Seeking Positivity, Happiness and Gratitude…

For the Style Seeking Girl celebrates beauty, fashion and styling… but with emphasis on promoting confidence, self worth and individuality. As Audrey famously said, happy girls are the prettiest.

Audrey Believes In

I have been pretty open about my struggles with anxiety and depression, I have faced many challenges and have overcome a lot of them. I am still working through more – but life will always throw challenges our way. For two years I have been inspired by an idea my psychologist gave me – each day think of three positives, little or big, simple or complicated and use them as a reminder that even the darkest days can have a glimmer of hope. I write these down each day and they are so much fun to look back on. Over the last few years I have created lists of items to achieve (some silly and many serious) and have had so much fun ticking them off. These are separate to a bucket list, a friend of mine told me that she loved them as ‘they are a commitment to loving life’

So For the Style Seeking Girl is taking positivity and marching in. YOU the reader, can look forward to posts under the sub section of ‘For the Positive Seeking Girl’. There will be real life accounts, guest posts, happiness guides, how-to self care, recognising three positives for each day and inspiring moments. I look forward to injecting some positive, happy and life loving posts into this blog and hope you enjoy it too.

I will expand on this idea in a future post, but there are two hashtags to use if you want to join in. If there is a moment you want to share that has given you peace, joy, happiness, laughter or love – something positive or something that you are thankful for, use the tag #forthepositiveseekinggirl … I will be aiming to share my three positives each day on instagram and twitter {I will try and find different ones for each day, and occasionally different ways to share them}, anyone is welcome to join, if you are doing it please use the #forthepositiveseekinggirl AND #threepositivesdaily …. I encourage you to not overlook the small things.

Drop me a comment if you are joining and I will look out for your posts…

Styling positive,

Sarah / Kooklah Xo

The “Look at Me” Culture’s Statement Piece.

I have been working on this post on and off for months. I guess I previously have not published it because I wanted to talk to more people about this trend and find out what they thought.

Clear. Perspex. Clutches. The “Look at Me” culture finds and flaunts it’s very own statement piece… Oh My.

When I first heard about this trend in April I honestly thought someone was having me on.. why would you want everyone to see what was in your clutch? But I guess that is the point.


Nope. I still don’t get it, what about the emergency things we often keep in there? Tampons or panty-liners, breath mints or deodorant? Just display? Or like me do you have as much “touch up” makeup as you can fit in (plus phone, keys, money and I.D)? This way I guess at any night out, party or wedding it will be easy to see who is the one to take bathroom breaks with.

I understand for some people it unravels the allusive mystery of just what is inside + allows us to see the brands and amazing belongings someone might have.  Good for jealousy, gossip and need I state the totally obvious? Stealing! I have noticed many celebs holding their perspex clutch with another smaller one inside of it. A box or bag for your clutch, brilliant! I have one of them at home, that I store it in..


Another bonus? If it rains your items will stay dry… but to be honest even in torrential downpour my clutch is the last thing to get soaked.

This trend has been spotted on celebs like Dita Von Teese, Olivia Palmero and Sienna Miller.

90% of the women surveyed had not heard of these clutches and could not understand the appeal. 100% of the women surveyed stated they did not own one and 95% did not want one {5% of these stated that they actually would try one of these clutches if it had a rich pigment colour, was patterned or had texture … and was therefore not so transparent}

The clear ones bring to mind the plastic baggies used to store liquids on long haul flights. While I can’t get my head around the completely clear ones, I would consider one that was heavily coloured or textured.. as long as you couldn’t see everything inside. {Will admit the golden one below is Fab!}


Has anyone tried this trend? What do you think? Will you be adding it to your wardrobe?

Kooklah Xo

So this is Christmas…

This month is getting away from me! I have been writing but not publishing.. I will do so though across the next three days and have some great posts to share!

For now though, I am enjoying the fact that I have not only purchased all of my Christmas presents {have had my families since 3rd December} but also my work Secret Santa gift {purchased it all online so that I didn’t have to go back to the shops}… for me the fun is in giving.

I actually love wrapping gifts and making them look beautiful with fancy paper, ribbons and sparkles. I like seeing faces light up when they get their gift and the wonder of what could be inside.

This year for myself I am less about THINGS. I’m about practicality and not clutter {especially as I’ve been doing a big overhaul of belongings in the last few months}… but I did just buy myself a tiny Christmas present – a gift for staying strong through the year and something that will add some glimmer in the next.


This ring cost me $8 at a stall at Maitland Markets on the weekend.. a perfect statement piece to dress up a casual outfit or add sparkle to a Glam look.

Treat yourself and your loved ones this year and have a fabulous lead up to Christmas

Sarah x o

December’s Arrived..

