The SJP Collection…

Yes. Yes. Yes… you did just read that heading right.

I am very excited. Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a collection of shoes, with a handbag collection and a ‘Manhattan’ trench soon after. For anyone who is an admirer of SJP or a fan of Sex and the City this should have you with a big happy smile…

I almost feel like dancing.

Who better to design shoes than the woman who has strutted in heels through multiple city blocks and portrayed a character who openly spent a month’s rent {or more} to buy some stunning shoes? This collection has it all, beautifully crafted heels, ones that are simple and elegant, or brightly coloured with decoration. Not to mention sandals and ballet flats – something for every woman.

SJP Collection for Nordstrom {picture from}

SJP Collection for Nordstrom
{picture from}

A real draw card for me was that to create this collection, Sarah Jessica collaborated with the president of Manolo Blahnik – a brand much favoured by Carrie and myself. I often look at pictures of them – beautiful, handmade Italian leather and nearly purchased some when I went to the USA… I think this collaboration is a brilliant pairing, and a pair of these shoes has now made the top of my list. Each shoe has a signature that will become identifiable with the SJP Collection, some grosgrain {either in trim, accent, detailing} which is the kind of ribbons that SJP wore in her hair as a little girl. I love items that are instantly identifiable, like Louboutin’s red soles or the quilted handbags from Chanel, and I think this throwback to her childhood is really special.

I have seen a few pairs that I am lusting over… and a pair that made my heart race. This pair is called ‘Diana’ and are a very classically sexy shoe, it does remind me of the Blahnik style of Mary-Janes but with a more feminine cut and modern detail {loving the angle of the strap across the foot}…

Diana - SJP Collection {Image from The Windsor Star}

Diana – SJP Collection
{Image from The Windsor Star}


Here are a few more fabulous shoes … not all have been unveiled yet and I cannot wait to see the collection. Let me know what you think – especially the ones you lust after. The collection launches on February 28, at Nordstrom. For more sneak peaks head to Instagram and follow SJP Collection

The Carrie {available in multiple colours}


The Bobbi {available in multiple colours}



The Alison – gorgeous lace-up heeled boots



The Maud – this comes in different coloured themes including monochrome and metallics



I am looking forward to further looks been released! Follow me on Instagram @saregiak for a look at my daily life or like For the Style Seeking Girl on Facebook.

Kooklah XO

Planning Life…

I wrote a post for Sarah at Creating Contentment at the end of last week and I wanted to share part of it with you {click the link to read the full post}…

The trick is realising that it doesn’t all have to be figured out. Once you can accept that concept be prepared for the relief. Not everyone knows exactly what they are doing and where they’ll be in five years… this is totally fine. You don’t need everything mapped out.

With my life at the moment, I prefer to think of it as having a rough outline drawn on the page of a notebook. Some things I am definite about, others have been crossed out and re-written, but there are plenty of empty gaps or spaces.

That is actually quite exciting …

I hope you click over to read the rest, please let me know what you think… you can look forward to a guest post from CC’s Sarah this week.

Kooklah/Sarah Xo

Focus On Your Joys

Today I have another guest post from lovely Sarah from Creating Contentment and this post she has written for us really spoke to me.. She bravely shares problems she has {either with herself or with life} and then shows us her joys… I know how easy it can be to take the negatives and get weighed down with them, if you can also appreciate this, or if you want some tips on how to identify the joys as they come please keep reading. Let us know what you think! Kooklah/Sarah x x


I have a lot of problems in my life. There are medical and mental issues. We have financial worries. I have five children, which has create both standard every mother problems and unique problems. I have children with autism. I have university stressors. There are time constraints and space constraints. I worry about my family, my children, my husband  and my friends. I get anxious that it is all getting to much. The weather gets to me. I feel bored and tired and get sick and over it all. I want to do more of some things and I want less of others. I want to feel balance and calm and contentment. I want to be tidier and more organised. I want to read more and relax ….

Goodness, I could go on and on. That just took me less than a minute to write. And another concern is that this is not the end. There is so many problems in my life that I could dwell on.

Just writing this, my shoulders have slumped. My neck suddenly feels tense and tight. I feel teary, overwhelmed and scared. All my problems are on top of me, suffocating me.

I started writing about my problems to demonstrate a point to myself, and hopefully you as well. We like dwelling on our issues. I find that many of my conversations, and those that I overhear, are often quite negative in tone. I have never heard a women during kinder drop off talk about how wonderful her husband is. But I have heard many millions of conversations about how he doesn’t help at home, won’t play with the children, can’t come to appointments, works too much and demands too much sex. Talking about the negative is catching. It is easy to join in on these conversations and add your own tale of woe. And it is easy to get sympathy from others when they are in the mids of their own sad sorry story.

So, today I am going to try and inspire you to break this habit by sharing some of the joys in my life.

I have five children. Five healthy, robust babies that have grown into beautiful children with lovely manners. Five lovely pregnancies and five successful births. Five times I’ve conceived easily, naturally and breastfed as long as I’ve wanted.

