Gold Eyeshadow

Gold eyeshadow is the new white. Seriously. I stopped using white shadow to ‘open’ my eyes and switched to gold about six months ago. I love it.

Gold eyeshadow doesn’t have to bring connotations of over the top, showy looks, it can be used for a glam night out but also as a casual day look. Use it in the day time to brighten your face, make eyes pop and add some subtle glam.


Image -

The best part is, gold eyeshadow is super easy, you don’t have to layer it to build colour and it looks fantastic even without other makeup! Just swipe some on your eyelids and the inner corner of your eye, for an instant pick me up {it is my go to if I am tired} and it looks good on all skin types/tones.

If you do want to dress it up from day to night but still keep it low-key, try adding tinted moisturiser, a flick of eyeliner, some mascara and a berry toned lip.


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Have you got a bright-eyed makeup trick of your own?
Kooklah xo


Wedding Sparkle – Encrusted Glitter Manicure

I created the encrusted glitter manicure late last year, it stemmed from my love of glitter, sparkles, pretty nails and feminine looks. I always like things to have a twist, to take the traditional and change an aspect of it somehow – to make it my own.

I had originally set out to recreate a nail look that I had found on Pinterest originally from instagram user Frijolita and shown to my best friend Adina as a possibility for her wedding. Adina likes the unique as well, so I set out to find a polish that wasn’t just gold. The one I found had a bronze quality to it with some light purple glitter in it.

Here is the shot I used for inspiration:

Here is the look I created:

I used three polishes to complete this look, these are:
* Revlon Colourstay clear topcoat to provide a smooth base and as a top coat to seal the manicure
* Revlon Colourstay Longwear Nail Enamel in Pale Cashmere for the base colour (use 2-3 coats for a good block of colour. I used 2 coats for the look above so that the glitter tips stood out)
* Sally Hansen Gem Crush nail polish called Big Money to create the amazing sparkled tips!

Create the Glitter Encrusted Manicure with these quick and easy steps:
1. Make sure any old nail polish is wiped off using a remover, then moisturise, buff and file nails. I love a square tipped nail with rounded sides
2. Apply a base coat – I used the revlon topcoat because it provides a good, even surface to paint over
3. Apply two coats of your chosen base colour and allow to dry. If the colour is too opaque add another coat, allowing to dry and set.
4. Apply topcoat to create a shine for your base colour
5. Apply the Gem Crush polish to your tips, you can use tape but I did these tips (plus another bridesmaid’s and the bride’s) freehand, I followed the natural curve of my nails and made the tips a good thick size. This made the glitter stand out.
6. I applied a couple of coats to create an embellished and full look, if you want subtle you can apply one or two coats. It is really nail dependant as to how many coats – this is because the glitter will apply differently for each nail.
7. Once you have achieved the tips you are looking for, apply two coats of top coat, paying extra attention to the tips.

Optional but reccommended tips:
* Apply some basecoat over and under the tip of your nail to ensure longer life out of the manicure – helps to prevent chipping.
* This look can last for 1-2 weeks depending on how you spend your time. Lengthen this by applying more topcoat after about four days, this style also makes it easy to just add more glitter to your tips!

These nails worked perfectly with our beautiful dresses and the style of Adina’s wedding day


This look is fantastic for a wedding, you can tailor the colour and polishes chosen to suit your own style or colour palette. Nails like this add a touch of glamour drawing attention to your hands which is perfect for showing off accessories including a lovely wedding band and bouquets of flowers…

Would love to read your thoughts on this look, also let me know if you try it and upload a picture!
I have previously written a post, much-loved by readers of For the Style Seeking Girl, about Revlon Colourstay Longwear Nail Enamel, called Revlon Nail Enamel Trial which has some more information and a review on this product…


