Falling for Fragrance

I enjoy things that smell nice… whether lighting a candle {preferably vanilla, pear, lime or raspberry} or spraying some perfume – it is lovely to enjoy a beautiful scent. My ideal scent is not overpowering, it is not something that makes you gasp or feel like you are suffocating or something that smells fake. Many heavy, floral perfumes make me feel like I can’t breathe – and that’s just spraying them on the sample stick at a store.

Things to consider when fragrance searching

  • Have a quick think about what scents you like – whether in food, nature or elsewhere
  • Be mindful of any that play on allergies or make your eyes water – these scents will be too strong!
  • Consider opinions offered by family and friends, but don’t accept theirs over your own. Different fragrances will have slightly different smells or effects for different people. Plus what suits one may not suit another!
  • Don’t be afraid to sample a celebrity line – there are some amazing ones out there
  • Consider what you want the perfume for – everyday, special occasions, to make you feel sexy or seasonal – are all valid reasons! {I have a couple different perfumes for different reasons, but more on that later}
  • Spray the perfume first on a sample stick. You’ll get a first impression as the scent releases from the bottle and can keep smelling the stick – I do this because you may run out of patches of skin to spray on or become overwhelmed by the scents and then forget which is which.
  • DO use the coffee beans on offer to refresh your senses between sprays, this will help to make sure you choose what you love
  • Perfumes have three components called notes {top, middle, base} that release at different stages and different underlying scents are released.

The Top Note – the scents you smell as soon as you spray, they last a few minuites.

The Middle Note – a scent that begins just as the top scents are fading, known as the main component of a perfume {help senses become accustomed to the base instead of overpowered by the last note}.

The Base Note – this note starts as the middle is fading, it has a deeper scent ensuring longevity of your fragrance.

  • Due to the different notes I think it is worth choosing between 1-3 perfumes you have liked from the samples, spray them on different parts of your body (such as a different one on each wrist and one in an elbow crook) and walk around for awhile to determine how you feel about it. Within half an hour your middle notes will have presented and the bases will start to shine through. The perfume(s) you love at this point is the one to buy!
  • If unsure still either leave and return another day or try a perfume for a short period of time, look for available samples {some stores will give them out} or small bottles like 50mls – if you don’t like it you won’t have wasted a large fortune.

What I look for in a perfume

  • fresh, light, musky, vanilla or fruity type scents. I will buy floral influenced fragrance if it is paired with wooden, musk or vanilla scents as these compliment in combination without a stifling floral take over.
  • scents that linger, so I am aware I have it on but it doesn’t overpower
  • something detectable to others – even hours after application {nothing will last forever, but the perfumes I use I can apply in the morning and evening and still get compliments all day}
  • a beautiful bottle – as I normally have my perfume displayed on a shelf
  • a perfume that makes me feel feminine, confident and happy

Although perfumes are a very individual thing, I have outlined below my personal top 3 and why I like them. Others may try them and dislike them, that is fine but if you are stuck and like the sound of one – go give yourself a spritz at a store and see what you think… For great tips on how to make your fragrance last longer click here.

For the Style Seeking Girl’s Three Favourite Fragrances

Picture from fragantica.com

Picture from fragantica.com

  1. ‘Lovely’ by Sarah Jessica Parker – I use this beautiful fragrance as my signature scent, and have done so for the better part of three years. It has a scent that lingers without been overwhelming on applying, I often get asked what perfume I am wearing long after I can smell it. SJP was actively involved as creative director {she smelt elements, determined if they would be added and tested samples alongside her team – this is why I don’t disregard all celebrity fragrance lines}. It’s a very classic scent, that I can see myself using through all life stages. There are floral, citrus scents balanced out with woody, musk scents, the combination of these is why {I think} it has such a wide general appeal. Many of my friends have begun using this, and I often recieve it as a gift – which I love because it is something gorgeous, that I use and don’t have to buy myself. A very feminine fragrance that I love incorporating into my everyday routine.
  2. ‘Omnia Amethyste’ by Bvlgari – I first tried this fragrance when it was gifted by my friend Lee. It’s not often that someone can successfully by a new perfume for someone else but Lee and I have similar taste in perfumes and have shopped for them together before – so it made sense that I loved this one. I love everything about it, from the pretty and interesting design, the colour and of course the scents. Again this one has floral accents {iris and rose} but is balanced out with pink grapefruit and solar wood. I would describe this as light, fresh and elegant. It also lasts a very long time, 1-2 sprays will linger all day/evening which makes it worth it’s cost to me.


