March Style Madness…

My new favourite style inspiration is Andrea Zanetich from Fox in Flats (created to serve as fashion and style inspiration during the busy time motherhood) she has such a fun, quirky and individual style.

Whilst I am not a mother, I do find benefit from the site as I juggle the elements of my hectic life. There are new posts, how tos, inspiration and tips. Something I quite enjoy are the style dares. I attempted the hair dare that lasted a week and last month took part in FABruary – a month long style dare that invloves a prompt for each day.
As the month of February came to an end (devastating) I began to wonder what I would do each day without a prompt – I obviously have been dressing myself for many, many years but I was really enjoying looking at a prompt the night before or on the day and styling an outfit within my tastes (or outside of my comfort zones). So far I have not purposely purchased something to complete the day, instead taking Andrea’s advice to “shop our wardrobes”. Sharing over facebook, twitter and instagram has also opened up this new world of fashion and beauty lovers – great for networking or to indulge your obsessions!

I was not alone in this thought, many Foxy followers felt the same and then came along Style Dare A Day – March … same concept, new prompts and a different hashtag (#foxinflatsstyledare) to connect via instagram/twitter. Here is the prompt list:

Day three today, I love a good challenge.. looking forward to completing this one! There are so many that I am excited about.. a few that will be totally easy and a couple that I look forward to the challenge (particuarly #14 and #30 which I will need to borrow my cousin for!)

Find me @saregiak on instagram or @SarahGiak on twitter (will be retweeted to our own twitter account @styleseekgirl)… Let me know if you are doing this – and if you are not you should be!! You can catch it up or just start from now.

Remember to add your own flair and interpret the prompt how you want! The more unique and interesting the better!

Fox In Flats Facebook
For the Style Seeking Girl Facebook

Bring on the madness that comes with a style challenge!! Can you feel the excitement??
Kooklah Xx


The No Shopping Challenge…

At the start of this year I created and set about completing a list of items that I had always wanted to do. I called it “130 Things to do this Summer”, I posted photos and updates to my friends on facebook, many of them helped complete a few items or have been influenced to do the same. Once my three week holidays had ended I had completed about 123 items. I am currently completing another list (and adding more items as I think of things I would like to do), titled  She believed she could, so she did- What would you do if you knew you could not fail? (click to check out the full list).
The shopping challenge is Item #7, the conditions? No make-up, clothing or accessory shopping for ONE month. I had chosen June as this month, so I am 7 days in… I am finding it not too bad, except when I get email alerts of sales or am walking past stores with items I love for sale or new stock in. Anyone who knows me well knows that this will be big, for one month to do no shopping.

During this time I am planning to knock more items off my list including the ones that revolve around redoing my room and sorting through my wardrobe (I want to cull my clothes down significantly).

There are of course people who have really committed to this and are doing it for longer, Jill Chiver is one of them. In 2009 she decided she would (in an effort to reduce spending) not shop for a year, instead she would ‘shop in her wardrobe’. I love the idea of this- looking into your wardrobe for options, wearing those items you look at but do not wear, forcing yourself to be creative. Following her own experience, Jill has set up a program called “My Year Without Clothes Shopping”, for more information click here .

I am starting small, but I want to prove to myself and others that I can do this… who knows I may extend the timeframe..

Kooklah Xx

Abit of Girly-ness

This is just a little short post.. I was planning to publish my post on romantic style but I am not yet finished! So I thought I would post up a picture that I found, and loved.

I believe there is always a way to put a feminine, girly twist on an outfit or an item of clothing. Could be your accessories, colour choice, makeup or shoes. Keeping well looked after nails  is something that I think is so important- even just moisturised hands, filed and nail protectant covered nails can help achieve a flawless finish. I know I notice people’s nails, think about it- you shake hands, use a pen, hand over money. Our hands do so much, they are really in the limelight, five minutes of effort can take jagged, half-chipped nails to glossy or coloured perfection.