Inspire Me Woman – Emma-Jane Adams

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar…
Emma-Jane has just turned 23. She is a wife and a mother. 
Emma holds a deep love for the world of retro, nostalgia and Pin-Up, her modelling in this area is amazing and beautiful. She was recently featured in a photoshoot for Deadbeat Magazine and has entered competitions (announced as winner of the Miss Mini Madness Pin-Up competiton in 2011) and attends nostalgia festivals. Click the link for the Emma-Jane Facebook page. Read on to learn about the woman behind the name – her likes, dislikes, challenges and triumphs plus some beauty and style tips…
Can you briefly describe your job/career?
I work as a Cake Decorator, but I also work as a Pin-Up Model when I’m given the opportunity.
How did you get into the field you work in?
I fell into modeling after I was given money towards a Pin-Up photoshoot for my 21st birthday. After that I was contacted to shoot for clothing companies.
What do you like the most about it?
The things I love the most about Pin-Up modeling is getting to feel beautiful and glamorous when I’m in front of the camera. And being paid in clothes and beautiful hair accessories isnt so bad either.
What do you like the least?
I least enjoy the waiting time from finishing a shoot to actually seeing the final pictures. I’m always questioning if I could of done something better? Or did the shots turn out well?
What is your favourite colour?
My favorite colour is purple. It can be bright and calming, but can also be dark and mysterious.
Do you do your hair or makeup first when getting ready?
I do my makeup first when I’m getting ready, mainly because it takes the most amount of time.
Growing up what were your favourite styles/fashion trends?
I grew up loving the Spice Girls. So I’ve always loved big shoes and big hair I guess!
What are your current fashion favourites?
My fashion favorites never change. Pencil skirts and platform pumps!
If you could only use three makeup products what would they be?
Foundation, liquid eyeliner and red lipstick.
What is your signature look?
 I don’t think I have a signature look. Although I’m sure my friends would say something like big lashes or big heels.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years time I hope to have made my first magazine cover, and have studied makeup artistry.
What is something you have struggled or been challenged by lately?
Recently I found out my mum had Breast cancer. She’s since had two major surgeries and she begins chemotherapy in a month. It’s hard to deal with daily.
What has been the most exciting or satisfying moment for you professionally?
My biggest modeling dream came true last year when I was given the opportunity to shoot with amazing American photographer Shannon Brooke. With makeup by the very talented Jennifer Corona. The shoot was published in Deadbeat Magazine.
Do you have a quote or piece of advice that you use to live by or motivate you through life?
My favorite quote is from my idol Marilyn Monroe.
“Imperfection is Beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring…”
What is the piece of advice you give to others?
Advice I’d give to others would be Dream, Believe, Achieve! Everyone should always dream, and believe in themselves to achieve their dreams.
If someone wanted to break into your line of work, what would you tell them?
If girls wanted to become models I’d suggest paying to have some decent portfolio shots taken, this will help book future jobs.
Who are your role models? Why?
My role models are Marilyn Monroe and strangely enough Lady Gaga. I adore Marilyn I own all of her films and now enjoy them with my nearly four year old daughter. Alot of people dont realize how incredibly intelligent she actually was. I started off just enjoying Lady Gaga’s music but I was soon very intrigued by her style and lyrics. She was bullied in high school but never let them break her spirit.
Who is your style icon?
My style icons are Dita Von Teese because she always has a very classy style. Christina Hendricks is also one of my favourites, she has a gorgeous figure and knows exactly how to dress her curves.
Do you have a style or beauty tip you can pass on to For the Style Seeking Girl’s readers?
Always wear great underwear! A beautiful dress can be ruined by bad underwear. Always make sure you don’t have a visible line, it ruins an outfit!
What was your dream job growing up?
I had a million dream jobs as a kid, like every kid. I wanted to be a truck driver, an astronaut, a hairdresser, a spice girl!
What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
Oak chocolate milk! It fixes everything!!
What is something you want to cross off your bucket list?
I’d like to travel to America and see New York covered in snow, and take my daughter to Disney Land.
Do you have a single moment or time that has changed your life?
Having my daughter changed my life in so many ways. She has made me experience true love. She makes me smile and laugh everyday, having her has made me see what is important in life.
I asked Emma if her daughter is following in her footsteps with fashion. Emma said she loves clothes and walks around in Emma’s shoes! How cute! I used to do the same thing with my Mum haha.
What would you tell your 16 year old self?
I tell my 16 year old self to hold my head high and to believe in yourself!
What is a styling/beauty ‘rule’ that you follow/break?
I constantly break the rule to wash your makeup off before bed! I hardly ever take my makeup off after a night out. I’m lucky I don’t breakout or have problem skin.
What would you like to pass on to future generations?
I’d like future generations to be educated on classic films and how simple life use to be. When women had class and real natural beauty.
What is a fashion/beauty trend you dislike?
I really don’t like the super short shorts look. Where the pockets are longer then the shorts!! Girls leave nothing to the imagination these days.
What three things would you take with you on a desert island?
I’d take matches, bottled water and my makeup bag!
What is your favourite song?
Favourite song! That’s such a hard question. I’d have to say Ave Maria, it is the song I walked down the isle to and I don’t know what it is I just love it. And not the Beyonce version!
What is your favourite movie?
My all time favorite movie is Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe.

