Time for a Change – Letter to my Readers


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have probably already noticed {+ maybe been confused by} the realisation that this blog has changed from ‘For the Style Seeking Girl’ to Kooklah.

That’s ok. I have written some new information in the about page to explain it to you… I have also adapted that into the following post – a letter for you. It is an exciting change, FTSSG will still be around – this is the category that all the beauty, fashion and styling posts we publish will come under, but you can also look forward to different content and topics for posts.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts + just a little (A LOT) nervous for them too.

Thanks, Kooklah Xo

Hi, I am Sarah the creator & writer from For the Style Seeking Girl, and now Kooklah. From now on not only will this site post about beauty, fashion and styling but also such topics like lifestyle, travel, positivity, mental health awareness, equal rights + current issues.

I have been blogging for ten years, it originally started as a hobby, a vice to indulge my obsession for all things beauty, fashion and styling. I called this ‘For the Style Seeking Girl’, the blog grew from something I wrote just for me to a blog that has been read and shared by many. My aim was to pass on my own passion to others, assisting them to feel beautiful, be confident & sparkle.

As the blog grew and went through different experiences, I did too. I changed blog domains, and at the time thought about changing the name, I was scared to. If I am been honest, I have/had grown quite attached to the name I had created, but started to feel like I had outgrown it. I am no longer a girl, I am a woman, and I have so much more to share. Over the ten years I developed a love and voice for pieces that included lifestyle, travelling, day to day musings and voicing opinions on world issues. I wrote for other people on these issues, even had a side blog to try and release this passion {funnily enough it was called Kooklah} and every now and then I wrote a post FTSSG that wasn’t related to fashion.

I have decided to take my blogging identity of ‘Kooklah’ further and develop it into a fully functioning blog. All of the posts from For the Style Seeking Girl are still available, and can be found in the archives. I’m a dreamer who looks for meaning in life and I wanted to embrace this in my writing.

Kooklah is Greek, and is something that my Dad has affectionately called me – all of my life. It means ‘Living Doll’, I have always used it as a sign off or to brand anything I created. Over time, Kooklah, became a real part of who I am as my creative identity whilst still been affectionately used as a nickname. It feels very fitting that this is now not only my blogging identity but also my blog + website name. My beautiful friend Sarah from Creating Contentment has been a big support to me as I thought long and hard over whether to change things now. It was more emotional for me to do than I thought, but if I didn’t do it now, when would I? {Sarah, I am so grateful to you – thankyou for letting me soundboard my worries, intent and even name ideas off you… it meant a lot to me. Xx}

I really hope my old readers embrace this change, there will still be a large amount of fashion related posts as this is what I LOVE but I am also hoping you will join me in celebrating the other aspects of life too. I look forward to interacting with new readers and seeing how my voice is received on different topics. Have a brilliant day… and please let me know your thoughts! For our latest fashion post read ‘Oscars Fashion’

Currently, each fortnight you can look forward to a post from Sarah at Creating Contentment, as part of a joint project between our blogs to reach out to our readers on topics of positivity, self belief and acceptance. {read Sarah’s latest post Give a Gift to Everyone You Meet}

Sarah Xo

Oscar Fashion

I really enjoyed the Oscars this year, I was with friends and we had some bubbly, good food and watched The Oscars. It was interesting to watch the red carpet with a group and see what looks were loved or hated, and what ones divided the group. The awards ceremony didn’t disappoint either, we loved the Ellen selfie & the pizza delivery, Pink’s performance of ‘Over the Rainbow’ and the heartfelt speeches of Jared Leto & Lupita N’Yongo {I was teary as Jared paid a loving homage to his Mother and then showed acceptance, love and support to anyone who is discriminated for who they are or who they love}. Despite knowing Matthew McConaghey was the ‘favourite’ for Best Actor, I was so disappointed that Leonardo DiCaprio did not get it… what more does he have to do? Yes, I am #TeamLeo – he has such great acting skill and I cannot wait for the year that he is not passed over but receives the Oscar.

