Falling for Fragrance

I enjoy things that smell nice… whether lighting a candle {preferably vanilla, pear, lime or raspberry} or spraying some perfume – it is lovely to enjoy a beautiful scent. My ideal scent is not overpowering, it is not something that makes you gasp or feel like you are suffocating or something that smells fake. Many heavy, floral perfumes make me feel like I can’t breathe – and that’s just spraying them on the sample stick at a store.

Things to consider when fragrance searching

  • Have a quick think about what scents you like – whether in food, nature or elsewhere
  • Be mindful of any that play on allergies or make your eyes water – these scents will be too strong!
  • Consider opinions offered by family and friends, but don’t accept theirs over your own. Different fragrances will have slightly different smells or effects for different people. Plus what suits one may not suit another!
  • Don’t be afraid to sample a celebrity line – there are some amazing ones out there
  • Consider what you want the perfume for – everyday, special occasions, to make you feel sexy or seasonal – are all valid reasons! {I have a couple different perfumes for different reasons, but more on that later}
  • Spray the perfume first on a sample stick. You’ll get a first impression as the scent releases from the bottle and can keep smelling the stick – I do this because you may run out of patches of skin to spray on or become overwhelmed by the scents and then forget which is which.
  • DO use the coffee beans on offer to refresh your senses between sprays, this will help to make sure you choose what you love
  • Perfumes have three components called notes {top, middle, base} that release at different stages and different underlying scents are released.

The Top Note – the scents you smell as soon as you spray, they last a few minuites.

The Middle Note – a scent that begins just as the top scents are fading, known as the main component of a perfume {help senses become accustomed to the base instead of overpowered by the last note}.

The Base Note – this note starts as the middle is fading, it has a deeper scent ensuring longevity of your fragrance.

  • Due to the different notes I think it is worth choosing between 1-3 perfumes you have liked from the samples, spray them on different parts of your body (such as a different one on each wrist and one in an elbow crook) and walk around for awhile to determine how you feel about it. Within half an hour your middle notes will have presented and the bases will start to shine through. The perfume(s) you love at this point is the one to buy!
  • If unsure still either leave and return another day or try a perfume for a short period of time, look for available samples {some stores will give them out} or small bottles like 50mls – if you don’t like it you won’t have wasted a large fortune.

What I look for in a perfume

  • fresh, light, musky, vanilla or fruity type scents. I will buy floral influenced fragrance if it is paired with wooden, musk or vanilla scents as these compliment in combination without a stifling floral take over.
  • scents that linger, so I am aware I have it on but it doesn’t overpower
  • something detectable to others – even hours after application {nothing will last forever, but the perfumes I use I can apply in the morning and evening and still get compliments all day}
  • a beautiful bottle – as I normally have my perfume displayed on a shelf
  • a perfume that makes me feel feminine, confident and happy

Although perfumes are a very individual thing, I have outlined below my personal top 3 and why I like them. Others may try them and dislike them, that is fine but if you are stuck and like the sound of one – go give yourself a spritz at a store and see what you think… For great tips on how to make your fragrance last longer click here.

For the Style Seeking Girl’s Three Favourite Fragrances

Picture from fragantica.com

Picture from fragantica.com

  1. ‘Lovely’ by Sarah Jessica Parker – I use this beautiful fragrance as my signature scent, and have done so for the better part of three years. It has a scent that lingers without been overwhelming on applying, I often get asked what perfume I am wearing long after I can smell it. SJP was actively involved as creative director {she smelt elements, determined if they would be added and tested samples alongside her team – this is why I don’t disregard all celebrity fragrance lines}. It’s a very classic scent, that I can see myself using through all life stages. There are floral, citrus scents balanced out with woody, musk scents, the combination of these is why {I think} it has such a wide general appeal. Many of my friends have begun using this, and I often recieve it as a gift – which I love because it is something gorgeous, that I use and don’t have to buy myself. A very feminine fragrance that I love incorporating into my everyday routine.
  2. ‘Omnia Amethyste’ by Bvlgari – I first tried this fragrance when it was gifted by my friend Lee. It’s not often that someone can successfully by a new perfume for someone else but Lee and I have similar taste in perfumes and have shopped for them together before – so it made sense that I loved this one. I love everything about it, from the pretty and interesting design, the colour and of course the scents. Again this one has floral accents {iris and rose} but is balanced out with pink grapefruit and solar wood. I would describe this as light, fresh and elegant. It also lasts a very long time, 1-2 sprays will linger all day/evening which makes it worth it’s cost to me.


Picture from poshonabudget.com
Picture from poshonabudget.com


    3. ‘Nicole’ by Nicole Richie – I have only started using this fragrance recently but I love it. I purchased it in Melbourne last month and recieve compliments everytime I wear it. For me this is a very spring/summer scent and I will most likely wear it on nights out or days where I need a boost. The bottle is a vintage/art deco piece of amazing goodness! I love it almost as much as what it holds. The fragrance is multi-faceted with sandal and cashmere woods, lily, rose, vanilla, orange and blackberry scents {plus a few more} – the result is a fragrance that is beautiful to smell and has a fun, feminine, flirty feeling to it. It instantly made me think about summers spent away with long, fun-filled, hot, salty aired nights with friends – I was intrigued to find out that Nicole created this with her own childhood memories in mind. An early call – but this is my summer find!

Picture from fragrantica.com

Picture from fragrantica.com

I would love to hear your thoughts, what are your favourite scents that you look for in a perfume? Do you have your own signature perfume? Have you tried any of these three, if so what are your thoughts? Would you try a celebrity line?

Scent away style lovers,

Kooklah xo


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