Kooklah Supports MS….

MS. Multiple Sclerosis. A chronic disease, which can largely be described as an “invisible illness”.

Invisible illnesses or conditions are those where a person can appear to be well but may actually be suffering quite badly, or look well and a few minutes later be really sick or incapacitated {there are many including anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, lupus, MS + more}.

MS affects an individual’s central nervous system {CNS}, since this is made up of not only the brain but the spinal cord and nerves the disease affects other bodily functions or systems. Unlike many conditions, there is not alot of clarity or information available about MS, particuarly how it begins {the cause}, and how it will affect someone as many with MS experience different symptoms, episodes and varied severity of the same. Some experience slow progression, and can lead a relatively normal life, others experience fast progression and may require aides to attend to everyday activities or depend on carers.

According to MS Research Australia 23,000 Australians suffer with MS, the most common age to be diagnosed is 30 and 75% of those diagnosed are women {these are statistics for Australia alone, it affects individuals in other countries too}. With the number of people getting diagnosed increasing, there is much more information needed to prevent, control and cure the disease.

Treatment has come a long way, and helps many who have it… more information is becoming available with studies and research, BUT there is currently NO cure.

Although symptoms, episodes, daily life differs for those who have it, one thing is sure – until the cause is defined and a cure found, there is a great deal of uncertainty and unpredictability involved.

As you can see I am really passionate about raising awareness of MS and for those suffering with MS. It has been on my radar since my early teens, but in the last five years it has become a lot closer to home, one of my parents has been diagnosed with MS and I see the impact of this condition most days, on both my parents, my siblings and the everyday lifestyle. There has been nerves, fears and tears. While research shows that the risk of getting MS is about 5% if one of your ‘first degree’ relatives has it, it is something I have worried about..
I’d rather put my energy and time into positive thinking instead of negative. For the second year in a row I have joined the fundraising initiative of Kiss Goodbye to MS which occurs in May to raise awareness {through information + the colour red} as well as raising funds to put towards MS research and therefore improve the livelihood of those with it.


With donations I raised over $250.00 last year, and this year I’d love to go further, but anything will help! If anyone is interested in donating go to my funds page —> Sarah/Kooklah KGTMS


Don’t feel obligated, my aim is to raise awareness. Donations are a bonus. Thankyou for reading…

I hope this has given some insight to MS, I’d love your feedback, comments or stories.


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