Inspire Me Monday…

 I love to do these Monday inspiration posts, they often give me something to mull over for the week or at least something really pretty to look at! I am getting in early for this week, and I have chosen some pictures that have inspired me – culturally, spiritually, with fashion or beauty or make me laugh.

I hope you have a good start to the week! This week I am trying to put into place things I have worked on over the last few days and aim to be inspired by something everyday – little or big, significant or seemingly insignificant. I am also hoping I can blog more regularly! Life keeps getting in the way {“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans…” John Lennon}

Style to Steal…
This picture is amazing – the class, edge and femininity that it brings through. I am a huge fan of so many aspects and already incorporate some of them in my wardrobe. The tailored blazer {although not white – MUST try!}, the curls, the statement necklace, the talking tee and the black statement bag. I am keen to try them as a combination… amazing for drinks at a bar or for a dressy date.

I love this! The perfect picture to show – or words to say – when you get the ‘oh it’s just periods, what’s the big deal’ comments from guy friends/brothers/boyfriends… Plus, when you think about it. It is kind of an amazing thing our bodies do!


A Festival to Wander to…
The Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, I have never seen snow… so I am amazed by anything to do with snow. I think this looks amazing and really want to find out more about it…

Words of Wisdom
I love this quote. Everyone is human, we all have emotions. What we feel is real, we shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed about our emotions and feelings. If things aren’t going well, or if they fall apart, if you fall apart –  own it, use it, learn from it and grow from it. This happened to me recently – but it is ok. I made time for myself, and did things I wanted to do – like catching up with a friend over dinner and wine, went to the movies on my own, spent some moolah on shopping, slept in and took my gorgeous dog for a walk in the sun

Salt in the air, sand in my hair … Sunglasses on my face
Summer is coming, slowly – the sun is shining, the sky seems to glow and the nights have been getting warmer. Summer is a wonderful season and what better to pair with a pretty summer dress than some rocking shades? Not only do they look good but sunglasses are a great way to Sun Safe. I recently came across Vision Direct Australia, an online store selling glasses and sunglasses from leading designers such as Tiffany and Co, Roberto Cavalli, Police, Burberry, Carrera and Miu Miu. For designer sunglasses I think their prices are pretty affordable, plus there is the added bonus of free shipping and a free lens kit {valued at $30}. As if you needed more incentive, Vision Direct have an amazing project called Buy One, Give One. Keep updated via Vision Direct Australia Facebook for sales or amazing opportunities.

Amazing ‘Blonde Havana’ glasses from Carrera {remind me of animal print, more colours available}

These Police sunglasses scream summer in the sun and surf to me. I love the aviator shape with sturdy frames. {also available in multiple colours}

What is inspiring you, making you smile or causing you to think at the start of this week? As always, you can contact on and like on Facebook for more updates – For the Style Seeking Girl Facebook

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