Focus On Your Joys

Today I have another guest post from lovely Sarah from Creating Contentment and this post she has written for us really spoke to me.. She bravely shares problems she has {either with herself or with life} and then shows us her joys… I know how easy it can be to take the negatives and get weighed down with them, if you can also appreciate this, or if you want some tips on how to identify the joys as they come please keep reading. Let us know what you think! Kooklah/Sarah x x


I have a lot of problems in my life. There are medical and mental issues. We have financial worries. I have five children, which has create both standard every mother problems and unique problems. I have children with autism. I have university stressors. There are time constraints and space constraints. I worry about my family, my children, my husband  and my friends. I get anxious that it is all getting to much. The weather gets to me. I feel bored and tired and get sick and over it all. I want to do more of some things and I want less of others. I want to feel balance and calm and contentment. I want to be tidier and more organised. I want to read more and relax ….

Goodness, I could go on and on. That just took me less than a minute to write. And another concern is that this is not the end. There is so many problems in my life that I could dwell on.

Just writing this, my shoulders have slumped. My neck suddenly feels tense and tight. I feel teary, overwhelmed and scared. All my problems are on top of me, suffocating me.

I started writing about my problems to demonstrate a point to myself, and hopefully you as well. We like dwelling on our issues. I find that many of my conversations, and those that I overhear, are often quite negative in tone. I have never heard a women during kinder drop off talk about how wonderful her husband is. But I have heard many millions of conversations about how he doesn’t help at home, won’t play with the children, can’t come to appointments, works too much and demands too much sex. Talking about the negative is catching. It is easy to join in on these conversations and add your own tale of woe. And it is easy to get sympathy from others when they are in the mids of their own sad sorry story.

So, today I am going to try and inspire you to break this habit by sharing some of the joys in my life.

I have five children. Five healthy, robust babies that have grown into beautiful children with lovely manners. Five lovely pregnancies and five successful births. Five times I’ve conceived easily, naturally and breastfed as long as I’ve wanted.

I married the most wonderful man, and we are making our best effort at living happily ever after. He can cook and clean. He is intelligent and wise. He is a brilliant, gentle and caring father. He looks after me and loves me.

We have a home that is welcoming and comfortable. It is a home full of noise and love. The many messy’s tell of lots of fun play and creative learnings and therapy sessions.

I am alive. I survived a serious car accident with major injuries. I can walk and play with my children. I can read with them, help them with their homework and enjoy many a hug with them.

I attend university. I am often amazed that I find myself back again, reading and learning. I am educated and have the ability to read and research on any topic that I’m interested, from Madras to Epicurus, from autism to green smoothies.

Now, I’ll admit that this list was harder to write. It was so much harder to come up with multiple joys. It is something that I am actively practicing. Being grateful and joyous is not something that is coming naturally to me. But these qualities are what I want to be. And so I practice.

Every night I write in my gratitude diary. Everynight, before bed, I sit and try and think of three things I am grateful for and write them down. Every week I participate in Thankful Thursday on A Parenting Life, where I try to spend some time and write a whole post about something I am thankful for. You can read my previous  posts HERE.

And this practice makes me happy. By focusing upon my joys, I am ignoring my problems. What you focus upon becomes clearer. So, my joys are becoming more obvious to me, and seem to be multiplying. Which is a joy in and of itself.

So, try not to dwell on the bad stuff that happens. Focus on your joys.

Share them here and watch them multiply!

I would love to know what makes you feel joyful.


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