Introducing: Exquisite Jewels for Hire …

‘genuine vintage, high fashion, genuine diamond and designer jewellery’

I love to find something new.. a product or trend, a new store or company, and when I do – I want to SHARE it with everyone! So this post has really been a long time in the making. I remember I first came across Exquisite Jewels for Hire on Facebook after I saw the page come up in my news feed. As internet browsing often does, I ended up spending over half an hour on the page. I was hooked. I read all about the collection Helena has, and why she started hiring out and selling pieces from the collection, read more on the About page.

By Helena’s own admission, she has collected a varied and large personal collection of jewels which are vintage {or vintage-inspired} and costume jewellery from many designers, it is from these designers that YOU can hire and possibly buy. Some designers are Charles Winston, Musi, Chanel, Givenchy and Gucci….

Makes me want to hyperventilate! I am looking forward to hiring some jewels – but first to work out an occasion. Although, when is not a good time to be wearing something so luxurious?

Exquisite Jewels for Hire was started with a focus on sharing a passion of a love of beautiful jewellery through the hiring out of high end accessories, from within the personal collection. Helena told me that from when she was young she was collecting and instead of letting the amazingly beautiful pieces sit in a box, she would make them available to others to enjoy.

In this fabulous collection there is over 20, 000 pieces. I cannot wait to visit the showroom and have a look through these pieces – and report back to you all… I asked if there was a favourite piece, but of course as you can imagine from what amount there would be many favourites. The collection will grow too! Helena is always looking for pieces to add to her showroom.

Not only are accessories available, but also Bejewelled Bouquets.

Not only can you hire out from the showroom {please look to the Facebook page for contact details} but Helena also offers her services for personal consultations where the aim is to provide the best accessory to provide the desired look for the outfit or event. Many a bride has sought from this collection. Not to mention Miss Universe finalists. Exquisite Jewels for Hire have contributed to some big events including Sydney Bridal Expo, Maitland Relay for Life Ball, The Ronald McDonald House Newcastle Ball and for Rhonda Hemmingway {Bridal Couture} attending Mike Munro’s {60 Minutes} 60th Birthday.

When I asked Helena what was the proudest moment {or one of} for her with her business I was pleasantly surprised to hear it was when her clients were happy and loved the finished look. I love people who enjoy helping and making people happy.

As if you needed anymore encouragement, look at these glorious headpieces!

Enjoy looking through the pictures, and make sure to contact Helena if you would like a consultation or want to visit the showroom – I certainly will be + follow up with a post about my experience! Sarah/Kooklah xo


Style Seeking Silence

So I have been pretty M.I.A on this blog for the best part of a month. For that I really apologise. I have had some pretty stressing personal things happening and needed to make the time to be with family and help out. Due to this I did not have the time, focus or energy to spend on creating, formatting and publishing posts how I normally would have.

I had to make a decison to forgo little, half-hearted posts as I have really tried to make this blog about quality and not have a heavy emphasis on quantity. I will definitely be amping up my posting as much as I can in the next two weeks as I will be overseas on a holiday next month and will publish posts occasionally during this time but will be mainly living it (and shopping it) up – then reporting back of course!
While I have been absent from publishing here, I kept up regular posting on my instagram feed – if you love this blog and don’t already follow or look out for me on instagram – you really should (look for @saregiak and click follow for daily style tidbits, quotes and a look into my life). I have kept up April Style Dare by Fox in Flats and am thoroughly enjoying May’s Style Dare – you should really join this style dare, fashion and beauty loving, foxy/sexy/fun-loving community if you: a) love fashion b) want to push your boundaries c) want to add life (or rekindle the life) of your wardrobe. We all try not to buy anything new JUST to complete a dare! The daily prompts make me think outside the box…

So now that I have apologised for my silence – and I hope you are all still reading (I have noticed a good amount of readership filtering through which I really appreciate!) as there have been some exciting things coming our way lately! I have a few projects in the works… more on some of these as they develop in future posts!

As for now?

Here are some posts/things you can expect from For the Style Seeking Girl in the next two weeks:
{in no particular order}
* 5 quick/much needed Travel essentials – beauty and fashion
* Logies wrap up
* Product Reviews – Laura Mercier, Australias, Bite
* 5 of my favourite and go -to beauty products
* Introduction post to Exquisite Jewels for Hire
* How-To Style: Grunge
* How-To Beauty: Winged-Eyeliner
* Campaign for a Cause – Kiss Goodbye to MS!

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Look forward to writing for you… I’ve missed my ‘Little blog that could…’

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