But now to the fashion and styling … There were sensational gowns, amazing accessories and beautiful looks. I have put together For the Style Seeking Girl’s favourites {including ‘Suits Worn Well’}, least favourites, honourable mentions, eye-catching couple, and best beauty look.


Lupita in Prada

Lupita in Prada

This dress blew me away, I love the Grecian style with the flowing fabric and gorgeous train. Lupita swung the train allowing the beautiful, draping pleats to be viewed as often as she could, the ice blue looks sensational against her skin. Classy, understated and completely unforgettable. Perfectly paired with simple, golden accessories + her beaming smile. Best dressed – without a doubt.

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace

Very old Hollywood. A sexy, glamourous look with eye-catching detail. This gorgeous gown has the cape draped over her shoulders and is backless. With a plunging front and short train, this is not for the faint hearted. Smokey eyes, sweeping curls and simple accessories complete this Screen-Siren look.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture


Necklace draped over her back

Necklace draped over her back

Jennifer looked radiant in this red gown, as the face of Dior I could think of no one better to wear this beautiful column gown with peplum detail. I love her hair, it has a slightly 90s vibe which is on trend right now. The styling is brilliant, adding unique detail by draping the necklace over her back.


Julia Roberts in Givenchy

Julia Roberts in Givenchy

Julia looks radiant wearing a gorgeous dress from the design house behind Audrey Hepburn’s original little black dress. This dress is stunning, I love the classic detail of lace used in playful ways – bodice insert, edging at the shoulders and on the peplum. It is understated and feminine.

Jennifer Garner in Oscar De La Renta

Jennifer Garner in Oscar De La Renta

This long, flapper style dress sparkled in silver, when Jennifer presented an Oscar onstage the strands bounced and moved as she walked, whilst glistening under the lights. A simple dress became a standout. Jennifer is the Queen of low-key elegance and she cemented this at The Oscars. I love the pop of berry coloured lipstick and the complementing accessories.

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen

I love this gown on Sandra, she has chosen a timeless look with a modern twist, the huge layer of fabric that is ruched and then falls into the train is a stunning aspect. This is a very flattering gown and the colour contrasts well with her ivory skin and dark hair. Adding some frosting with the bracelet, earrings and hairclip finishes off this look perfectly.

Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture

Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture

This dress is amazing, the use of a classic silhouette with almost futuristic detail is clever and works well. I love the Perspex straps that add some mystery and fun to the gown, I also like the train overlay that can be seen through. Charlize is the perfect woman for this dress, she takes control of the look and was hard to stop looking at on the red carpet!

Penelope Cruz in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

Penelope Cruz in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

Romantic and Grecian, this dress is soft, playful and ultra feminine. Penelope proves once again that she is all woman in this sensational gown. The draping suits her well, with a fabulous splash of fabric hooked over arm for some added volume. The black fabric sash and bow add dimension. Simple accessories with a topknot complete this elegant look.


‘Suits Worn Well’



Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio


Jared Leto - Best Dressed Male. Loved the pop of burgundy against the white, his hair and attitude

Jared Leto – Best Dressed Male. Loved the pop of burgundy against the white, his hair and attitude

Honourable Mentions

Emma Watson in Vera Wang

Emma Watson in Vera Wang

Emma looks sensational, loving the mix of black with gunmetal grey, red lips add some sexiness.. I would have liked to see a less ‘school girl’ like hairdo. But overall a stellar look for a presenter!

Kerry Washington in Jason Wu

Kerry Washington in Jason Wu

Kerry looks beautiful in this mauve gown, I like the simple detail, but it is just that, simple. She packs some impact with the dark lip. Stunning pregnant woman – she definitely glows.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Reem Acra

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Reem Acra

This gown reminds me of Amy Adam’s from last year with the detail in the skirt. I adore the embellished cap sleeves and bodice. I feel her hair really lets her down, too casual for this look – a classy chignon or swept up curls would have made this look shine!

Kristen Bell in Roberto Cavalli

Kristen Bell in Roberto Cavalli

A gorgeous gown choice for the ‘Frozen’ star. This gown highlights her slender frame, although it does give me a ‘wedding’ vibe. A pop of colour would have lifted this look too.

