Protect the Sparkle*

One of the most common complaints I have heard from friends is when an embellished item loses one of the gems/jewels/sparkle/diamontes. If you can’t find a jewel to replace and therefore fix the item, you may as well kiss it goodbye. I don’t like to wear the items once they are broken (if irreparable), because even if no one else notices, I know. That said, rings and even some earrings will be easy to conceal the missing stone but other items -especially necklaces, shoes or bags.

Jimmy Choo- Quinze Embellished Sandals

So to fix this problem, a girl must have some tricks up her sleeve. I have tried hairspray, clear drying glue and clear nail polish/hardener. The hairspray doesn’t work (it may set your makeup but not your glitz), the glue works but you have to be careful that you don’t get use too much glue as it can clump and then won’t dry clear. The nail hardener is the one that I use, and I think the most effective. Here are my reasons why:

  • Quick drying time– most Nail polish/hardeners dry in 30-60 seconds, which means it can be applied quickly if you forget to do it earlier and are in a hurry.
  • Dry clear– keeps the embellished item looking the way it did when you bought it (although may add extra shine!)
  • Cost effective– You don’t need to spend alot of money, can be found in supermarkets/chemists/retail shops starting around $2.00
  • Can be reapplied easily– couple of strokes and you are done,

 #1- Have a separate nail hardener for your nails to what you use for your embellished items. Not only will you not have to replace it constantly but you may spread infection if you don’t separate the two. Label them or store them separatley.
#2- If you notice any stones starting to become loose, act quickly and coat them in the polish- two or three coats may be needed for some items.
#3- For items used frequently I would reapply nail hardener every couple of wears, especially on shoes, rings or clutches.
#4- If you forget to apply (or it has worn off) and something comes loose, see if you can salvage it (if you can find it) and glue/fasten it back on OR see if you can buy something to replace it with. For example discount stores often have little crystal/diamonte type stones for sale that people use for craft purposes, see if these suit your needs

Kooklah Xx

Smooth, Smart Shaving..

I have four basic tips I use when it comes to shaving in order to provide-and preserve smooth, healthy skin.

These are:

Prep your skin: The best way to do this is to exfoliate, not only do you remove any dead skin build up but the exfoliation and stimulation of the skin reduces the amount of ingrowns present (and despite common belief ingrown hairs are just as common in shavers as in waxers). The condition of the skin will be greatly improved as well, giving a healthy, glowing look. If your skin is sensitive use a soft gel with some exfoliant beads in it, otherwise something rougher like a scrub is ideal (I usually alternate the two to give my skin a break every now and then).

Use shampoo or conditioner: About two years ago I stopped using shaving cream and began using shampoo or conditioner lathered with water on my legs (I just grab the closest one). My theory was that it would provide smoother skin whilst reducing the abrasive/coarse feel that shaved legs get as the hair grows back (as someone who had always waxed I was used to softer/finer hair growing back). As an alternative body gel/wash creates a similar effect.

Men’s razors: They are designed differently. Men’s razors tend to have a bigger surface area which is flat. Not the 10 for $2 kind, these ones are probably anywhere from $5-10, often have a refill razor attachment and have a rounded razor shape. This, as I found out when I realised the biggest surface area would also equate to less time spent shaving legs, is less harsh on the legs and also results in less amount of nicks/cuts on the legs (also ensuring smoother legs!). They also seem to last longer.

Moisturise: Dry your legs and within the next ten minutes apply some moisturiser, it doesn’t have to be alot (especially if you are heading out) but will help to keep that smooth skin! If you apply moisturiser to your skin atleast 2-3 times per week aside from shaving (could be in the morning when you get up or after a shower where you haven’t shaved) your skin will be smooth and supple with little to no dryness or ingrown hairs. In winter, apply more regularly as skin is dryer at this time of year.

Here’s to smoother skin due to smarter shaving!
Kooklah Xx