March Style Madness Week Three

Ahhh another week of work, socialising, planning my holiday… busy, busy, busy! The good part is, that another week means another week completed of the fabulous Fox in Flats style dare for March …

The guidelines of the style dare are pretty simple, you look at the list of prompts that Andrea provides which are allocated to particular days. Then, using that prompt, you style a look or outfit, and share on facebook, instagram, twitter, your blog – where is up to you! Use the hashtag #foxinflatsstyledare so people can find your shots. There are a huge amount of people who take part so the more unique or ‘outside the box’, the better!

I have had so much fun looking at other people’s shots – some people are so creative! In my final wrap up I am thinking I might just put together a collage of some of my favourites – with credit to those who posted the shots. It is amazing to discover all the shots been shared on instagram, a great community to be a part of and share a love in beauty, fashion and style with people I would never have met. From the moment I wake up I am buzzing to check my feed and see what gets uploaded. Work sometimes gets in the way, so I usually take the shot when I get home and upload after I finish a run of shifts. For a look at Andrea’s post and her explanation of the prompts have a look at Style Dare A Day {March} …

Here is the list of prompts:

Here are the shots for week three (15.03.13-22.03.13) which I share to my instagram account (follow @saregiak) which is linked to facebook and twitter.

Day Fifteen – Chains
Six different types of metal chains form this statement necklace. I love this necklace, it adds a perfect amount of edge to an outfit. It can be worn twisted or untwisted. I prefer it twisted. I picked this up from Dotti, it has quickly become my favourite.
Day Sixteen – Cold Shoulder
This was a really uncomfortable humid 32 degree day. Took this at 8.30pm – was still 24 degrees. The perfect choice for a day like this? My no sleeve light blue midi maxi dress (long at the back and shorter at the knees), light and cool to wear.
Day Seventeen – Swishy Swish
A floaty pink top that moves as you walk with gorgeous fabric rosettes…
One of my favourite items in my wardrobe at the moment
Day Eighteen – Statement Shoes
Beautiful pink heels with butterflies from Babyboo Shoes … I originally purchased these for my friend’s bridal shower that I hosted with a vintage, floral theme. They definitely make a statement and get a lot of compliments when I wear them. Comfortable too despite their height.
Day Nineteen – Less Than $5
An embellished headband that I picked up with a different one in a 2 for $5 deal!
Day Twenty – Got The Blues
This was my Mum’s birthday. Took her and my brother out to lunch. Wore a bright blue shift top with a sneaky sheer section down the front which I had picked up in SoHo in New York City, paired with a black skirt and a woven top knot, tinted moisturiser and a big smile!
Day Twenty One – Fresh Face
Fresh face, only wore some tinted moisturiser from Laura Mercier and a slick of Australis Cosmetics mascara. Perfect for a sunny day and paired with my current favourite floral item!
Day Twenty Two – Braid
A simple bun with the bottom section of hair turned into a tight braid on the right side and looser to the left. Had never done this style before but I really liked it….
A few days into the last week, I cannot wait to complete it… but also find myself wondering what will I do without the daily prompt? I enjoy it as a challenge to dress outside the box and take chances with styling.. plus it totally feeds to my obsession of beauty, fashion and styling!
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Sarah/Kooklah Xo

Re-Invent Yourself…Style..

I find, like most people, I can often be unhappy about change. But this year I have been trying as much as possible to push myself out of my comfort zones in all areas of my life. This also includes my own style, I have tried new things- from accessories, to makeup to clothes, am currently pulling apart my wardrobe to get rid of items I no longer want or need and revamping my personal style.

I am currently favouring the use of a basic, almost minimalistic style using simple pieces which together create an impact. For example, one of these looks I am currently favouring is the use of:

  • A blazer
  • Tapered jeans or resin denim (coated denim which looks like leather)
  • Embellished or detailed shoes (flats or heels)
  • A flowy blouse or top

Using this simple formula I add accessories like necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles and clutches as I feel. This look is really very simple to go from day to night, either by vamping up an element of makeup or changing my hairdo but also from going from flats to heels, simple accessories to statement accessories. To start, the basics (pictures primarily sourced from current and past collections of Portmans, Forever NewDotti, Just Jeans, Betts and ZU Shoes):


The colour and type of accessories you use will be dependant on the colours, fabrics and cuts used for your basic items. I favour my blazer in black, and dark denim or resin coated denim (usually come in gray or black) with shirts in any colour, most often something bright- white, pink, orange, patterned. I then use shoes that will blend or contrast including the use of glitter, textures or embellishment.
Using the outfit above, here are some accessories which add some glamour (from Equip Acessories).

 These accessories use the tonings of the outfit and complement whilst also drawing attention. I would use only two to three of these in order to achieve a minimalist look.
For example the ring, filigree drop earrings and the Ruby & Kit envelope clutch.
Using this look allows for simple and or more complex makeup and hair styles to be used (some examples are included below) but this is the time to have fun, use messy/bed hair, bold eye makeup red lips, have an intricate up do paired with barely there makeup. An outift like this becomes a canvas (albeit a well put together one) for you to explore with and add individual touches to.

What looks are you favouring? What looks would you like me to write about?

Kooklah, Xx