Project 2014 in a Jar {Happiness, Positivity & Thankfulness}

Sparkle - pic from

Sparkle – pic from

Hope and positivity have always been important to me… it is not always an easy thing to maintain. 2013 was a year of extremes for me, there were exhilarating highs and devastating lows. Due to these lows I struggled with my anxiety and depression in different ways to previous years. Sometimes I found it really hard to reach out to others and I spent the majority of the year feeling alone, lost and sad. Despite this I tried incredibly hard to push myself if a new experience or joyful moment presented itself. What these experiences showed me, is that life can be pretty wonderful, even in the smallest and most fleeting of moments. They should and need to be celebrated.

This brings me to For the Style Seeking Girl’s 2014 project, “For the Positive Seeking Girl” a way to keep focused on the positive aspects of life including silver linings and unexpected inspiring moments. Each day I choose 3 positives from my day then upload to Instagram and Twitter with #forthepositiveseekinggirl and #threepositivesdaily, each month I will do a summary post on the blog. I am also uploading a ‘Quote of the Day’ to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. With this project you can look forward to more positive and happy searching posts. I am hoping that people will join in – whether for one day, everyday or random days every now and then.


Part two of the project is something I am very excited about! I came across the idea on Pinterest, you take a jar and decorate it {label, stickers, glitter, ribbons}.

Then for the whole of 2014, every time something happens that is good, fun, inspiring, positive or makes you smile, laugh or cry with joy, goals that you achieve, wishes that come true – write in down on a piece of paper and put it into the jar. What you end up with is a full jar of amazing experiences and moments from a full year, from big moments to the small things. There is no limit to how much or many you write. I am going to write mine on different coloured pieces of paper to make it more fun… The idea is to read them at the end of the year, but I also think when I am having difficult days I will read a couple to give inspiration. I am calling my jar ‘2014’s Sparkle’

Here is my jar:

my jar

For further memory, positive or happy jar inspirations look to Harvard Homemaker, Jaden from Steamy Kitchen or Rebecca Kelsey – don’t forget Pinterest is great for inspiration pictures and ideas too! {I just searched positivity jar}

gg jar2 jar3

What do you think of this idea? Are you doing this or something similar? Let me know if you are joining me for a brighter, more positive 2014!

Happy {early} New Year, Sarah Xo

Shop Til You Drop + Then Some..

Many Australian magazines have folded this year, the internet surge + smart phone trend have definitely changed the way magazines are used by most readers, especially women. Been able to search not just ‘Google’ but also specialty websites, brand/label/company sites as well as blogs and online versions of publications has meant that I stopped buying magazines.

By looking up information online, the content I needed was right at my finger tips. I could access new trends or stories in an instant, instead of waiting a whole month for the next magazine to come out. I still wished for a magazine that would do something new – with not the usual suspects for covergirls. I wanted something fresh, unique, little bit left of centre + something inspiring. Enter Shop Til You Drop … I know this magazine has been around for numerous years but they have recently changed the format and since October have released a new edition each fortnight.

This is the first Australian magazine to make this move, I think it is great – the challenge is to keep content fresh, new and vibrant. There is no room for ‘filler’ content and it enables the magazine to stay with the most current fashion as well as take inspiration from events and online bloggers. The covergirls haven’t been oh-so-typical either, think Alexa Chung {so unique in style}, Olivia Palermo {one of the most stylish women on the planet – her style is classic, feminine + fresh} and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley {a model with approachable style taking the world by storm}.

There is also recognition of the surge in online shopping, throughout the magazine there are icons for content that can be further viewed online as well as the cost of items, sizes available and where to buy from. They also have sections where you can ‘shop the shoot’ as well as their very own e-boutique. Buying these editions each fortnight has become a guilty pleasure of mine! Read Alexandra Carlton’s {editor} brief on the change here … did I mention it costs less than $6? This means you can grab a caramel latte and the mag for $10 and have some much deserved YOU time!

Image from

Image from

Have you picked up a copy of the refreshed magazine? What are your thoughts? I am excited to get the next issue – although I am still reading the latest one…
Kooklah Xo

Beautiful Blake…

Picture - Unreality Mag

Picture – Unreality Mag

I admit, I am a long time admirer of Blake Lively. Long before she was pouting and stalking Manhattan as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, I loved her as the sunny Bee in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. It is not often a character can jump from your much-loved fiction novel to the tv screen and remain intact. For me, Blake was exactly how I had imagined Bee – so naturally the fascination stemmed from there.

I enjoy that Blake has this mysterious side of her, rarely commenting or making a show about her private life, an amazing wardrobe and the winning smile to pull off anything. “Girl Crush” material {I will admit}

She styles herself for most events and picks up tips from makeup artists she works with – relaxed, cool and down to earth.

Not only is she Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, she is also Chanel’s handbag ambassador, the face of Gucci’s ‘Premiere’ perfume and now announced as the latest ambassador for L’Oreal.

Pic from

Pic from

I think it is a great match – she has the perfect mix of class, elegance, charm, sexiness and a cute girl-next-door quality which makes her so much more approachable and relateable than most celebrities. For more about the partnership click here 

Does anyone else openly admit to a girl crush? Blake is just one of mine.. Have you purchased a product or tried a brand purely because of the celebrity endorsing it {and if so who/what!?}

Kooklah xo


Seeking Positivity, Happiness and Gratitude…

For the Style Seeking Girl celebrates beauty, fashion and styling… but with emphasis on promoting confidence, self worth and individuality. As Audrey famously said, happy girls are the prettiest.

