Six Hairstyles for Long Hair..

I have a love + hate relationship with my hair. Whether it is long, short, layered, straight or curly… the last couple of years I have chopped and changed between hairstyles.
I’ve had long hair that looks great curled or piled/teased into a massive topknot; a concaved bob; side fringes; layers; different hues and Ombre.

I am currently growing my hair out, and am excited to have luscious, long hair again.. When I do, the following styles are ones I hope to use regularly.


Topknot bun with braid at base


Fishtail braid


A curly, fun ponytail with height (also love the sleek, straight version too!)


Waterfall braid. Will be a first!


Plait or braid headband… love this with curls and waves like pictured but also with hair in a high or low bun


A rock chic style up do! Curl and pin!

Which looks do you love? What style is a must try for you?
Kooklah xo

Hair Tip Review…

When I am spending my time looking into different hair styles or hair tips I have kept coming across this tip that promises hair curl using hair in plaits and a straightner. ‘Perfect for summer and the beach’ is the comment following this tip. I had some time tonight and thought I would try it.

What you need:

* Hair ties – one per plait (I used five as my hair is quite thick and long)
* Some curling spray or hairspray (especially if your hair does not curl easily, for those with curly hair a curling spray will help to reduce frizz)
* Hair straightner

Your hair can be newly washed or dirty, it won’t really matter, but as with most hair styling, the less clean the hair, the longer the curl will hold.

How to do it:

* Comb your hair – finger comb for a less structured look, I used an actual comb for mine.
* Plait your hair- how many is up to you, take into consideration how thick or long your hair is. I chose five sections to break up the back section of my hair which is quite thick and to account for layers. Two or three would also work easily.
* Turn on your straightner, allow to heat and run the plait through the straightner tongs, I ran each plait through two-three times and then moved onto the next.
* You can do this from damp to dry, if this is the case once you have ‘straightened’ each plait go back and repeat the process one-three times.
* Take the hairbands off and unravel the plaits. Add a touch of spray if you need it and go!


* I was surprised, it definitely created a ‘wave’ to my hair. But it didn’t so much curl, see the picture below but the result looked like I had curled my hair and then combed or brushed them apart OR I had used a crimper (does anyone remember those?)
* I wouldn’t wear my whole hair like this, but it is a fun idea and something I will definitley use to incoporate through sections of my hair, for example small sections in a ponytail, under sections/layers of hair mixed with big curls or straight hair, or just at the ends.
* Very quick and easy, takes five- ten minutes tops!
* GREAT for dirty hair or to enhance a messy / bedhair style of do

Here is the result:

Have a go and see if it works for you! Post a icture or comment if you do, and also if you have another tip that you would like me to review.
Kooklah Xx


For those bad hair days

How often do you think, ‘I’ll wash my hair tomorrow’ and then that day comes and you don’t have time or cannot be bothered to wash your hair. Below are some of my go-to hairstyles that are my saviour when I am hit with a bad hair day or have not washed my hair and wake up looking like something out of a horror film.

Alot of what makes these hairstyles great is the detail, I think it distracts from the unruly or unwashed hair …

 *A bun-embrace the unpredictable with a messy bun on top of your head or gathered at the base of your neck. Or do the towered bun (a la la Sarah Jessica Parker/Lauren Conrad) , brush or roughly comb your hair, put in a high pony on top of your head, then wrap the hair around forming the iconic big bun. Use bobby pins to secure-don’t stress if it isn’t perfect, a few strands coming loose will only add to the look.

*Braid or plait your hair-messy or tight and perfect will work. Small sections of hair plaited or braided make for an interesting and bohemian look. Braids are fantastic andcan be used to create casual, carefree, dressy or stylish looks.

*A curled or twisted bun to nape of neck. This look is all about texture and build. I usually twist the front sections of my hair-they are around your face and will often become the dirtiest first, then pile your hair into curls where the twists end.

My pin and twist style:

To add some sparkle, texture or distraction from your hair make good use of accessories –

*Wear a headband, thick ones with embellishment are a fantastic help to hide any greasy roots as well as adding a splash of detail or hint of colour. The character of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl is the queen of headbands, and one of my style gurus.

*Use a scarf to weave in hair, use as a headband or headscarf. Not only will the bright patterns or different fabrics distract from your hair… you will also look chic and fabulous!

*Wear a hat or beanie – can cover roots or large parts of hair

It is important to remember that hairspray does not always help, talcum powder (for fair hair) or dry shampoo can be helpful for a day or two as it is combed or worked through hair with your fingers and can add some much needed texture to limp (from grease/product build up) hair. Often it isn’t a case of not wanting to wash your hair but more you need to get an extra day over with before you can wash it – particuarly if you are leading up to an event (I always wash my hair the day before an event).
Happy bad hair day! Kooklah Xx