Sally Hawkins - Valentino

Sally Hawkins – Valentino

Beautiful embellished gown, very simple in cut and fit. I do not get an overall ‘Wow’ factor from this look, especially with the casual hair and the fringe she kept running her hands through during her red carpet interview – it was distracting and made her look uncomfortable.

Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein

Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein

Naomi showcased a look completely suitable for a presenter, she looked classy and had a simple elegance but didn’t use a gown that would take all the attention off the nominees. She shone in this gorgeous white gown and added glamour with a red lip and defined eyes.

Pink  'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'

Pink ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

Even though it was not her red carpet look, I couldn’t go without mentioning Pink’s look as she paid a beautiful tribute to The Wizard of Oz and Judy Garland. Not only was her performance wonderful {and incredibly moving} but she sparkled in this ruby-red gown. Loving the neckline and full skirt.

Least Favourites

Amy Adams in Gucci

Amy Adams in Gucci

Classic shape. Check. Exciting detail? No. The dress is lovely, but it doesn’t look striking or stand out. I found this a disappointing look for someone who was nominated for TWO roles and also in comparison to her heavily detailed princess gown from last year. I think even choosing a different colour for this gown would have made a difference. I think Amy really flew under the radar in this dress and also with her makeup. Keep in mind – this is The Oscars.

Anna Kendrick in J Mendel

Anna Kendrick in J Mendel

Ok, I appreciate the huge risk taken here. I like the red, I like the skin showing section … but it stops there. I think this dress would be ideal for the Golden Globes or the BAFTAs where left of centre outfits are huge {like Angelina in a fitted suit?}. To me, this looks more like a high school dance than The Oscars. Points for having a go though!

Cristin Milioti in Reem Acra

Cristin Milioti in Reem Acra

This look is way too monochromatic. I hate to say it but Mrs Mosby got it wrong. I love the dress, with the cupped bodice and falling skirt. This had the potential for an ethereal look when paired with her gorgeous ivory skin. Nude or soft pink lips with shimmery eyes would have bumped this look into favourites.

Anne Hathaway in Gucci

Anne Hathaway in Gucci

So last year Anne wore a similar cut from Prada – deciding at the last minute to leave her custom made Valentino behind – and follows it up this year with a futuristic column gown. The cut, shape and fit of the gown is sensational. I don’t like the metallic bodice – which has been likened by some critics as a ‘breast plate’, this aspect impedes on the rest of the dress and seems like an odd choice for this event.

Portia De Rossi in Naeem Khan

Portia De Rossi in Naeem Khan

I like the halter style cut of the dress, and that is it. I look at this dress and see a huge, walking doily. I think Portia could have done better, apparently the inspiration was snowflakes… but I just don’t see it, it makes her look older than she is.

Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani

Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani

This look is a bit plain, the nude looks fabulous with her skin, but there is no pop of colour at all {she had nude lips too}, when watching her, I felt she looked washed out. I see fish scales when I look at the dress, but a guest at the party I was at stated “All I can see if keys on a rack, like a hotel wall”. While I am not a huge fan of the gown, to take this look from drab to fab, a striking lip {pink or red} and well styled hair would have done the trick. I think Cate got lucky because this dress photographs well, and stands out more in photos than it did when watching the red carpet and awards ceremony.

Kristin Chenoweth in Roberto Cavalli

Kristin Chenoweth in Roberto Cavalli

This dress reminds me of a mermaid. I think the skirt detail and small train is really pretty and I love the colour. Though overall this was a least favourite because it isn’t totally flattering for her. Though it is much better than last years!

Jessica Biel in Chanel

Jessica Biel in Chanel

Jessica Biel could easily make best dressed lists everywhere, but she always chooses gowns that are basic and similar. Instead of cementing a certain style it creates a I-have-seen-this-all-before-feel. Nothing stands out in this look and the hair pulled lazily over one shoulder drags the look down. Even by piling the hair in a towering bun or keeping it to one side but in a chignon or curled ponytail would have lifted the look. I would love to see her pick something a little more daring – even just colour wise like red, emerald green or purple.