 I really want to thank Emma for these fantastic responses, I was really moved at some of her answers, they are sincere and from the heart. Thank you for your honesty and for opening up and sharing your world with my readers. You have a big heart, and I was glad to write this article to share with my readers, but also for you to share with your followers.
Emma is participating in the Leukaemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave to show support to her Mum, click here  to sponsor and help Emma reach her goal! *photos obtained from the Emma-Jane facebook page with permission..
I would love to hear what you are thinking of the Inspire Me Woman series so far. Don’t forget to click the link at the top of the page and head to Emma-Jane’s facebook page. Find For the Style Seeking Girl facebook page here. Email
Kooklah Xx

Inspire Me Woman – Sarah Giakoumatos

I am woman, hear me roar…

My name is Sarah, I am the creator/writer of this blog – something that started as me writing for myself on topics I was interested in. Below are some questions I will answer, these are the questions I put to some other women, women I find inspiring and in who I can see amazing potential. I wanted to give the readers of this blog, some insight, into me.. ‘Kooklah’. So here goes….

Can you briefly describe your job/career?
My official position is an emergency nurse – it is a very challenging environment, there are definite highs and lows with the job. It can be a very stressful job, where skills of multitasking and communication skills are absolute assests. I am in my second year as a registered nurse.

The ‘job’ I have in my spare time is as a blogger. I have a personal blog called ‘Kooklah‘ which I write occasionally when I feel like I have an issue I want to speak out on, or something to put out into the universe. My other blog started as fun, it is this one you are reading right now! ‘For the Style Seeking Girl‘ . For me this blog was a chance to write about my passion (or obsession) for fashion, beauty and styling. A lot of it is my own personal style beliefs, or atleast that is how it started. I try to balance between style critiquing, reviewing new products or styles and just having fun writing about trends and amazing finds.
I have always loved fashion and beauty, I think this comes from being little and trying on my Mum’s clothes and experimenting with her makeup – as well as playing dressups! As I grew older I began noticing my interests also moved to styling, either with friends/family or using magazine cut outs to create inspiration/mood boards in notebooks. These days I have some people who always ask my opinion and a friend who takes me shopping with her to style outfits for events. I love it! I would love to style people for a living.

