Happily Ever …. When?

I always maintain to friends, family, whoever – that I don’t ‘need’ someone to make me happy. I have a pretty good life all things considered. There have been ups and downs, struggles, many celebrations and heartache. But so many blessings.

I think the thing for me is that I don’t feel like I so much ‘need’ someone but I am starting to realise that I might just want someone.. To have someone that I can share life with, take new adventures with and someone to experience the simple, silly or complicated and amazing aspects of life with. I’m ready for that, and I am not closing myself off as much as I used to..

But it doesn’t just happen like that, for most people anyway outside of the realm of Hollywood. In the movies – romantic comedies – the guy and girl usually end up together, I think this is to provide the audience with a happy story, some hope and to continue to hold on to that belief that true love exists. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting here writing this to end up telling you that I don’t believe in true love, because I do, I have seen it and I grew up in a household where my parents were {and still are} completely in love and committed to one another. I just think sometimes, give us single girls a break – I am actually refreshed with a movie where they don’t end up together or you are at least made to think, until the very last second that maybe, it might just not work out. My absolute favourite movie is ‘A lot like Love’, if you haven’t seen it – go rent it and watch it. I don’t want to ruin the ending for anyone but the tagline is ‘sometimes it takes six years to fall in love at first sight’. It isn’t your overly predictable you-know-what-will-happen-in-five-minutes movie and it has a lot of heart.

Just once, and maybe for my own amusement, I don’t want the happy ending – show me the girl upset and downing a bucket of ice cream or having a drunken cry with a friend as the camera pans out and credits roll… the thing is, that it is not always so easy to find someone who you are comfortable, compatible and spark with. I know, I know ‘things find you when you aren’t looking for it’ …  So I guess for now I am meant to stop looking..                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I don’t know how many times though I have been at an event where the questions come thick and fast … for any single girl these questions would come to mind pretty quickly – the why are you single, don’t you want a boyfriend, how many of your friends are married? These little questions, which may be asked without malice, plant little seeds of doubt. Creating little dints in the armour we wear. I know I am not alone, many of my single friends have shared the same sentiment..

So you put yourself out there, and then the guy isn’t interested which is fine, I’m not always either! Or you start talking and all of a sudden the contact stops, you have no answers, you can’t pin point anything that you ‘have done wrong’, and then your own questions roll in. If the contact stops my friend Lee and I decided that the girl should reach out once, maybe twice and then if no response – get that phone, delete the messages and don’t look back. One thing I have decided lately, is that there is NO reason why it has to be your fault, if you honestly have no idea, I want you to remember this “I am FABULOUS,” smile, make sure your invisible crown is on and hold your head high. You don’t need someone who acts like you are just an option.


As for me I am just going to keep an open mind and take a chance on the opportunities that come my way. Happily Ever After? I think that is up to me to define.. Been content with who I am, the things that I have achieved and having amazing experiences with the friends and family I love most sounds pretty happy to me. Anything else is just a bonus.



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