Saving the BEST of the WORST till last. Shorts. Really? At The Oscars. Oh. Dear. This is school boy trying to dress up, and failing. There is a dress code, and that should be respected. He could have worn a nicely tailored suit and played around with colour, patterns/prints or textures and that would have been amazing.

Eye-Catching Couple

Joseph and Emma

Joseph and Emma

What a cute would-be-probably-should-be couple. They were so cute when they were presenting on stage together and definitely had all eyes on them! They look striking together… one to watch!

Brad and Angelina

Brad and Angelina

The love between these two is so obvious and sweet. From holding hands and flirting with each other on the red carpet, snuggling during the awards ceremony and looking at each other with admiration and affection – I couldn’t stop looking at them whenever they appeared on screen. How beautiful was it in the montages shown where Angelina had accepted a humanitarian award and spoke of her belated mother, camera pans to Angelina watching this with tears in her eyes and Brad looks at her then leans in to kiss her. Awww. I felt they looked striking together. Angelina’s dress wasn’t my favourite, despite been from one of my favourite designers Ellie Saab {felt it didn’t flatter her bust – but am wondering if she purposely wanted that after the surgery she has had} but she looked healthy and glowed.

Best Beauty Look

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts

I felt this look was most complimentary to the outfit paired with it. I love the bold, red, Hollywood glam lip, paired with defined eyes, brows and a minimal base. It is striking but maintains a natural look which allows her true beauty to shine through.

Which Oscar looks did you love or dislike? Which gown from this year would you choose? For me, I would choose Penelope Cruz’s Grecian style gown or Julia Roberts’ classy, sexy black gown.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! If you want to wander down memory lane, read 2013’s Oscar post.

Follow us on Facebook and look back here around midday for an announcement, and a BIG change!

Kooklah xo










Six Hairstyles for Long Hair..

I have a love + hate relationship with my hair. Whether it is long, short, layered, straight or curly… the last couple of years I have chopped and changed between hairstyles.
I’ve had long hair that looks great curled or piled/teased into a massive topknot; a concaved bob; side fringes; layers; different hues and Ombre.

I am currently growing my hair out, and am excited to have luscious, long hair again.. When I do, the following styles are ones I hope to use regularly.


Topknot bun with braid at base


Fishtail braid


A curly, fun ponytail with height (also love the sleek, straight version too!)


Waterfall braid. Will be a first!


Plait or braid headband… love this with curls and waves like pictured but also with hair in a high or low bun


A rock chic style up do! Curl and pin!

Which looks do you love? What style is a must try for you?
Kooklah xo

Six Wardrobe Essentials…

In September last year I wrote a guest post for the lovely Kimba at Kimba Likes, on the top six wardrobe essentials {in my humble opinion} … to read the full post – including why and what to look for – click here – a brief summary can be found at the bottom of this post.

A list of essentials is an idea I am expanding on, I am creating ‘Twenty Items For a Stylish Wardrobe’. This list will be less focused on trends but on pinpointing items that are stylish, add class and can be worn throughout varied seasons, trends and occasions. There are many who have created fabulous lists of items to collect, which I will admit provided some food for thought. Most notably, my favourite list would be Nina Garcia’s “The One Hundred”,  her list is very well thought out, forms a book and inspired me… I felt encouraged to look into my collection of accessories, clothes and shoes to determine what were the key aspects of achieving my style. I find knowing this, has been beneficial in looking deeper and isolating a small but generous number of items that I feel could be essential or of extreme benefit to any stylista {or those new to the game}. Once completed the list, I will of course write about it.

Six Wardrobe Essentials {investment items to be wearing for years to come – avoid details typical of current but fleeting trends}

  1. A Good Pair of Jeans – everyone should own a well-made pair of denim jeans, in a flattering but neutral cut.
  2. A Leather Jacket – a stylish yet practical item which will keep you warm and protect from rain whilst adding instant edge and glamour.
  3. Pair of Statement Heels – will become your go-to heels, able to be added to any outfit, go for a reasonable level of comfort but with features that add instant impact to a look.
  4. Statement Accessory – Costume jewellery is ideal, offering many options in regards to size, colour/pattern, embellishment, style and price.
  5. The Little Black Dress – The LBD is an iconic item that should be simple, affordable, versatile and long lasting. Think of the LBD as a perfect backdrop on which to design an amazing outfit that shows class, elegance and style.
  6. Leopard Print – Leopard print is a classic print, it will fill you with confidence and adds sass to your look. Stay away from fluorescent and look for the iconic leopard print {or soft earthy tones} to invest in a piece that will be easy to add to your favourite outfits.
Image - Deminology