I also love to plan weddings and associated events. I have been to many weddings and really love them. My best friend and I planned her wedding last year and I loved thinking of all the aspects that would be involved to make the day amazing. The result was a fairytale. I am undertaking an online wedding planning course and am looking for work in this area, for a small fee for time spent. I am happy to be involved in multiple aspects or to assist to advise/coordinate/style any aspect of the big day and festivities leading up to the day. Send me an email if you are interested (

How did you decide to get into the field you work in?
I went straight from high school to study Nursing at University. I had been interested in this field for many years, I originally wanted to be a paediatric nurse, but due to lack of placements in this area and developing interests in others I have ended up in emergency. I worked three casual jobs throughout my time at Uni, two of which were in the nursing field. The experience I gained in these areas assisted my nursing style greatly. It is challenging- physically and mentally. Most days I enjoy it but I definitely have days where I am not so happy. One patient can change all that though, you can have a really stressful day and then the last patient you see has an amazing outlook or story- it blows you away.
I am interested in applying with the Red Cross to work in the case of disasters, I think this could be really fulfiling. I am really interested in charity work and helping others in times of crisis.

What do you like the most about it?
NURSING – I love when your instinct proves right and the cause you have been advocating for the patient is validated, when you hold the hand or sit by a dying patient so that they do not die alone or when you know you have handled a situation well. I love the variety where I work.

Blogging/Styling/Wedding Planning – I love the fun I have with it, looking through pictures of trends and writing reviews or how to guides, I love to go shopping with someone and completely style an oufit or look and I find weddings fun – from the simple to the complicated each aspect should sparkle on its own to make the experience stand out. Like, for instance at my best friend’s wedding when we walked into the reception room we both gasped, the vision we worked towards had come together and the result looked like something out of a fairytale.

What do you like the least?
When the day goes into a chaotic state and there is so much to do, when you get mistreated by a patient or someone gets really sick quickly.

What is your favourite colour?
Turquoise, I find it to be really calming. I also love white, for example my dream house has lots of white and light with one colour woven through in accessories or furniture.

Do you do your hair or makeup first when getting ready?
I always do my hair first, if you are running out of time and you have your hair done, you can quickly apply some staple makeup and still look presentable.

Growing up what were your favourite styles/fashion trends?
When I was little I loved dressing up, I remember my Mum had made me two ‘princess’ dresses, one was mulitcoloured (pinks, purples and blues with a layered skirt and glitter), the other was a version of the gold ballgown that Belle wears in Beauty & the Beast. Belle was absolutley my style icon when I was younger – I watched the movie constantly.

As I became a teenager I began experimenting a lot with makeup, hair and clothes. I definitely remember a fascination with blue eyeshadow when I was 14. I must have seen it somewhere and I would wear it everywhere, with pretty much everything. It was around this time that I would use packet dyes, you know the 10washes until it washes out? Loved them. Blueberry, light brown, caramel and hot chilli… My hair was black when I was 17 – and I loved it! By this age I had been using eyeliner for awhile and my best friend and I had been obsessed with a slick of eyeliner along the top of the eye with some mascara, add some pink blush and you had my look. It has evolved since then but the accentuation of my eyes and cheekbones are essential to my look.

What are your current fashion favourites?
For makeup I am currently loving defined eyebrows and illuminising tinted moisturiser for makeup. Tinted moisturiser is so fantastic for your skin, keeping it hydrated whilst giving a fine but natural looking cover. On my trip to America during a Sephora splurge I discovered Laura Mercier – her makeup is amazing, very light on the skin and looks amazing! I use the illuminising tinted moisturiser in natural radiance with spf 20, the compliments I get (gives the skin a lovely glow) when wearing this are an absolute boost! I have really come to appreciate the minimalistic look with my makeup of late – saves time, have improved skin condition and looks fantastic!

For fashion this summer in sunny Australia, I am currently loving maxi dresses, gladiator sandals, bright colours – especially sky blue, hot pink and yellow, that been said I keep been drawn to navy, especially in accessories or nail colour. Loose, flowing or peplum tops are also comfortable for summer and look great paired with summer shorts for a lazy dinner and drinks.

If you could only use three makeup products what would they be?
This is hard! I love makeup… but if I had to choose three I would pick the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, mascara and lipgloss.

