SensatioNAIL Product Review

One of my favourite things to do is go to a beauty salon and get my nails done. This little bit of pampering gives me a mood boost and I love the look of manicured nails.

For the last year and a half I was periodically getting Shellac manicures, a gel enamel that lasts for around two weeks. I’ve recently cut my spending habits to save for a few things.
Ironically it was after I decided to stop getting my nails done that I received an email from the PR team behind SensatioNAIL – a company providing kits to achieve salon standard gelnamel nails at home.


SensatioNAIL sent a starter kit which includes everything you need to achieve nail look {pro LED lamp, gel cleanser/primer/polish/base and topcoat, lint-free wipes, nail buffer, manicure stick} as well as a detailed but simple to understand instruction card.



This card has instructions to prime, paint, set and then remove the gel, with handy pictures in case you need an example.

I was also sent a removal kit, {so I can remove and continue to maintain manicures at home} and two extra colours.



I set aside Thursday afternoon to play around with the kit. I settled on a silver glitter enamel as it complemented the dress I planned to wear to a concert that night. I found everything easy to use and the instructions easily understandable. The finished quality feels exactly like salon finish. I followed the provided instructions exactly, as a result my nails were completely dry. I went on to curl and style my hair, plus put makeup on and my nails stayed perfect!


One aspect that wasn’t explained was how long the lamp stayed on for {has an on/off switch for power and then a button on top that turns the lamp on}, this information is needed because at different stages nails are cured for 30 or 60 seconds.


It isn’t a huge dilemma, just good information to have. I timed it myself at 30 seconds.

I am excited to try the other colours provided, and will update this post with how long the enamel stayed on for. Product states up to two weeks. When using the glitter polish, if a heavier cover is required, I would recommend a third coat or to put it over another gel polish for extra depth.
Although I am currently enjoying the splash of sparkle two coats gave!

Have you tried this product? Is attending to treatments at home something you’d consider? I highly encourage you to try it!
The information I received states each bottle is enough for ten manicures. There are a range of different kits from starter, essentials and removal {view kits here} with a variety of colours {I received Silver Glitter, Kitten Heel and Scarlet Red}.

I found that from setting up, attending the manicure and packing away took just over 20 minutes, which is ideal to fit into an at-home-routine.

I hope this review was helpful, I am thrilled to have beautiful, good quality nails that I can do myself {I’m also going to treat my Mum to a Mani this weekend!}

Kooklah xo
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Project 2014 in a Jar {Happiness, Positivity & Thankfulness}

Sparkle - pic from

Sparkle – pic from

Hope and positivity have always been important to me… it is not always an easy thing to maintain. 2013 was a year of extremes for me, there were exhilarating highs and devastating lows. Due to these lows I struggled with my anxiety and depression in different ways to previous years. Sometimes I found it really hard to reach out to others and I spent the majority of the year feeling alone, lost and sad. Despite this I tried incredibly hard to push myself if a new experience or joyful moment presented itself. What these experiences showed me, is that life can be pretty wonderful, even in the smallest and most fleeting of moments. They should and need to be celebrated.

This brings me to For the Style Seeking Girl’s 2014 project, “For the Positive Seeking Girl” a way to keep focused on the positive aspects of life including silver linings and unexpected inspiring moments. Each day I choose 3 positives from my day then upload to Instagram and Twitter with #forthepositiveseekinggirl and #threepositivesdaily, each month I will do a summary post on the blog. I am also uploading a ‘Quote of the Day’ to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. With this project you can look forward to more positive and happy searching posts. I am hoping that people will join in – whether for one day, everyday or random days every now and then.


Part two of the project is something I am very excited about! I came across the idea on Pinterest, you take a jar and decorate it {label, stickers, glitter, ribbons}.

Then for the whole of 2014, every time something happens that is good, fun, inspiring, positive or makes you smile, laugh or cry with joy, goals that you achieve, wishes that come true – write in down on a piece of paper and put it into the jar. What you end up with is a full jar of amazing experiences and moments from a full year, from big moments to the small things. There is no limit to how much or many you write. I am going to write mine on different coloured pieces of paper to make it more fun… The idea is to read them at the end of the year, but I also think when I am having difficult days I will read a couple to give inspiration. I am calling my jar ‘2014’s Sparkle’

Here is my jar:

my jar

For further memory, positive or happy jar inspirations look to Harvard Homemaker, Jaden from Steamy Kitchen or Rebecca Kelsey – don’t forget Pinterest is great for inspiration pictures and ideas too! {I just searched positivity jar}

gg jar2 jar3

What do you think of this idea? Are you doing this or something similar? Let me know if you are joining me for a brighter, more positive 2014!