Image – Deminology

Image - Style Bistro {SJP Leather Lookbook}

Image – Style Bistro
{SJP Leather Lookbook}

Image - paperblog

Image – paperblog


Image - thebudgetfashionista

Image – thebudgetfashionista

Image - mycelebrityshoes.blogspot

Image – mycelebrityshoes.blogspot

mkDo you have any or all of these items? What is a must-have in your own top six?Would love to hear from you, Happy Styling, Kooklah…Like For the Style Seeking Girl on Facebook Follow Kooklah on Instagram (@saregiak)

The SJP Collection…

Yes. Yes. Yes… you did just read that heading right.

I am very excited. Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a collection of shoes, with a handbag collection and a ‘Manhattan’ trench soon after. For anyone who is an admirer of SJP or a fan of Sex and the City this should have you with a big happy smile…

I almost feel like dancing.

Who better to design shoes than the woman who has strutted in heels through multiple city blocks and portrayed a character who openly spent a month’s rent {or more} to buy some stunning shoes? This collection has it all, beautifully crafted heels, ones that are simple and elegant, or brightly coloured with decoration. Not to mention sandals and ballet flats – something for every woman.

SJP Collection for Nordstrom {picture from fabsugar.com}

SJP Collection for Nordstrom
{picture from fabsugar.com}

A real draw card for me was that to create this collection, Sarah Jessica collaborated with the president of Manolo Blahnik – a brand much favoured by Carrie and myself. I often look at pictures of them – beautiful, handmade Italian leather and nearly purchased some when I went to the USA… I think this collaboration is a brilliant pairing, and a pair of these shoes has now made the top of my list. Each shoe has a signature that will become identifiable with the SJP Collection, some grosgrain {either in trim, accent, detailing} which is the kind of ribbons that SJP wore in her hair as a little girl. I love items that are instantly identifiable, like Louboutin’s red soles or the quilted handbags from Chanel, and I think this throwback to her childhood is really special.

I have seen a few pairs that I am lusting over… and a pair that made my heart race. This pair is called ‘Diana’ and are a very classically sexy shoe, it does remind me of the Blahnik style of Mary-Janes but with a more feminine cut and modern detail {loving the angle of the strap across the foot}…

Diana - SJP Collection {Image from The Windsor Star}

Diana – SJP Collection
{Image from The Windsor Star}


Here are a few more fabulous shoes … not all have been unveiled yet and I cannot wait to see the collection. Let me know what you think – especially the ones you lust after. The collection launches on February 28, at Nordstrom. For more sneak peaks head to Instagram and follow SJP Collection

The Carrie {available in multiple colours}


The Bobbi {available in multiple colours}



The Alison – gorgeous lace-up heeled boots



The Maud – this comes in different coloured themes including monochrome and metallics



I am looking forward to further looks been released! Follow me on Instagram @saregiak for a look at my daily life or like For the Style Seeking Girl on Facebook.

Kooklah XO

Sparkles for the Style Seeking Girl


I have had this picture for longer than I remember {I’m not even sure where I got it from – if it’s yours let me know & I’ll credit you} but it makes me happy..

I just love the sequins, sparkles, glimmer with the gorgeous combo of gold and pink!

I’ll be regularly posting Sparkles for the Style Seeking Girl … it’s an element I like to add to most looks, whether in fashion or beauty, especially juxtaposing edgy or masculine inspired styles. It can be added so easily via simple items, accessories or makeup and puts a bigger smile on my face.

Sparkle on, Kooklah xo

7 Day Lipstick Dare – Challenge Accepted

It is the colour of Dorothy’s shimmering shoes, Ariel’s hair and the one that makes for a high impact outfit on most brunettes … that’s right, the colour is red.