What makes your signature look?
Hair curled or in a topknot, defined cheekbones (blush or bronzer), defined eyebrows and made up eyes with a nude lip. “Flirty eyes” as a friend of mine says!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself as having travelled more, having figured out a way to balance work and things I enjoy to be happier and hopefully have my own house!

What has been something you have struggled with or been challenged by lately?
I had a difficult 2012… felt unsettled or discontent, with some areas of my life which was hard to deal with. I have also been struggling with depression. But as they say… “It is only in darkness that you can see the stars…” 2013 is my year!

What has been the most exciting or satisfying moment for you professionally?
Nursing- Securing two highly sought after temporary positions in my first and second. I was really happy to be accepted into the emergency field this year and then be offered a permanent position in the department. Job security,  Fantastic!

Blogging/styling- A very satisfying moment for me was when I started to get regular traffic feed from the USA and UK, I really value every single person who reads or comments on my blog (whether you read one post, three or regularly tune into this site) but to realise that there was interest growing in these countries that have such strong and successful fashion/beauty industries was very thrilling. Everyday I check to see how many people have read my posts and what countries they are from, for the last three months or so, the majority of views a day have come from USA which is exciting! I also love when I get a view or two from places like Finland, Slovakia, Switzerland, as it shows that in its own small way FTSSG is making an impact. I think this definitely helped For the Style Seeking Girl to be noticed by American stylist Anya Sarre who wrote Fashion Speaks for You. Having a guestpost from Anya was really flattering and I am hopeful of further collaboration with other prominent people or businesses in this field in the future.

Recieving comments is always exciting especially when they are positive or constructive feedback, I also discover blogs to follow myself via this avenue. It is through a comment that I have been working with ‘Heylet’s’ to provide content for a smartphone app which will hopefully go live early 2013.
Last week I recieved my first piece of tactile mail in relation to my blog, I was sent a package by an online Australian accessories brand called Kushla They have recently launched their website and sent me a product to use and blog about – you can read my review here.

Do you have a quote or piece of advice that you use to motivate you?
“Everything will be ok in the end, if it is not ok it is not the end…” whenever I am going through something rough I use this quote to remind me that brighter days are ahead. Without challenges how would you recognise the feeling of success?

What is the piece of advice you offer to others?
Find something you love, and cherish it. It will become your way to achieve a piece of happiness or serenity. Something to turn to when you are feeling down or stressed. I love to lie on my bed and listen to music, or curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.

Also, do not be afraid to make mistakes or ‘fail’, as John Lennon famously said ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans…’, you never know what life will throw at you or where it will take you – this can be confronting but I also think has the possibility to be unbelievably exciting!

If someone wanted to break into your line of work what would you tell them?
They need to be dedicated, motivated and really interested in helping other people. Nursing is an incredibly stressful job – mentally, emotionally and physically, it is extremely challenging but can be really rewarding too.

Who are your role models, why?
My parents – they are amazing. They have an incredible relationship which is strong with great communication and support. I really admire that, and it has influenced how I view my own. They are both successful, driven, encouraging, supportive and loving. Growing up, if we had done our best – that was good enough. They raised my sister, brother and I to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Who is/are your style icon (s)?
My style icons include Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Drew Barrymore and Lauren Conrad. They all have class, elegance and fantastic unique style. I am inspired annd my own style is influenced by them definitely, but not defined. Drew is possibly my favourite – she can go from girly to grunge so effortlessly, and I love to swap or mix those two styles.

Do you have a styling and/or beauty tip for my readers?
My mother taught me this one- moisturise everyday – especially your face. Be sun aware – I use makeup with SPF, I do not want a face full of horrible sun damage! I also cleanse everyday and use toner twice a week. Styling – less is more, the use of impact or statement pieces will always look incredible, pair them with simple items for a more classic, stand out look. If in doubt, dress up – over dressed is better then under dressed! Beauty – don’t be afraid to experiment, find your perfect eyebrow shape they will open up your face and pull attention to those beautiful eyes. Match base/tinted moisturiser/foundation to your skin tone and a little bit of glitter can add that sparkle or POP you need to make an impact!