Picture from poshonabudget.com
Picture from poshonabudget.com


    3. ‘Nicole’ by Nicole Richie – I have only started using this fragrance recently but I love it. I purchased it in Melbourne last month and recieve compliments everytime I wear it. For me this is a very spring/summer scent and I will most likely wear it on nights out or days where I need a boost. The bottle is a vintage/art deco piece of amazing goodness! I love it almost as much as what it holds. The fragrance is multi-faceted with sandal and cashmere woods, lily, rose, vanilla, orange and blackberry scents {plus a few more} – the result is a fragrance that is beautiful to smell and has a fun, feminine, flirty feeling to it. It instantly made me think about summers spent away with long, fun-filled, hot, salty aired nights with friends – I was intrigued to find out that Nicole created this with her own childhood memories in mind. An early call – but this is my summer find!

Picture from fragrantica.com

Picture from fragrantica.com

I would love to hear your thoughts, what are your favourite scents that you look for in a perfume? Do you have your own signature perfume? Have you tried any of these three, if so what are your thoughts? Would you try a celebrity line?

Scent away style lovers,

Kooklah xo

Happily Ever …. When?

I always maintain to friends, family, whoever – that I don’t ‘need’ someone to make me happy. I have a pretty good life all things considered. There have been ups and downs, struggles, many celebrations and heartache. But so many blessings.

I think the thing for me is that I don’t feel like I so much ‘need’ someone but I am starting to realise that I might just want someone.. To have someone that I can share life with, take new adventures with and someone to experience the simple, silly or complicated and amazing aspects of life with. I’m ready for that, and I am not closing myself off as much as I used to..

But it doesn’t just happen like that, for most people anyway outside of the realm of Hollywood. In the movies – romantic comedies – the guy and girl usually end up together, I think this is to provide the audience with a happy story, some hope and to continue to hold on to that belief that true love exists. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting here writing this to end up telling you that I don’t believe in true love, because I do, I have seen it and I grew up in a household where my parents were {and still are} completely in love and committed to one another. I just think sometimes, give us single girls a break – I am actually refreshed with a movie where they don’t end up together or you are at least made to think, until the very last second that maybe, it might just not work out. My absolute favourite movie is ‘A lot like Love’, if you haven’t seen it – go rent it and watch it. I don’t want to ruin the ending for anyone but the tagline is ‘sometimes it takes six years to fall in love at first sight’. It isn’t your overly predictable you-know-what-will-happen-in-five-minutes movie and it has a lot of heart.

Just once, and maybe for my own amusement, I don’t want the happy ending – show me the girl upset and downing a bucket of ice cream or having a drunken cry with a friend as the camera pans out and credits roll… the thing is, that it is not always so easy to find someone who you are comfortable, compatible and spark with. I know, I know ‘things find you when you aren’t looking for it’ …  So I guess for now I am meant to stop looking..                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I don’t know how many times though I have been at an event where the questions come thick and fast … for any single girl these questions would come to mind pretty quickly – the why are you single, don’t you want a boyfriend, how many of your friends are married? These little questions, which may be asked without malice, plant little seeds of doubt. Creating little dints in the armour we wear. I know I am not alone, many of my single friends have shared the same sentiment..

So you put yourself out there, and then the guy isn’t interested which is fine, I’m not always either! Or you start talking and all of a sudden the contact stops, you have no answers, you can’t pin point anything that you ‘have done wrong’, and then your own questions roll in. If the contact stops my friend Lee and I decided that the girl should reach out once, maybe twice and then if no response – get that phone, delete the messages and don’t look back. One thing I have decided lately, is that there is NO reason why it has to be your fault, if you honestly have no idea, I want you to remember this “I am FABULOUS,” smile, make sure your invisible crown is on and hold your head high. You don’t need someone who acts like you are just an option.


As for me I am just going to keep an open mind and take a chance on the opportunities that come my way. Happily Ever After? I think that is up to me to define.. Been content with who I am, the things that I have achieved and having amazing experiences with the friends and family I love most sounds pretty happy to me. Anything else is just a bonus.


Fictional Character Styles I Love..

I know I’m not alone when I admit that often when watching a show or movie I am caught up in the style of the fictional characters. I love that they are often outrageous or a little larger than life, because well – they can be. Below I have five looks from different characters that I love and why…

Carrie Bradshaw in Oscar De La Renta

I absolutely love the gorgeous pink, extravagant cocktail dress Carrie was gifted from the Russian. Out of any of her outfits, this is the one I would most want to wear. I love the colour, design and shape of it. It is very elegant and feminine with a beautiful voluminous look.

Oscar De La Renta (Spring, 2004) Pic from Zimbo

Oscar De La Renta (Spring, 2004)
Pic from Zimbo

Holly Golightly’s Black Hat

There is barely a costume from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ worn by Audrey Hepburn that I do not like. The one piece that comes to mind every single time {and is the piece I would most like to have an excuse to wear} is the sensational large black hat with the pale pink sash. I wish we’d wear hat likes that for things now. Elegance at it’s finest, large but understated. Perfect pairing to the famous LBD.