So here we are. Suddenly it is December. Where did that year go?

I honestly feel that overall the year has flown. As I sit down to write this post I look back to what was happening in my life at this time last year.. family birthdays, my own birthday + big celebratory dinner with 25 friends, drunken nights with friends I grew up with – creating memories AND writing our bucket lists then a cocktail party for New Years Eve.

Those memories seem so close but yet so far away. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this year. I ticked off many bucket list items including going skydiving, I’ve made new friends but have lost touch with some old ones, I’ve loved and definitely lost, my gorgeous Nanna passed away and I fed the travel bug a little more.

For me the biggest thing to come out of this year is that I have recognised I AM strong + capable. I struggle some days and rock through others but the point is I keep going. I learnt this year that the opinion about you that matters most, is yours


How do I see myself? I see myself as someone who doesn’t have it all together but is trying to. Someone who feels a myriad of emotions regularly, who is passionate for what she believes in, has a voice, is loyal + protective and wants to explore + share as many experiences as possible.

Life is what you make it..

Today is a difficult day for a few reasons and I can’t hide for that. I am happy December is here – there’s my birthday, christmas and the promise of a new year + some foxy fun with the Instagram crew {more on that on my next post!}… after much coercing from my friend A, I have decided to celebrate my birthday – which is in three days and I’m actually so excited!

What does this month bring for you? What has been a high or a low for this year? What did this year teach you?

Sarah x

7 Day Lipstick Dare – Challenge Accepted

It is the colour of Dorothy’s shimmering shoes, Ariel’s hair and the one that makes for a high impact outfit on most brunettes … that’s right, the colour is red.

{seriously if you have dark hair and DON’T have a statement piece of clothing in red – go get one. It is a must for days when you can’t decide what to put on or want some wow factor}

Anyway I am getting off track. Foxy-lady, style dare extraordinaire Andrea from Fox in Flats announced last week that this week her Style Dares were starting up again and it is been kicked off with a bang! The Red Lipstick Dare is a dare to wear red lipstick every day, for one week. I love these kind of dares as it forces you out of your comfort zones and in this case, takes something that many women would consider an evening or formal occasion look to the brightness of day. I have taken part in Andrea’s month long dares previously and attempted a 7 day hair one but I had never taken the red lips dare. The past year or so I have been loving red lipstick and have worn it often – so I jumped at this dare. Click the link above for more information on the dare + A’s great tips at making red lips last!

redlipstick dareI am house-sitting currently and was surprised to find that I had many of my red products, a couple I had purchased recently to try and one had arrived in a prize pack I won. I am without my trusty Smashbox red lippie, but I have enough for 7 days – different product each day. The main brands I am using are Savvy, Ultra3, Models Prefer and Bite Beauty.

red lipsticksWhat I love about red lipstick is the confidence it can bring you. I also love that there is a shade for anyone – from the lightest of corals to the dark plums and mahogany. You can rock the look as sweet flower child, rock chick, glamour queen, edgy punk. Something for everyone – it shines with attitude, spunk, and is so womanly. Two lips never looked so good 😉

I have been sick, and despite not feeling like going out and been told by my GP to do nothing but rest, drink fluids and watch movies I have stayed determined to complete this dare. So I have. No makeup, hair unwashed and red lips and it has lifted my spirits definitely… as Elizabeth Taylor famously stated, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together…” well Liz I’ve tried, water or Mum’s cure all lemon-honey-vinegar drink in hand, red lips and a blanket on the lounge.

red day oneA touch of Snow White look here at the GP (used Savvy lipgloss ‘Cinderella’ for light berry base + high pigment pencil lipstick ‘pomegranate’ from Bite Beauty on top)

red day twoRed lips watching chick flicks… (Laura Mercier lip liner + Savvy ‘mahogany’ lipstick with a Sephora shimmer gloss in ‘night out’)

red day threeRed lips and my Mum’s home remedy cure all (lipstick is Ultra3 – Cherry Wine)

Three days down, four to go! Hopefully I can kick this sick business to the curb and actually take some good pictures where I am not trying to hide my face! It is good to know though, that even in my pjs, red lips still feels Glam!

Also, it is not too late to join. You don’t have to complete the same 7 days as me – you can start the 7 Day Red Lipstick Dare at any time, to complete it you just need to have red lips for a week straight.. I’d love to hear if you are playing along so I can look out for your pics or posts! All you have to do is upload your shots and use the #redlipstickdarefoxinflats on instagram or twitter.

Mwah! Kooklah Xo

Oscar’s Fashion- For the Style Seeking Girl’s Picks!