What was your dream job growing up?
I always wanted to be a fashion designer who styled makeup too. I was always drawing people or faces with sketches of outfits, hairstyles and makeup… A lot of days I wish I had of held onto that dream! But who knows, there’s still time yet!

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
Watching shows like The Hills or Geordie Shore with a glass of red wine and dark chocolate… Heaven!

What is something you want to cross off your bucket list?
Explore Italy, buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks, buy a house, go in a hot air balloon, skydive… I have written my actual bucket list! So excited to complete it. Four friends and I wrote them together (they all contain different items) and if we complete them by 2022 we are heading to Vegas!

Do you have a single moment/time that has changed your life
My best friend dying when I was 16. That completley changed my life and the way I am forever. It was so unexpected. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her, the hard days are definitely ones I live for her. Brooke was the most bubbly, viviacious person, I loved her dearly.

What would you tell your 16 year old self?
To enjoy the summer and the next six months as what happens next will be so devastating and significant that it will change your life forever, you will never be the same. To really start appreciating the small things, these are what really make up moments and memories – they eventually become the big things.

What is a styling/beauty “rule” that you – follow – break?
Follow- Advice from Coco Chanel, take one item off before you leave the house…saves over accessorising, another version of this is when I have high volume hair and big makeup I go light on the accessories.

Break- that your shoes must match your handbag/clutch. I cannot stand this idea, I don’t think things need to clash but they certainly don’t need to be matchy matchy.. Go for something that complements or something striking that adds that POP of colour!

What would you like to pass on to future generations?
A world without so much discrimination and hate. I cannot stand it – against race, religion, sexuality, gender. Ridiculous to think that at this time, two people who love each other cannot have a wedding or often be recognised as each other’s significant other due to their shared gender. So that’s what I want to pass on, and it is something I am very vocal and passionate about, I support the cause, sign petitions and email/write letters to publications and politicians. The change is coming.

What is a fashion/beauty trend you dislike?
I am really disliking the tiny shorts with pockets hanging out the bottom. I am not against short shorts or distressed looking shorts but the ones that just look like tiny scraps of fabric with the pockets hanging out drive me crazy!

What three things would you take with you on a desert island?
Practical- Sunscreen, a tent or hammock, water
Unpractical- my best friend, a book and music

What is your favourite song?
I have a lot.. but some of my most favourites are ‘Song2’ by Blur, ‘Miss You Love’ by Silverchair, ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay, ‘Passenger’/’Pick You Up’ by Powderfinger

What is your favourite movie?
I have two favourites ‘Alot Like Love’… showing sometimes it takes years to fall in love at first sight. Definitety watch!! ‘Remember the Titans’ based on a true story about leading with love, tolerance and acceptance against discrimination.

So there is some insight into who I am, next week the Inspire Me Woman post will feature Peta Serras …

Kooklah Xx

Gradient Ombre Nails-Part One…

Hello style lovers. Yes, another mention of Ombre, are you sensing a trend too? I think it is pretty captivating looking at colours gradually turn from one to the other. The trend has taken a huge surge forward and can not only be used on your hair but also with clothing, shoes, makeup and nail art.

With nails I find this style a step inspired by the use of one colour for the base of nails and another colour for the tips. It isn’t so harsh and should definitely have a blurred transition line!

For the last couple of months I have had a picture of a gradient nail design as the background for my phone… I have been calling it ‘sunset nail’, here it is…

For a very clear and easy to follow tutorial (with pictures step by step) from Nailasaurus please click here.

