Love is Love..


I am a long time supporter of gay rights and marriage equality. I can’t stand discrimination of any kind and for the past few years have become more vocal and motivated in my support for Gay Rights. I have sent letters, supported causes and a rainbow parade.

I am not going to delve into all of my beliefs and opinions on this issue and I’m not asking you to think the same as I do but I just want to ask you one question… why does one couple’s love rank higher than another? Love is love, and in a world full of hate and fear I think it deserves to be celebrated.

Today, in NSW Australia, there is a vote in parliament on same-sex marriage … one other territory in Australia has voted FOR this {just waiting on bill to pass} and it would be fantastic for NSW to say yes! Fingers crossed..

Added: the decision today was a NO vote, 21-19. Disappointing, but not the end. Women received the right to vote and we have interracial couples now, both things that were heavily opposed and protested against in the past. Marriage Equality will happen.

“Love is life and if you miss love. You miss life..”



2 thoughts on “Love is Love..

  1. When they were doing articles in the paper on the first gay marriages taking place in NJ I remember looking at the couplesin the photos, grinning ear to ear and thinking, why would you want to deny anyone that kind of happiness? Just doesn’t make sense…

    • Yeah that’s exactly what I think.. people don’t have to personally love it but I don’t think someone should be denied the option of having their relationship recognised legally and celebrated with family and friends. One of the main arguments is religion but church and state are meant to be separate, and as it is now a minister/church has the right to refuse to marry a couple. I’m not sure about in the US but there is growing support from some ministers & priests for it. Thanks for your comment Angela x

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