So I realise that this post is late. Well in terms of hype. The Oscars have come and gone. Everyone was raving about poor Jennifer Lawerence’s tumble – really? She was right, people applauded to be polite… For me I choose to look at it like ‘everyone falls down but what matters is that you get back up again’.. Or what about Anne Hathaway’s bodice that attracted more attention than most ‘and the winner is…’ announcements, or the fact that Helena Bonham Carter yet again looked like a character from one of her movies?

I was fascinated with colours chosen, the fabrics used, the hairstyles – so many pinned curl updos and old Hollywood style curls! Here are my favourites, least favourites, honourable mentions and who I picked as the best dressed couple for the 2013 Oscars.

Oscar Fashion I loved:

Jessica Chastin wears a silk Armani Prive gown. This is my best dressed pick!
Love the old Hollywood Glamour look with the curls, minimal accessories, flawless base and red lips
Kerry Washington wearing Miu Miu – she also wore one of their gowns to the Golden Globes.
I love the hue of this gown with embellishment on the bodice. Simple hair and accessories complete Kerry’s
understated glamour. She is now officially on my radar as a person of style interest!

Shaun Robinson looks sensational in a David Meister gown. I really love the two-tone look.
It enhances her fabulous figure, with the small train increasing the class and elegance of the gown.
The towered bun and statement accessories add some flair – so does the smile!

Reese Witherspoon shone in this gorgeous gown from Louis Vuitton.
A very classic look, especially with the old glamour curls.

Catherine Zeta Jones yet again showcasing her sensational and timeless style in this amazing Zuhair Murad gown.
The embellished overlay is eye catching and makes her stand out. Keeping her hair classy and using limited accessories helps to focus the attention her gown and not overbear the senses…

Amanda Seyfried looks amazing in this Alexander McQueen gown. The floral design is sensational.
I love that she is wearing an up do, minimal accessories and a soft pink lip to complement her smokey eyes and gown.
One of the best looks on this years Oscar red carpet.


Jennifer Garner – she rocked a mulberry coloured gown at the Globes, and this stunning custom made purple gown by Gucci looks even better in my opinion. So sensational with a simple sweetheart neckline and major detail in the back! I don’t know how she sat down but I totally give her major props for it! The amazing sparkle around her neck is from Neil Lane. Jennifer smartly paired all this flair with a simple hairstyle and make up.

Not so favourite:

 Sunrise Coigney (Mark Ruffalo’s wife) wearing a ‘Zero + Maria Cornejo’ gown. I understand she must have wanted to be different BUT it was the Oscars, so I think a more dressy look was called for. Very unflattering.

 Renee Zellweger wearing a Carolina Herrera creation. I think the colour is great, but I do not like the bows. How many times have we seen Renee in something with emphasis on her behind? I think this dress sparkles but does little else.

 Nancy O’Dell in Mark Zunino. I love the overall colour palette and sweetheart neckline. But that’s it. Too much leg, not age appropriate and I think it makes her look like she’s trying to hard. A shame because she has a beautiful figure.

 Jane Fonda in Versace. Props for the bright hue but it washes her out. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was ‘looks like an Oscar trophy’ and I am not sure that was the idea. The cut is great but this outfit is one of the worst.

 Anne Hathaway in Prada. This is my least favourite. I don’t think the overly obvious nipples looks classy, she has played it safe with a simple cut dress and so simple colour. Not impressed, I think this is a boring look.

 Jackie Weaver in Rani Zakhem. The cut, bulky train and that area surrounding the bust…

 Kristin Chenoweth in Tony Ward Couture. There is so much going on with this look! Not the most flattering gown

Kelly Osbourne also in Tony Ward. I love the neck of this dress – all thse different straps but I don’t think this dress is flattering for Kelly and the hair doesn’t go – with the dress or the Oscars

Honourable Mentions:

 Alicia Vikander in Elie Saab Couture. I love the light blue colour and the bright belt. She looks beautiful, youthful and I love the happy smile! Absolutley beautiful look, simple but classic.

 Amy Adams looks like a princess in this light silver Oscar de la Renta gown! Amy helped to design this and I read that when she first tried it on she couldn’t stop walking around in it. I love the detail that is attention grabbing but not over the top


 Fatima Ptacek looks so lovely and I think this look is very age appropriate. She looks like a princess, I love the towered bun with braided detail and all that tulle. She has some makeup on but it is flawless and basic. You can’t see it in this picture but she has pink nails with one feature nail which has an embellished bow on it.

 Jennifer Hudson looks sensational in this Roberto Cavalli gown. So pretty and looks amazing with her skin colour. I am not sure about the hairstyle, but I love the leg split, tasteful but sexy!