Elegant Perfection

Elegant Perfection

Serena van der Woodsen’s ‘White Party’ dress

At a Hampton’s party where everyone had to wear white, Serena showed up in a gorgeous Grecian style dress {also designed by Oscar De La Renta} with an amazing up-do that included a sparkly gold hair sash. I have always wanted to re-create this look someday.. Classic, feminine and sexy.


Oscar De La Renta gown {spring, 2008}. Pic – theskinnystiletto


Grecian, embellished hair.

Loreali Gilmore’s Whimsy

I loved Loreali’s dress sense, there was often some fantasy or whimsical aspect to her outfits, she often theme dressed and wore funny captioned shirts. Her fashion was fun – with bright colours, interesting shapes and fabrics with embellishment.

Love this Irish shirt! pic- coolio

Love this Irish shirt!
pic- coolio

(When I went to Ireland I found a shirt that says “Kiss me, I’m Irish” – not the same I know but it reminded me of this shirt so I picked it up for some Loreali fun)

Understated Floral Crown for a Renaissance wedding

Floral Crown-Renaissance wedding

Christmas jumpers.. LOVE!

Christmas jumpers.. LOVE!
Pic – A Touch of French

Double Tiered Headbands – Brooke Davis-Baker

These headbands work best with a bun or up-do (either simple or detailed) and help to add dimension to the hairdo. I think the pearl/beaded one that is part of Brooke’s wedding look is gorgeous and a different look option compared to tiaras or embellished clips/combs.


Pearl-like bead bands
Pic- non-optional.blogspot


Double bands in your hair colour keeps the ‘do simple whilst adding dimension and definition
Pic – sophiabushonline.org

Of course, I could keep adding other looks, but these are the five that came to mind. What do you think of these looks I have shared? I’d love to hear what looks you loved or hated, or even ones from other fictional characters that you love. I am already thinking of possibilities for next time!

Mwah! Kooklah xo

Love is Love..


I am a long time supporter of gay rights and marriage equality. I can’t stand discrimination of any kind and for the past few years have become more vocal and motivated in my support for Gay Rights. I have sent letters, supported causes and a rainbow parade.

I am not going to delve into all of my beliefs and opinions on this issue and I’m not asking you to think the same as I do but I just want to ask you one question… why does one couple’s love rank higher than another? Love is love, and in a world full of hate and fear I think it deserves to be celebrated.

Today, in NSW Australia, there is a vote in parliament on same-sex marriage … one other territory in Australia has voted FOR this {just waiting on bill to pass} and it would be fantastic for NSW to say yes! Fingers crossed..

Added: the decision today was a NO vote, 21-19. Disappointing, but not the end. Women received the right to vote and we have interracial couples now, both things that were heavily opposed and protested against in the past. Marriage Equality will happen.

“Love is life and if you miss love. You miss life..”


Sparkles for the Style Seeking Girl


I have had this picture for longer than I remember {I’m not even sure where I got it from – if it’s yours let me know & I’ll credit you} but it makes me happy..

I just love the sequins, sparkles, glimmer with the gorgeous combo of gold and pink!

I’ll be regularly posting Sparkles for the Style Seeking Girl … it’s an element I like to add to most looks, whether in fashion or beauty, especially juxtaposing edgy or masculine inspired styles. It can be added so easily via simple items, accessories or makeup and puts a bigger smile on my face.

Sparkle on, Kooklah xo

Ashloc Designs & For the Style Seeking Girl GIVEAWAY!

This giveaway has been running for awhile now. It actually ends tonight. At midnight – so there is still time to enter! It only takes a few minutes, and I am about to tell you how… just wanted to let you know that straight up.

On the wonderful Instagram (so obsessed with it, that it is not even funny) I came across Kylie from Ashloc Designs – she hand makes these fabulously gorgeous pieces of jewellery that are fresh, fun and unique. Each piece has something special – some sparkle, feminine flair or colour combinations that make you smile. I really recommend clicking through to the site to have a look!

Kylie was kind enough to give me the ‘Lust Bubble’ necklace – I love it, it was the perfect necklace for me. Has some edge, sparkle and girly-ness about it.

Lust Bubble

Lust Bubble

In talking with Kylie we decided to hold a giveaway. There was a new design that needed a name. W decided that the competition would be primarily Instagram based. The idea is, to repost the photo and in the caption include what you would call the design, as well as the three hashtags included in the photo and follow us on Instagram (@ashlocdesigns + @saregiak).