The Basics – why:

  • You don’t have to be an expert – but the more practice the better (and the steadier your hands will be)!
  • This look will not cost you alot of money
  • It is a very individual style – meaning you can use soft, complimentary colours but also use bold, contrasting combinations. Which makes it easily adaptable to your life, for example, use soft pinks/nudes for professions or workplaces that don’t condone vibrant makeup or fashion
  • You will get your nails noticed, receive compliments and get asked questions as to how you achieved the look.
For Gradient nails created with sponge applicator
The Basics – to use:
  • Nail polish remover
  • Two to three nail polishes in colours appropriate to the gradient style you are trying to achieve. Can compliment, contrast or completley clash.
  • Top coat for good finish (consider using a layer as base coat – provides a smooth surface for application of polish)
  • Sponge pieces – there are many different types, and all work to some degree. Most common types found when looking into this effect are – foam sponge (such as used when washing a car), ones used in the kitchen/bathroom for cleaning, eyeshadow applicators, foundation sponges
  • Cotton tips/brushes for cleaning cuticles and/or nails
The basics – technique:
  • Clean your nails with nail polish remover
  • Apply base coat of clear polish                  *optional tip*
  • Depending on the technique you are following either:
    • paint your nail the ‘base colour’ – the main colour/the colour that forms the basis of the ombre effect
    • paint your nail with a white polish (opaque or block), then dab/paint the colours you want onto the sponge and apply to nail
    • apply sponge with paint directly onto nail (no base or white colour)
  • Apply 2-3 coats of top coat – may need to be heavily applied to provide an even, smooth finish
  • Allow to dry very well


Nail Gradient from ‘A Polish Addict
– Becky used the tutorial from Nailasaurus


The Nailasaurus gradient manicure

The basics- tips:
  • Try out the sponge options if you are considering more then one.
  • If you settle with a dense sponge, such as a foundation sponge, dip quickly in water, squeeze excess water out and allow to semi dry – this prevents the nail polish from been soaked into the sponge.
  • When applying the sponge, it doesn’t need to be perfectly aligned, you can dab and/or move the sponge back and forth – helps to blend the colours well (meaning NO transition line)
  • The white nail polish creates a ‘glow’ type effect, making nails seem brighter.
  • You can paint the polish in lines onto the sponge, as per Lainie Fingers or use Nailasaurus’ swirl technique and then ‘stamp’ the sponge)
  • Using a brush to dip in nail polish remover and then wipe/clean cuticles and sides of nails can assist in not accidently removing any of the nail polish
  • Some techniques suggest applying chapstick, paw paw ointment, moisturiser or oil to the skin and cuticles surrounding the nail (but NOT the nail).
    • this should mean, once you have finished and the polish has dried on your nails, that you can wash or wipe your hands and the nail polish resting on the skin will come off easily.
  • For a deeper result apply layers – just make sure the last layer is dry first!
  • Don’t think you can’t do it, give it a try! Some techniques I looked at use off centre, diagonal gradients – which makes it easier to make a mistake look intentional.

        Left & Above: Lainie Fingers
Left & Above: Nailasaurus swirl and sponge technique
For something extra, you can pair this look with additional nail art or stamps, such as this picture featured on Miss Jonie Tumblr

I will be trying the sponge technique on my days off and will do a follow up post on how it went! Pretty excited to try this! Please let me know if you try it too, and if what you found here helped.. Also any issues please let me know and I will try to find a solution. Part Two will be the gradient effect without using a sponge.

Kooklah Xx

Anticipation for Beauty..

As anyone who knows me or reads my blogs would know, one of my favourite celebrities is Lauren Conrad. She is one of my icons- for style, beauty and etiquette. Very classy.

I have a hardcopy of ‘Style’, Lauren’s first book on tips, tricks, hits and misses, it is a great guide to sorting out what your own individual style is as well as providing fantastic ideas to try. I am eagerly awaiting the release of another guide called ‘Beauty’ (see below for the cover). Anyone who watched ‘The Hills’ will be greatly anticipating ‘Beauty’ as well- the winged tip eyeliner, perfect (and SENSATIONAL) waved hair, red lips, smooth skin, defined eyebrows and updos for nights out.