I married the most wonderful man, and we are making our best effort at living happily ever after. He can cook and clean. He is intelligent and wise. He is a brilliant, gentle and caring father. He looks after me and loves me.

We have a home that is welcoming and comfortable. It is a home full of noise and love. The many messy’s tell of lots of fun play and creative learnings and therapy sessions.

I am alive. I survived a serious car accident with major injuries. I can walk and play with my children. I can read with them, help them with their homework and enjoy many a hug with them.

I attend university. I am often amazed that I find myself back again, reading and learning. I am educated and have the ability to read and research on any topic that I’m interested, from Madras to Epicurus, from autism to green smoothies.

Now, I’ll admit that this list was harder to write. It was so much harder to come up with multiple joys. It is something that I am actively practicing. Being grateful and joyous is not something that is coming naturally to me. But these qualities are what I want to be. And so I practice.

Every night I write in my gratitude diary. Everynight, before bed, I sit and try and think of three things I am grateful for and write them down. Every week I participate in Thankful Thursday on A Parenting Life, where I try to spend some time and write a whole post about something I am thankful for. You can read my previous  posts HERE.

And this practice makes me happy. By focusing upon my joys, I am ignoring my problems. What you focus upon becomes clearer. So, my joys are becoming more obvious to me, and seem to be multiplying. Which is a joy in and of itself.

So, try not to dwell on the bad stuff that happens. Focus on your joys.

Share them here and watch them multiply!

I would love to know what makes you feel joyful.

A Dream to Work On…

Hi lovely readers, today is my turn to be a guest blogger on Creating Contentment … you can look forward to regular fortnightly guest blogger posts from Creating Contentment’s Sarah {have you read last week’s called Thoughts … If not, do!} My post today is about an effective way to work on your dreams as well as some suggestions of how to do this.

Here is a little sneak preview:

I know some people who think that having their dreams come true, are life’s little miracles with no or little effort required whilst others believe that hard work is the way to make dreams and our deepest desires reality. There are, of course, many options and ways to interpret this little saying and I want to share mine with you, as well as how I am using that to achieve my own version of dreams coming true.

Taking some time at the end of 2013 to reflect I was able to identify what elements are the most important to me in day to day life. The qualities I found were daily elements of happiness, positivity and reflection. It might sound really basic, but…..

For the full post, click here

Styling Positive,

Kooklah * Sarah


Last month I made the decision to concentrate on increasing positivity and gratitude in my life. Life is made of highs and lows, this is nothing new but the way you think can determine not only how you participate in life but how you process these events. With this in mind, I am so happy to introduce to you, a new partnership on For the Style Seeking Girl. My beautiful friend Sarah from Creating Contentment will be sharing guest-posts with you fortnightly, I could not think of anyone better to join us on the journey to creating and maintaining a positive attitude. Read below for her first post called ‘Thoughts’, I can’t wait to read your comments. Thanks Sarah – over to you….

Thoughts are powerful. They construct and inspire.  They have created beauty and amazement. The best things in the world have all originated from thoughts.

Thoughts also form our words, what we say to others. If we are thinking negatively, then we also tend to speak in a way that comes across as harsh, or terse, and without tack. Our words in turn affect our behaviours. If you are thinking and feeling bad, and voicing your sadness, then you are more likely to be physically expressing your distress in your posture and activities. And, if all this continues, then habits are formed. You become more likely to wake up and think those horrible thoughts again. It is a cycle.

Therefore to stop this cycle, you need to start questioning your thoughts.

We tend to believe everything we think. And we shouldn’t, because a lot of the time, our thoughts are not the truth. What evidence do you have to support your thoughts? Often questioning your thoughts in such a way, shows the holes in your thinking.

Thoughts are also constraining and critical. They can be mean and hurtful. They are often nagging and obsessive. Our thoughts spend a lot of time in the past reminiscing or ruminating and in the future, planning and worrying. Even when we are in the present, often our thoughts are comparing and judging.

I think one of the first steps to thinking more positively, is to first notice this.

Start to notice when your thoughts are being negative and run away from you. To help you recognise your negative thinking it is a good practice to label them. When you catch yourself thinking something negative, label it ‘unhelpful’, ‘worrying’ or ‘judging’. Use words that make sense to you.

I find that by labelling my negative thoughts as ‘unhelpful’, it also stops the spiralling, out of control feeling of your thoughts running away from you. In a sense, “I get off the train” and instead watch my thought float away. One practice I use is called leaves on a stream. I have found it really helpful and hope you do to.

Once you become more aware of your negative or bad unhelpful thoughts, you can then start working on replacing them with more kindness and positive affirmations. But it is important to have realistic expectations. It is important to start at the beginning and take small steps. Do not expect to be all sunny disposition tomorrow if you have depression today. It is not realistic. And becoming more mindful of your hurtful thoughts is an important first step of the process to becoming more positive about life and yourself.