{seriously if you have dark hair and DON’T have a statement piece of clothing in red – go get one. It is a must for days when you can’t decide what to put on or want some wow factor}

Anyway I am getting off track. Foxy-lady, style dare extraordinaire Andrea from Fox in Flats announced last week that this week her Style Dares were starting up again and it is been kicked off with a bang! The Red Lipstick Dare is a dare to wear red lipstick every day, for one week. I love these kind of dares as it forces you out of your comfort zones and in this case, takes something that many women would consider an evening or formal occasion look to the brightness of day. I have taken part in Andrea’s month long dares previously and attempted a 7 day hair one but I had never taken the red lips dare. The past year or so I have been loving red lipstick and have worn it often – so I jumped at this dare. Click the link above for more information on the dare + A’s great tips at making red lips last!

redlipstick dareI am house-sitting currently and was surprised to find that I had many of my red products, a couple I had purchased recently to try and one had arrived in a prize pack I won. I am without my trusty Smashbox red lippie, but I have enough for 7 days – different product each day. The main brands I am using are Savvy, Ultra3, Models Prefer and Bite Beauty.

red lipsticksWhat I love about red lipstick is the confidence it can bring you. I also love that there is a shade for anyone – from the lightest of corals to the dark plums and mahogany. You can rock the look as sweet flower child, rock chick, glamour queen, edgy punk. Something for everyone – it shines with attitude, spunk, and is so womanly. Two lips never looked so good 😉

I have been sick, and despite not feeling like going out and been told by my GP to do nothing but rest, drink fluids and watch movies I have stayed determined to complete this dare. So I have. No makeup, hair unwashed and red lips and it has lifted my spirits definitely… as Elizabeth Taylor famously stated, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together…” well Liz I’ve tried, water or Mum’s cure all lemon-honey-vinegar drink in hand, red lips and a blanket on the lounge.

red day oneA touch of Snow White look here at the GP (used Savvy lipgloss ‘Cinderella’ for light berry base + high pigment pencil lipstick ‘pomegranate’ from Bite Beauty on top)

red day twoRed lips watching chick flicks… (Laura Mercier lip liner + Savvy ‘mahogany’ lipstick with a Sephora shimmer gloss in ‘night out’)

red day threeRed lips and my Mum’s home remedy cure all (lipstick is Ultra3 – Cherry Wine)

Three days down, four to go! Hopefully I can kick this sick business to the curb and actually take some good pictures where I am not trying to hide my face! It is good to know though, that even in my pjs, red lips still feels Glam!

Also, it is not too late to join. You don’t have to complete the same 7 days as me – you can start the 7 Day Red Lipstick Dare at any time, to complete it you just need to have red lips for a week straight.. I’d love to hear if you are playing along so I can look out for your pics or posts! All you have to do is upload your shots and use the #redlipstickdarefoxinflats on instagram or twitter.

Mwah! Kooklah Xo

WordPress Welcomes For the Style Seeking Girl


I am so excited to be writing the first post to be published directly to WordPress. I have moved from another site and am excited to bring For the Style Seeking Girl to new readers {as well as hoping my old readers come with me}. I felt like a change, something fresh and new with some of the old but a whole BANG of new! My ‘little blog that could’ has been going for a couple of years now, and I have enjoyed the interaction that blogging can bring.

I am looking forward to bringing you my thoughts and opinions on new trends, great styling ideas, how tos, product reviews as well as more lifestyle posts. I love to read comments from others and create discussion – so please don’t hesitate to comment or contact. Especially if there is something you would like a post on.

You can find me on Instagram & Twitter {see the sidebar} as well as liking the For the Style Seeking Girl’s Facebook {http://facebook.com/forthestyleseekinggirl}

So… a bit about me. I am a fashion loving, accessory collecting, eyebrow obsessing girl who loves all things beauty, fashion and styling. I work full time as a health professional but my passion is this. I love to help people style an outfit – for a date, a night out, wedding or event. I have a long time and increasingly growing love for make up… and enjoy experimenting with different looks. Often I will sign off a post with Kooklah this means ‘Living Doll’ in Greek and is a nickname my Dad has called me since I was a baby. I think it is pretty appropriate!