Happy {early} New Year, Sarah Xo

Five Favourites on a Friday {19th July}

I don’t know about you but I am completely and utterly obsessed with the phenomenon that is Pinterest, where you can collect and share ‘pins’ {pictures} by sharing them to your boards {of which you have different categories}… I started off with maybe five boards and now have 47. These range from quotes, fashion {I have many different categories including MY style}, beauty, blogging, inspiration, sparkle and wishlist boards. Check out my boards on my Pinterest profile – Kooklah.

I find it a great medium to group together ideas and inspiration for projects and something that makes me happy too – there are so many pretty things!

I am sharing with you my five favourite ‘pins’ from the week.

Friday Favourite #1
A great way to add some sparkle to something that is ordinary and used everyday! Dip the end of the key in some glue – or use an old brush to paint it on and then dip into some glitter, seal once dry with clear nail polish and then have fun using your keys!

Friday Favourite #2
This look is so lovely. I fell for the tailored wave of the jacket and the casual top underneath with a cinched in waist, paired perfectly with the shiny shell effect bag for some impact. This outfit is the perfect casual-dressed up outfit – great for a date, party or dinner and drinks.


 Friday Favourite #3
This made me giggle but I can totally identify – more so with when the books ended. When Harry Potter was released, I was Harry’s age and I felt like I was right beside them throughout all their adventures, like I grew up with them. And I did really. The movies extended this, but the books I re-read pretty often, I fell in love with J. K. Rowling’s words and the wonderful world she created…

Friday Favourite #4
I always love a good reminder that things DO get better. No sunshine or rainbows without rain. I think this is such a good way of motivating and encouraging someone to be positive. Sometimes you have to go backwards to proceed forwards. Have some faith that something great is about to happen… because do you know what? It just might!

Friday Favourite #5
I originally found Linda Hallberg on Pinterest and fell in love with her beauty looks. She is a sensational makeup/hair stylist and blogger from Sweden. You can also follow her on instagram {Linda’s handle is @lindahallbergs} for daily beauty looks… Her eye makeup is sensational! SO inspiring.

Have a happy Friday! Hope you enjoy these pics.
Sarah – Kooklah – For the Style Seeking Girl Xo

Protect the Sparkle*

One of the most common complaints I have heard from friends is when an embellished item loses one of the gems/jewels/sparkle/diamontes. If you can’t find a jewel to replace and therefore fix the item, you may as well kiss it goodbye. I don’t like to wear the items once they are broken (if irreparable), because even if no one else notices, I know. That said, rings and even some earrings will be easy to conceal the missing stone but other items -especially necklaces, shoes or bags.

Jimmy Choo- Quinze Embellished Sandals

So to fix this problem, a girl must have some tricks up her sleeve. I have tried hairspray, clear drying glue and clear nail polish/hardener. The hairspray doesn’t work (it may set your makeup but not your glitz), the glue works but you have to be careful that you don’t get use too much glue as it can clump and then won’t dry clear. The nail hardener is the one that I use, and I think the most effective. Here are my reasons why:

  • Quick drying time– most Nail polish/hardeners dry in 30-60 seconds, which means it can be applied quickly if you forget to do it earlier and are in a hurry.
  • Dry clear– keeps the embellished item looking the way it did when you bought it (although may add extra shine!)
  • Cost effective– You don’t need to spend alot of money, can be found in supermarkets/chemists/retail shops starting around $2.00
  • Can be reapplied easily– couple of strokes and you are done,

