September Stying Mission Task Three

Hi Styling Lovers, read more about our challenge For the Style Seeking Girl’s September Styling Mission and feel free to join! I would love to have you take part.
The past few days on instagram have been sensational! I am already amazed with the people taking part and loving the pictures and styles I am seeing. Everyone seems to be getting behind the less than 24hours notice of tasks and I am thrilled. I am calling participants Styling Agents – so fun!

SO thrilled in fact that I created a prize today, as in the mission description {click the above link} each week I will name a Super Special Styling Agent. This person may have put in a huge amount of effort to complete the daily tasks, uploaded beautiful pictures and have interacted and supported other Styling Agents through liking, commenting and celebrating the fashion, beauty and styling choices of others.

The prize: {email is – please excuse the error I am in the middle of nightshifts!}

Here is the theme for tomorrow – one I am going to LOVE

The possibilities for the 90s are endless… there are so many distinct fashion and beauty choices from this era and I cannot wait to see what you all choose!
Happy Styling my lovely agents…. and one question? Do you accept the task?
Kooklah Xo


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