Audrey Believes In

I have been pretty open about my struggles with anxiety and depression, I have faced many challenges and have overcome a lot of them. I am still working through more – but life will always throw challenges our way. For two years I have been inspired by an idea my psychologist gave me – each day think of three positives, little or big, simple or complicated and use them as a reminder that even the darkest days can have a glimmer of hope. I write these down each day and they are so much fun to look back on. Over the last few years I have created lists of items to achieve (some silly and many serious) and have had so much fun ticking them off. These are separate to a bucket list, a friend of mine told me that she loved them as ‘they are a commitment to loving life’

So For the Style Seeking Girl is taking positivity and marching in. YOU the reader, can look forward to posts under the sub section of ‘For the Positive Seeking Girl’. There will be real life accounts, guest posts, happiness guides, how-to self care, recognising three positives for each day and inspiring moments. I look forward to injecting some positive, happy and life loving posts into this blog and hope you enjoy it too.

I will expand on this idea in a future post, but there are two hashtags to use if you want to join in. If there is a moment you want to share that has given you peace, joy, happiness, laughter or love – something positive or something that you are thankful for, use the tag #forthepositiveseekinggirl … I will be aiming to share my three positives each day on instagram and twitter {I will try and find different ones for each day, and occasionally different ways to share them}, anyone is welcome to join, if you are doing it please use the #forthepositiveseekinggirl AND #threepositivesdaily …. I encourage you to not overlook the small things.

Drop me a comment if you are joining and I will look out for your posts…

Styling positive,

Sarah / Kooklah Xo

The “Look at Me” Culture’s Statement Piece.

I have been working on this post on and off for months. I guess I previously have not published it because I wanted to talk to more people about this trend and find out what they thought.

Clear. Perspex. Clutches. The “Look at Me” culture finds and flaunts it’s very own statement piece… Oh My.

When I first heard about this trend in April I honestly thought someone was having me on.. why would you want everyone to see what was in your clutch? But I guess that is the point.


Nope. I still don’t get it, what about the emergency things we often keep in there? Tampons or panty-liners, breath mints or deodorant? Just display? Or like me do you have as much “touch up” makeup as you can fit in (plus phone, keys, money and I.D)? This way I guess at any night out, party or wedding it will be easy to see who is the one to take bathroom breaks with.

I understand for some people it unravels the allusive mystery of just what is inside + allows us to see the brands and amazing belongings someone might have.  Good for jealousy, gossip and need I state the totally obvious? Stealing! I have noticed many celebs holding their perspex clutch with another smaller one inside of it. A box or bag for your clutch, brilliant! I have one of them at home, that I store it in..


Another bonus? If it rains your items will stay dry… but to be honest even in torrential downpour my clutch is the last thing to get soaked.

This trend has been spotted on celebs like Dita Von Teese, Olivia Palmero and Sienna Miller.

90% of the women surveyed had not heard of these clutches and could not understand the appeal. 100% of the women surveyed stated they did not own one and 95% did not want one {5% of these stated that they actually would try one of these clutches if it had a rich pigment colour, was patterned or had texture … and was therefore not so transparent}

The clear ones bring to mind the plastic baggies used to store liquids on long haul flights. While I can’t get my head around the completely clear ones, I would consider one that was heavily coloured or textured.. as long as you couldn’t see everything inside. {Will admit the golden one below is Fab!}


Has anyone tried this trend? What do you think? Will you be adding it to your wardrobe?

Kooklah Xo

So this is Christmas…

This month is getting away from me! I have been writing but not publishing.. I will do so though across the next three days and have some great posts to share!

For now though, I am enjoying the fact that I have not only purchased all of my Christmas presents {have had my families since 3rd December} but also my work Secret Santa gift {purchased it all online so that I didn’t have to go back to the shops}… for me the fun is in giving.

I actually love wrapping gifts and making them look beautiful with fancy paper, ribbons and sparkles. I like seeing faces light up when they get their gift and the wonder of what could be inside.

This year for myself I am less about THINGS. I’m about practicality and not clutter {especially as I’ve been doing a big overhaul of belongings in the last few months}… but I did just buy myself a tiny Christmas present – a gift for staying strong through the year and something that will add some glimmer in the next.


This ring cost me $8 at a stall at Maitland Markets on the weekend.. a perfect statement piece to dress up a casual outfit or add sparkle to a Glam look.

Treat yourself and your loved ones this year and have a fabulous lead up to Christmas

Sarah x o

December’s Arrived..

So here we are. Suddenly it is December. Where did that year go?

I honestly feel that overall the year has flown. As I sit down to write this post I look back to what was happening in my life at this time last year.. family birthdays, my own birthday + big celebratory dinner with 25 friends, drunken nights with friends I grew up with – creating memories AND writing our bucket lists then a cocktail party for New Years Eve.

Those memories seem so close but yet so far away. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this year. I ticked off many bucket list items including going skydiving, I’ve made new friends but have lost touch with some old ones, I’ve loved and definitely lost, my gorgeous Nanna passed away and I fed the travel bug a little more.

For me the biggest thing to come out of this year is that I have recognised I AM strong + capable. I struggle some days and rock through others but the point is I keep going. I learnt this year that the opinion about you that matters most, is yours


How do I see myself? I see myself as someone who doesn’t have it all together but is trying to. Someone who feels a myriad of emotions regularly, who is passionate for what she believes in, has a voice, is loyal + protective and wants to explore + share as many experiences as possible.

Life is what you make it..

Today is a difficult day for a few reasons and I can’t hide for that. I am happy December is here – there’s my birthday, christmas and the promise of a new year + some foxy fun with the Instagram crew {more on that on my next post!}… after much coercing from my friend A, I have decided to celebrate my birthday – which is in three days and I’m actually so excited!

What does this month bring for you? What has been a high or a low for this year? What did this year teach you?

Sarah x