I love the playfullness of the nails below, and I can imagine them teamed easily with a floaty, romantic dress as well as a tour shirt and jeans type combo….

Girly, Unique, Fun!

Add a cocktail ring or a decorative bangle and you are set for an amazing outfit.
You don’t have to be perfect but I love it when I see girls who have made the extra effort to look alittle put together and classy.

Abit of girly-ness can never go wrong,

K, Xx


So I have ordered a tulle tutu skirt from an online shop called Kiss my Button Vintage {!/kissmybuttonvintage}. It looks lovely.
White. Short. And ballet dancer cum beauty queen. I love it. And I also love that it reminds me alittle of the Carrie Bradshaw skirt in the opening credits of Sex and the City.
I plan on wearing it classic with towering heels and a singlet top but also mixing it up with one of my tour shirts and bangles.
I am so excited! It got sent today, so should get it in a day or two!
It has made me wonder tho, as this is my second tulle purchase in a few months. The dress I am planning on wearing to my 21st has a big tulle skirt with many layers. IS tulle BACK??

I have noticed quite a few people wearing it, talking about it, looking for it. Is the favourite material of fairy princess costumes from years long gone returning? I have always said my favourite age is 4! So maybe I’m subconciously buying items that have that magic feeling those dresses did.

All I know is I plan on wearing it everywhere-shops, dinners, clubs. A girl should find enjoyment from clothes and I plan on loving this item!

A little culture goes a long way…

This weekend, on Saturday I went out for a much anticipated breakfast on Darby St with my model friend. It was one of those sunny, really hot days that make you want to lie in the sun all day and listen to music and laugh with friends. A beautiful spring day that makes you even more excited for summer.

Darby St is a collection of little boutiques-designer to vintage and cafes with a few bars and pubs. Think Brunswick St in Melbourne. It is culture central; musos, artists, models, designers eat, play and work here.
It was at this breakfast, on this sunny day where this exhibition of culture was most obvious.

All different styles were on show…eclectic, vintage, on-trend, past seasons, indie and designer brands. No one girl looked the same but they all had something in common-they looked confident, stylish and beautiful. Most of all they had belief in what they were wearing and were comfortable. All of them had different body shapes and were different heights, which affirmed my thinking that no-one should look the same.

When your at school everyone seems to want to fit in, to look the same, talk the same and do the same things. Now I fell into this trap too, until I met a friend who had so much confidence in what she wore and how she wore it that I wanted to be that confident with my clothes as well. From then on, I followed what I liked from new trends and kept my trusty basics. I was in my prime in highschool when I met a group of friends, many musos and artists who had such varied style. It was really inspiring.

Sitting on Darby with my friend-the both of us wearing completley different styles, I was blown away by the culture I was seeing and the mixes of the types of culture. And I remembered the Coco Chanel quote “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” {Quote obtained from-}.
I believe this, your culture is something that can provide a definition about you, it is where you are from, who you know, what you do…it is only natural for your culture, your beliefs and your values to influence and infiltrate into your fashion choices.

It’s exciting really, to put an indvidual mark on clothing. To twist the way it is meant to be worn and make it your own. Take the runway for example- those bigger than life pieces seem so unrealistic and usually end up different on the hanger. This is because the designer is allowing you to experience the concepts and styles in their rawest and most pure forms. Breathtaking, exciting and edgy.

I love to look at what people are wearing-what accessories or layers they have chosen, does it match, clash or complement. I have often walked up to complete strangers to tell them they look amazing. You deserve to know, I love it when someone does it to me. I believe everyone can look amazing, you have to believe it, choose clothes and accessories which work for you and most of all sell it.

Think of your everyday life as your own personal runway, people are out there noticing what you are wearing and how you are wearing it. Make your mark, make them notice how you are wearing the clothes, the clothes are not wearing you. and remember, just like on Darby St, a little culture goes a long way…