Some of the entries have been amazing! A lot of summer fun type entries, which does suit the colours here. I cannot wait to go through the entries together and announce the winner. All it takes is a few minutes to repost the photo, you not only name this design, but you get one of your very own too. Goodluck! Look to the Ashloc Designs Facebook Page for more..

You can also find For the Style Seeking Girl on Facebook too.

Kooklah x o

7 Day Lipstick Dare – Challenge Accepted

It is the colour of Dorothy’s shimmering shoes, Ariel’s hair and the one that makes for a high impact outfit on most brunettes … that’s right, the colour is red.

{seriously if you have dark hair and DON’T have a statement piece of clothing in red – go get one. It is a must for days when you can’t decide what to put on or want some wow factor}

Anyway I am getting off track. Foxy-lady, style dare extraordinaire Andrea from Fox in Flats announced last week that this week her Style Dares were starting up again and it is been kicked off with a bang! The Red Lipstick Dare is a dare to wear red lipstick every day, for one week. I love these kind of dares as it forces you out of your comfort zones and in this case, takes something that many women would consider an evening or formal occasion look to the brightness of day. I have taken part in Andrea’s month long dares previously and attempted a 7 day hair one but I had never taken the red lips dare. The past year or so I have been loving red lipstick and have worn it often – so I jumped at this dare. Click the link above for more information on the dare + A’s great tips at making red lips last!

redlipstick dareI am house-sitting currently and was surprised to find that I had many of my red products, a couple I had purchased recently to try and one had arrived in a prize pack I won. I am without my trusty Smashbox red lippie, but I have enough for 7 days – different product each day. The main brands I am using are Savvy, Ultra3, Models Prefer and Bite Beauty.

red lipsticksWhat I love about red lipstick is the confidence it can bring you. I also love that there is a shade for anyone – from the lightest of corals to the dark plums and mahogany. You can rock the look as sweet flower child, rock chick, glamour queen, edgy punk. Something for everyone – it shines with attitude, spunk, and is so womanly. Two lips never looked so good 😉

I have been sick, and despite not feeling like going out and been told by my GP to do nothing but rest, drink fluids and watch movies I have stayed determined to complete this dare. So I have. No makeup, hair unwashed and red lips and it has lifted my spirits definitely… as Elizabeth Taylor famously stated, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together…” well Liz I’ve tried, water or Mum’s cure all lemon-honey-vinegar drink in hand, red lips and a blanket on the lounge.

red day oneA touch of Snow White look here at the GP (used Savvy lipgloss ‘Cinderella’ for light berry base + high pigment pencil lipstick ‘pomegranate’ from Bite Beauty on top)

red day twoRed lips watching chick flicks… (Laura Mercier lip liner + Savvy ‘mahogany’ lipstick with a Sephora shimmer gloss in ‘night out’)

red day threeRed lips and my Mum’s home remedy cure all (lipstick is Ultra3 – Cherry Wine)

Three days down, four to go! Hopefully I can kick this sick business to the curb and actually take some good pictures where I am not trying to hide my face! It is good to know though, that even in my pjs, red lips still feels Glam!

Also, it is not too late to join. You don’t have to complete the same 7 days as me – you can start the 7 Day Red Lipstick Dare at any time, to complete it you just need to have red lips for a week straight.. I’d love to hear if you are playing along so I can look out for your pics or posts! All you have to do is upload your shots and use the #redlipstickdarefoxinflats on instagram or twitter.

Mwah! Kooklah Xo

WordPress Welcomes For the Style Seeking Girl


I am so excited to be writing the first post to be published directly to WordPress. I have moved from another site and am excited to bring For the Style Seeking Girl to new readers {as well as hoping my old readers come with me}. I felt like a change, something fresh and new with some of the old but a whole BANG of new! My ‘little blog that could’ has been going for a couple of years now, and I have enjoyed the interaction that blogging can bring.

I am looking forward to bringing you my thoughts and opinions on new trends, great styling ideas, how tos, product reviews as well as more lifestyle posts. I love to read comments from others and create discussion – so please don’t hesitate to comment or contact. Especially if there is something you would like a post on.

You can find me on Instagram & Twitter {see the sidebar} as well as liking the For the Style Seeking Girl’s Facebook {http://facebook.com/forthestyleseekinggirl}

So… a bit about me. I am a fashion loving, accessory collecting, eyebrow obsessing girl who loves all things beauty, fashion and styling. I work full time as a health professional but my passion is this. I love to help people style an outfit – for a date, a night out, wedding or event. I have a long time and increasingly growing love for make up… and enjoy experimenting with different looks. Often I will sign off a post with Kooklah this means ‘Living Doll’ in Greek and is a nickname my Dad has called me since I was a baby. I think it is pretty appropriate!

New posts up soon,

Silver Sparkles