So this is Christmas…

This month is getting away from me! I have been writing but not publishing.. I will do so though across the next three days and have some great posts to share!

For now though, I am enjoying the fact that I have not only purchased all of my Christmas presents {have had my families since 3rd December} but also my work Secret Santa gift {purchased it all online so that I didn’t have to go back to the shops}… for me the fun is in giving.

I actually love wrapping gifts and making them look beautiful with fancy paper, ribbons and sparkles. I like seeing faces light up when they get their gift and the wonder of what could be inside.

This year for myself I am less about THINGS. I’m about practicality and not clutter {especially as I’ve been doing a big overhaul of belongings in the last few months}… but I did just buy myself a tiny Christmas present – a gift for staying strong through the year and something that will add some glimmer in the next.


This ring cost me $8 at a stall at Maitland Markets on the weekend.. a perfect statement piece to dress up a casual outfit or add sparkle to a Glam look.

Treat yourself and your loved ones this year and have a fabulous lead up to Christmas

Sarah x o

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