New posts up soon,

Silver Sparkles

September Stying Mission Task Three

Hi Styling Lovers, read more about our challenge For the Style Seeking Girl’s September Styling Mission and feel free to join! I would love to have you take part.
The past few days on instagram have been sensational! I am already amazed with the people taking part and loving the pictures and styles I am seeing. Everyone seems to be getting behind the less than 24hours notice of tasks and I am thrilled. I am calling participants Styling Agents – so fun!

SO thrilled in fact that I created a prize today, as in the mission description {click the above link} each week I will name a Super Special Styling Agent. This person may have put in a huge amount of effort to complete the daily tasks, uploaded beautiful pictures and have interacted and supported other Styling Agents through liking, commenting and celebrating the fashion, beauty and styling choices of others.

The prize: {email is kooklahstyle@gmail.com – please excuse the error I am in the middle of nightshifts!}

Here is the theme for tomorrow – one I am going to LOVE

The possibilities for the 90s are endless… there are so many distinct fashion and beauty choices from this era and I cannot wait to see what you all choose!
Happy Styling my lovely agents…. and one question? Do you accept the task?
Kooklah Xo


Super Secret Styling Mission – September..

For the Style Seeking Girl is pleased announce a style/fashion/beauty challenge. The Top Secret Styling Mission – I have always been slightly obsessed with thoughts of secret agents or missions -brought on by my love for books, shows and movies about them {real or not}. When thinking of how I could revamp my initial challenge idea – granted that I wanted to do something that would make myself take leaps with my own choices- I decided that creating a mission type scenario would be perfect.

If people can complete the whole month I will be impressed, but I wanted to create something that meant participants can come and go, they can accept and complete a task one day and decide to have a day off if they are too busy the next.

How it works…
There is no official preview of what the month will involve but each night a task is given to the styling agents {this is YOU} for the next day. I will upload a task memo to instagram, twitter, Facebook and the blog with a theme for the next day. I know this is not a lot of time but that’s the point. I liked the idea of having limited time to think of what to wear, what to style or which look to flaunt, I love when people THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

What to expect?
To have fun – my passion is fashion and beauty, I love to style outfits and share them with others who enjoy the same. Expect the unexpected – some days may have two aspects to a theme, or involve imitating someone’s style, expect to push the boundaries. You will need to think outside the box, I am hoping people won’t feel they have to buy something for the Mission … if you don’t have something for a theme… could you dress the opposite? Or maybe that’s the task day you will have off.

Who’s involved?
A growing number of instagram fashionistas – head there to see the majority of the action!
Everyone involved becomes what I like to call a ‘Styling Agent’ {every week I will pick a “Super Special Styling Agent”, someone who has blown me away with their Mission completions!}

How do you share and make sure For the Style Seeking Girl sees your pics?
Upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or comment with a link to your picture.

If you share on any mediums where hashtags are used, tag #forthestyleseekinggirl
Tag @saregiak on Instagram or @sarahgiak / @styleseekgirl on twitter
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The Brief:

 The theme doesn’t have to take over your whole outfit if you do not want it to- maybe you could incorporate it in a small way… to be considered as completed you just need to have some aspect of your look influenced by the prompt. Upload a photo each day and tag as in the brief as well as in the ‘how to share’ section.

Do I have to complete each day?
Not at all. Bonus points if you do! But just have fun and choose the tasks you wish to complete. I encourage you to attempt the ones that push you to be a bit more creative – they are fun and exciting!

Can I catch up if I want to?
Of course! I know what it is like to be busy… please do catch up if you have missed a day or found out about a task late… I will still consider that completed!

Day One

 Rock a pair of earrings, wear studs that adorn your clothes or accessories… be seen! Make an impact!

Day Two

Wear the colour that makes you happy, the colour you love yourself sick in! Note; this may not be the colour people always comment on you in.. this theme is all about YOU.

Hope you enjoy your mission, until next time…

Kooklah – For the Style Seeking Girl’s Styling Mission Headquarters