Planning Life…

I wrote a post for Sarah at Creating Contentment at the end of last week and I wanted to share part of it with you {click the link to read the full post}…

The trick is realising that it doesn’t all have to be figured out. Once you can accept that concept be prepared for the relief. Not everyone knows exactly what they are doing and where they’ll be in five years… this is totally fine. You don’t need everything mapped out.

With my life at the moment, I prefer to think of it as having a rough outline drawn on the page of a notebook. Some things I am definite about, others have been crossed out and re-written, but there are plenty of empty gaps or spaces.

That is actually quite exciting …

I hope you click over to read the rest, please let me know what you think… you can look forward to a guest post from CC’s Sarah this week.

Kooklah/Sarah Xo

2 thoughts on “Planning Life…

  1. Gorgeous post Sarah. I’m so glad that you made it to that spot. I found that once I hit my stride in my mid-twenties and accepted who I was and what made me happy – rather than living the “ideal me” I had stuck in my head – my life became easier and more authentic. You are a gorgeous girl with so much to offer the world xx

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