 Jennifer Lawerence in Dior Haute Couture. I think she looks amazing! She totally pulls of this gown and keeps accessories, makeup and hair to a minimalist style to let the gown shine

 Melissa McCarthy wearing David Meister, I love this gown and the colour. The volume of the hair is awesome too.

 Naomi Watts in Giorgio Armani. This dress is so unique and interesting.
I absolutley love the colour which goes well with her light skin. I really adore the cut out on the left side.

Sandra Bullock wears another fabulous collection from Elie Saab. This gown is amazing, the lace, colour, embellishment. Minimal accessories are paired well and I love the slight sheer nature of the dress. The only thing – do something with your hair! A lovely curled up do or a topknot would have been fantastic.

Best Dressed Couple:

For this title I have chosen the father/daughter couple. Jamie Foxx with his daughter Corinne Bishop. How Cute! Corinne wears a gown from Dane Designers – love that Jamie isn’t wearing a tux but still looks stylish!
What are your favourites? I love the glitz and glamour of the Oscars …
If you enjoyed this, check out my Golden Globes Review
Sarah/Kooklah Xo

Personal Planner Giveaway WINNER

First off I want to say a big THANKYOU to the lovely people at Personal Planner for offering the option of a giveaway! I am looking forward to creating my own and want to say congratualtions to the winner of the giveaway – Adina Shiel.

Thanks for all the interest and for the entries, thanks to those of you who commented, and also to the many email entries I had. Please share this blog with your friends and family, there will be many more exciting posts and things to come!

Here is what 2013 means to Adina:

“2013 to me means getting back the passion, happiness and spontaneity that I had as a teenager!”

Have a good year Adina, and enjoy your planner!
If you are interested in creating your own personal planner or notebook – think ahead for great gifts for 2014, please check out the website by clicking here!

Kooklah Xo

For the Style Seeking Girl GIVEAWAY!


For the Style Seeking Girl and Personal Planner

The last couple years have been really busy for me, and whilst I love the chaos of working, setting aside time for blogging, meeting with friends and travelling to new places, if I don’t write my plans down – I forget about them.

Enter in a planner, I carry my year planner with me everywhere and constantly update it. I received an email recently from Personal Planner and they have a very exciting offer.

The amazing people of  Personal Planner are giving me a planner and they have also offered the chance for one of my readers to score a planner too! It gets even better… You get to create, design and style the planner to your own personal and individual taste…. Let your flair fly!

This opportunity allows you to add some colour to your workday and busy lifestyle as well as having a really efficient planner that is very personal! Sound good? If so, the offer from Personal Planner is one I think you’ll love!

Their planners provide you with endless design possibilities. You can change colour, text and design on front/back cover as well as inlay. There are also clever boxes for to-do list, gym/workout session, schedule appointments or classes, document your idea of the week and weather. You can also add your friends’ and family members’ birthdays to the inlay directly from Facebook. Once completed your planner will be printed and deliver the finished product directly to your doorstep. The winner of the giveaway does not have to pay the shipping cost! Bonus!

Here are a few things that I like about these planners:

  • Design the front/back cover
  • Tons of ways to design the inside to suit your style & needs.
  • Add friends & family members birthdays to the inlay
  • Can decorate with images/photos
  • Elastic strap closure to secure your planner
  • Choose between 4 different sizes
  • You pick the start date. – Mine will be for 2014!!
  • Best of all its fun and easy!

If this hasn’t caught your attention – I have no idea why! I know many of you who would love and benefit from this idea, many of you are so creative and I love that this offer allows you to put that to good use! This offer is not just for Australians! All my international readers can enter too!

So now for the essential details on how to make a valid entry:

1.     Like the Personal Planner page on Facebook (once you have hit like, send them a quick wall post telling them For the Style Seeking Girl sent you)

2.     Like the facebook page of For the Style Seeking Girl

3.     Share For the Style Seeking Girl facebook page/this giveaway to your friends

4.     Post a comment on this blog letting me know that you have liked and shared (needed for valid entry!), leave your email address, PLUS tell me in 25 words or less what you hope 2013 means for you.

5.     I will also accept entries that include the above details if they are sent via email to

6.     Extra entries can be gained by submitting via Instagram and Twitter too – you must also be following me on these mediums (if you enter again via them- details for these below)

7.     Email addresses of entrants are required as you will be sent a gift card if announced the winner.

8.     Entries commence Saturday 19th January from 11.30pm and they close Monday 28th January 2013 at 9am (AEST).

9.     Winner is drawn at random and will be announced on Tuesday 29th January 2013. Decision is final.

So go on! Start your entry, tell your friends… let’s get creating! Goodluck!
To explore all this product has to offer – including what this giveaway could mean for you, check out their website here …
Kooklah Xx
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