the blush colour, they are called Caroline and are available from Sole Society
Look At Me Eyes…
I absolutely love this beauty look – it has a very classic vibe with a fresh, modern twist. Great idea to contrast the black cat-eye liner with a splash of gold glitter. Make it your own -attempt a different colour! I am excited to try this! Perfect for girls’ nights out, dates and events such as weddings
Life is all about the journey. Every single step you take, person you meet, conversation you have, place you go and action you do plays a part in getting you to the person you will be. Creates your story, when we are young we all just want to grow up. But why? We should not rush to the end, enjoy the journey, create a memorable story. Make your life, your story, your very own legacy. The highs, the lows, the greatest and most exciting moments of your life, the challenges and struggles all play a significant part in how you will be remembered. So open the book, grab the pen and start LIVING.
Hope something on this list inspires you… maybe you have your own. What is inspiring your start to the week? Happy end to the Monday. Sarah/Kooklah Xo