Lauren has also stated that she will be including her less then fine moments, which I think is really commendable, it means that she recognises that style and beauty are constantly changing, you learn and grow with your individual tastes and learn from mistakes. I know I definitely have made many, but they have enabled me to improve.. mostly it is just looking back that you notice it-looking at photos and cringing. Below are a few style or beauty misses I have been guilty of over the years:

*  Blue eyeshadow- not in a blended, coloured smokey eye way but in year 8 I LOVED wearing bright blue eyeshadow, with everything. I thought I rocked it… at the time.
*  Just below the knee ugg-boots.. Yep I grew up (in high school), with that trend. Me and my best friend had a matching latte coloured pair with fur/wool at the top of the boot and shoelaces that tied up the side of the boot. Oh dear.
*  Overaccessorising- when I was younger it was multiple bracelets, a necklace, earrings.. Coco Chanel was right, less is more. Or using a eye-catching statement piece that is bold and requires no other
* Tights as pants. Now (unless I am in the comfort of my own home), I use tights paired with dresses, oversized shirts/jumpers where the garment come to atleast mid thigh.

I do not regret any of these as they have all gotten me to the style I have now, I’m not saying it is perfect but I am definitely better at putting together an outfit and often get friends asking for advice or assistance.

I cannot wait to add this book to my collection of style, beauty and fashion guides, lookbooks and how-tos. I use them to learn more about these areas, dicover new tricks or perfect a skill. Coming up in a couple of posts time I am going to be talking about Nina Garcia, currently working at Marie Claire in America as ‘Fashion Director’, who has some fabulous style tips-which she has released four books about!

Do you have a fashion guide/book/guru who inspires your style and/or the way you achieve it? If so, who and why?

Kooklah Xx

Smooth, Smart Shaving..

I have four basic tips I use when it comes to shaving in order to provide-and preserve smooth, healthy skin.

These are:

Prep your skin: The best way to do this is to exfoliate, not only do you remove any dead skin build up but the exfoliation and stimulation of the skin reduces the amount of ingrowns present (and despite common belief ingrown hairs are just as common in shavers as in waxers). The condition of the skin will be greatly improved as well, giving a healthy, glowing look. If your skin is sensitive use a soft gel with some exfoliant beads in it, otherwise something rougher like a scrub is ideal (I usually alternate the two to give my skin a break every now and then).

Use shampoo or conditioner: About two years ago I stopped using shaving cream and began using shampoo or conditioner lathered with water on my legs (I just grab the closest one). My theory was that it would provide smoother skin whilst reducing the abrasive/coarse feel that shaved legs get as the hair grows back (as someone who had always waxed I was used to softer/finer hair growing back). As an alternative body gel/wash creates a similar effect.

Men’s razors: They are designed differently. Men’s razors tend to have a bigger surface area which is flat. Not the 10 for $2 kind, these ones are probably anywhere from $5-10, often have a refill razor attachment and have a rounded razor shape. This, as I found out when I realised the biggest surface area would also equate to less time spent shaving legs, is less harsh on the legs and also results in less amount of nicks/cuts on the legs (also ensuring smoother legs!). They also seem to last longer.

Moisturise: Dry your legs and within the next ten minutes apply some moisturiser, it doesn’t have to be alot (especially if you are heading out) but will help to keep that smooth skin! If you apply moisturiser to your skin atleast 2-3 times per week aside from shaving (could be in the morning when you get up or after a shower where you haven’t shaved) your skin will be smooth and supple with little to no dryness or ingrown hairs. In winter, apply more regularly as skin is dryer at this time of year.

Here’s to smoother skin due to smarter shaving!
Kooklah Xx