 #1- Have a separate nail hardener for your nails to what you use for your embellished items. Not only will you not have to replace it constantly but you may spread infection if you don’t separate the two. Label them or store them separatley.
#2- If you notice any stones starting to become loose, act quickly and coat them in the polish- two or three coats may be needed for some items.
#3- For items used frequently I would reapply nail hardener every couple of wears, especially on shoes, rings or clutches.
#4- If you forget to apply (or it has worn off) and something comes loose, see if you can salvage it (if you can find it) and glue/fasten it back on OR see if you can buy something to replace it with. For example discount stores often have little crystal/diamonte type stones for sale that people use for craft purposes, see if these suit your needs

Kooklah Xx

DIY Beauty-body & face scrubs

(coffee, honey and oatmeal scrub)
My friend, Whitney, gave me a wonderful recipe for a homemade scrub, I have made this scrub multiple times. Everytime I have used this scrub my skin has felt fresh, clean, smooth and it glows!

Find the recipe below as well as a few others.

This amazing scrub can be used on the body but also the face and lips!

Here is Whitney’s simple and easy to follow recipe:


*Sugar – I usually use brown, it really exfoliates your skin but isn’t as rough as white/castor sugar

*Vanilla (essential oil) – Add as desired for scent; one/half teaspoon (or approximately ten drops) is usually enough depending on the quantity you are making. For an interesting mix, blend two scents.

*Baby Oil (carrier oil)- The baby oil combines with the sugar to help blend the ingredients, again add small amounts and mix until the scrub is at the right consistency for you.
Whitney’s scrub-
looks good enough to eat!
*Blend the ingredients you choose together until you are happy with the consistency, add the carrier oil to the texture ingredient in small portions and then add some of your chosen scent.
*Use a spoon to mix-either use a bowl or add the ingredients straight into the jar you will store it in.
*The scrub can be used ‘dry’ (use a loofah on skin that isn’t wet) before washing it off in the shower. It can also be used in the shower/bath, lather and scrub- the water will heighten the scent of the scrub.
*Once you have scrubbed the mix onto your skin, rinse it off with lukewarm water, pat the skin dry and moisturise. If there is some mixture leftover, store in an airtight jar and use next time!
Some Tips:

* I have discovered some wonderful ingredients that could be used for some variation:

~Essential oils: The fun part! Pick your scent…I have mostly used vanilla as it isn’t too overpowering but some other scents to try include rose, peppermint, lavender, cherry, peach, chocolate or even add some of your favourite perfume!
~Carrier oils: baby/olive/vegetable/sunflower/almond/coconut oils, lemon/lime juice, milk
~Ingredients for texture: sugar (white, brown or raw), sea salt, coffee, coconut, oatmeal, strawberries (mashed), cucmber (grated), yoghurt or honey
*The carrier oils are used to provide enough moisture to the scrub mix as the essential oils used for scent are too potent to use them solely in order to soften and combine the scrub

*To decide what you should use as your main ingredient look at what you have available and/or how smooth or rough you desire the scrub to be (consider the area it will be used on)

~For a smoother texture, add more of the liquid based ingredients or use a smoother texture option, such as honey, strawberries or yoghurt (yoghurt blended with oatmeal is great for mild facials)
~If you want a rougher, highly exfoliating scrub use salt, sugar, coconut or coffee and consider limiting the amount of carrier oil you combine in the mix.
*You can mix these ingredients around to make different types of scrubs- perfect gifts for friends and family! One that I would love to try is a chocolate-vanilla strawberry scrub.
*A rough, exfoliating scrub is perfect for the larger and dry areas of the body such as abdomen, back, legs, arms, elbows, feet and hands. Very useful in winter, before tan application or waxing.
                                                       *A smoother mix or a small amount of the rough mix is perfect for using on your lips (to get that perfect pout), face, hands and feet (DIY facials, manicures or pedicures).
*For lips I find using a toothbrush or eyebrow brush alongside the scrub help to prevent chapped lips.  
*Soaking hands and feet in warm water, milk or lemon juice before applying your scrub to soften dry skin. Use a pumice stone to remove dry skin and then moisturise.
*Lemon and milk are fantastic and gentle exfoliators due to the acids and enzymes present. Milk also helps to restore and rejuvenate the skin. Honey is amazing for creating soft skin and reducing scars. Cucumbers and strawberries soothe the skin and reduce fluid build up (such as puffy eyes or ankles).
Enjoy making your own scrubs!
I love it and can’t wait to start gifting them to people,
Kooklah, Xx