March Style Madness…

My new favourite style inspiration is Andrea Zanetich from Fox in Flats (created to serve as fashion and style inspiration during the busy time motherhood) she has such a fun, quirky and individual style.

Whilst I am not a mother, I do find benefit from the site as I juggle the elements of my hectic life. There are new posts, how tos, inspiration and tips. Something I quite enjoy are the style dares. I attempted the hair dare that lasted a week and last month took part in FABruary – a month long style dare that invloves a prompt for each day.
As the month of February came to an end (devastating) I began to wonder what I would do each day without a prompt – I obviously have been dressing myself for many, many years but I was really enjoying looking at a prompt the night before or on the day and styling an outfit within my tastes (or outside of my comfort zones). So far I have not purposely purchased something to complete the day, instead taking Andrea’s advice to “shop our wardrobes”. Sharing over facebook, twitter and instagram has also opened up this new world of fashion and beauty lovers – great for networking or to indulge your obsessions!

I was not alone in this thought, many Foxy followers felt the same and then came along Style Dare A Day – March … same concept, new prompts and a different hashtag (#foxinflatsstyledare) to connect via instagram/twitter. Here is the prompt list:

Day three today, I love a good challenge.. looking forward to completing this one! There are so many that I am excited about.. a few that will be totally easy and a couple that I look forward to the challenge (particuarly #14 and #30 which I will need to borrow my cousin for!)

Find me @saregiak on instagram or @SarahGiak on twitter (will be retweeted to our own twitter account @styleseekgirl)… Let me know if you are doing this – and if you are not you should be!! You can catch it up or just start from now.

Remember to add your own flair and interpret the prompt how you want! The more unique and interesting the better!

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Bring on the madness that comes with a style challenge!! Can you feel the excitement??
Kooklah Xx



FABruary Week Two!

Life got pretty busy in February, sorry I mean FABruary…
For those of you who are wondering if I have suddenly just changed the name of a month, you must have been living under a rock. Fabruary is the name given to a style dare by Andrea at Fox in Flats.

Anyway I was going to post each week with an update of my outfits styled via a prompt each day for those of you who do not connect with me via instagram ( @saregiak ) or twitter (@SarahGiak  @styleseekgirl)… I didn’t get past week one with updating but made sure to keep up the challenge each day – today I am going to fire off some quick updates of Fabruary and then talk to you about the style dare put together for March! We are only three days in, so if you would love to try this start now! (you can catch up the first two days of the month or just start from now).

Prompt list:

Fabruary Week Two 08.02.13 – 14.02.13

Day Eight: Noisy
Created a stack of bracelets to add to a beaded cuff. Total arm candy. Used mixed sets from Eqiup, Venice Beach (L.A), Las Vegas, Jewellers. Inexpensive and expensive mixed together. I wrote about this trend loved by Nicole Ritchie and Blake Lively in Hint of Glamour #3
Day Nine: Killer Heels
These were the heels I wore for my 21st birthday.. Loved them! They went perfectly with my dress which finished above the knee, had multiple layers including tulle. These are nude suede with leather strips, called ‘Spiderweb’ found at ZU Shoes
Day Ten: Bright
A bright red sundress and bright accessories hanging in my wardrobe
Day Eleven: Belted
Trialing outfits for my next trip (European adventure), decided to use the sundress from Day Ten and make different versions of an outfit. This is my favourite – perfect for a casual dinner / night out.
Day Twelve: Orange Lipstick
Used two products from Nutrimetics – a lipstick and a lipgloss to create a tangerine hue. Peach cheeks, mascara and defined eyebrows completed the look.
(Note: the products used I had recieved a couple years ago – I am not sure if they are available. I used Brilliant Shine lipstick in Mandarin and Shimmer Gloss in Apricot)
Day Thirteen: Flats
Pink/Nude hued ballet flats with tiered gold zips with a sneaky leopard print inside!
Day Fourteen: Quiff
I love a good quiff, and was quite disappointed that my first nightshift back at work co-incided with this challenge. This was taken five minutes after I got home (at 8am) after starting work at 7pm the night before. A quick quiff woven in twists finishing in a messy knot at the base of my neck. Quickly followed by sleeping all day!!
So there you have it, my week two. For more pics search this hashtag – #fabruary on instagram and twitter. To look at the current style dare for March search #foxinflatsstyledare and find @foxinflats on instagram or twitter. If you join in let me know by commenting here, tagging me in your pic or use #forthestyleseekinggirl …. Which day this week did you like best?
Read on for Weeks 3 and 4, as well as the lowdown for March!
As always I look forward to you joining us on Facebook – For the Style Seeking Girl Facebook
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Be Kind & Love Yourself…

Often our days are busy with errands and jobs to tick off a list, doing things for other people and going to work/school/uni – nothing completely wrong with these but they do result in a decreased energy flow and drain from our body’s resources.

This has a direct affect on your mood. You become tired, cranky and irritable. I have written on For the Style Seeking Girl’s ‘sister’ blog Kooklah about the importance of taking care of yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally – read my post on Self Care here. One of the best ways for an instant perk are to change your hair colour/style, take a walk along the beach and smell some flowers.

Another great idea is to indulge in some pampering – for yourself. Yes that’s right I want you to be kind to yourself, I even want you to love yourself. This can involve spending some moolah on yourself or it can be done at home with simple remedies or DIY tasks.

If you are choosing to keep your money tree full then try some of these ideas!
* Take a longer bath or shower but make it more luxurious, add some candles, your favourite music, a glass or wine (or beer for those shower-beer drinkers) and a nice smelling scrub.
* Treat yourself to a manicure – can be as simple as just painting your nails, but why not add some moisturiser to rub into your hands and cuticles or add a feature nail?
* Have an early nights sleep
* Do your hair or makeup in a different style, and allow more time so that you actually enjoy the act of taking pride in your looks instead of rushing through it like yet another chore
* Use at home remedies to make your own beauty products like scrubs and exfoliants (click here for a post on how to make these as well as tips on some different ingredients)

Today I made sure that I treated myself (after baking a caramel slice for the family) and had an hour afternoon pamper session at my favourite salon Little Miss Gorgeous … I used a voucher I had recieved as a gift and I used it on threading (will be doing a post on that soon) and a manicure. I chose a bronzed glitter polish with a matte finish – an edgy look with a side of girly!

What a brilliant way to kickstart my week off!
What have you done for yourself today? One last thing, don’t forget what Audrey Hepburn said:

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