Pregnant Style…

I was having breakfast out last week and saw two pregnant women at the cafe who looked so amazingly stylish. Lady #1 was wearing a maxi dress with thin black and white stripes with gladiator sandals and a topknot. Lady #2 was wearing a maxi skirt with a loose sleeveless shirt that was tied at the side, she had bangles and a chunky necklace on. They both looked incredible and had big smiles on their faces. The styles they chose were effortlessly casual and comfortable.

A friend of mine who was pregnant recently told me that she had decided in October that she would not be shopping for ‘maternity’ clothes. Instead she was going to make use of the plethora of maxi dresses/skirts, oversized shirts and loose pants that were filling the shops. They were not only comfortable but ones that she could wear again, as they were not meant to be fitted.
Loose summer dresses, flowing tops and bump enhancing belts are all items that look sensational too.

Below are some stylish celebrities in similar outfits that showcase the baby bump, are comfortable and stylish… They look so good that I might steal inspiration from these outfits (sans baby bump obviously…)

Love these long flowing dresses in a colour that enhances the bump and suits glowing skin. Angelina’s dress drapes beautifully from under the bustline and Jennifer’s belt adds some definition…

I love these dress-casual looks from Kourtney and Kristen (the floral pants are fabulous!).
Using a jacket showcases a baby bump and black is very flattering! The flowing fabric of Kourtney’s long vest adds a layered, softening look… Plus a smile always looks great!
I think Jessica looks amazing, her leather jacket drapes and has a beautiful cut, love the edgy vibe with the mix of leopard, leather and crimson nails! Victoria’s look is comfort-casual with a kick…
 Katie Holmes’ look is one of my favourites with her coat done up top and left open around her bump. She looks glamorous in jeans and a silk top. Pink shows the look I discussed above with a maxi dress that skims. Bright patterns and colours also look great in this effortless style too.
Do you have a favourite?
Happy Styling, Kooklah Xx

Inspire Me Woman – Emma-Jane Adams

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar…
Emma-Jane has just turned 23. She is a wife and a mother. 
Emma holds a deep love for the world of retro, nostalgia and Pin-Up, her modelling in this area is amazing and beautiful. She was recently featured in a photoshoot for Deadbeat Magazine and has entered competitions (announced as winner of the Miss Mini Madness Pin-Up competiton in 2011) and attends nostalgia festivals. Click the link for the Emma-Jane Facebook page. Read on to learn about the woman behind the name – her likes, dislikes, challenges and triumphs plus some beauty and style tips…
Can you briefly describe your job/career?
I work as a Cake Decorator, but I also work as a Pin-Up Model when I’m given the opportunity.
How did you get into the field you work in?
I fell into modeling after I was given money towards a Pin-Up photoshoot for my 21st birthday. After that I was contacted to shoot for clothing companies.
What do you like the most about it?
The things I love the most about Pin-Up modeling is getting to feel beautiful and glamorous when I’m in front of the camera. And being paid in clothes and beautiful hair accessories isnt so bad either.
What do you like the least?
I least enjoy the waiting time from finishing a shoot to actually seeing the final pictures. I’m always questioning if I could of done something better? Or did the shots turn out well?
What is your favourite colour?
My favorite colour is purple. It can be bright and calming, but can also be dark and mysterious.
Do you do your hair or makeup first when getting ready?
I do my makeup first when I’m getting ready, mainly because it takes the most amount of time.
Growing up what were your favourite styles/fashion trends?
I grew up loving the Spice Girls. So I’ve always loved big shoes and big hair I guess!
What are your current fashion favourites?
My fashion favorites never change. Pencil skirts and platform pumps!
If you could only use three makeup products what would they be?
Foundation, liquid eyeliner and red lipstick.
What is your signature look?
 I don’t think I have a signature look. Although I’m sure my friends would say something like big lashes or big heels.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years time I hope to have made my first magazine cover, and have studied makeup artistry.
What is something you have struggled or been challenged by lately?
Recently I found out my mum had Breast cancer. She’s since had two major surgeries and she begins chemotherapy in a month. It’s hard to deal with daily.
What has been the most exciting or satisfying moment for you professionally?
My biggest modeling dream came true last year when I was given the opportunity to shoot with amazing American photographer Shannon Brooke. With makeup by the very talented Jennifer Corona. The shoot was published in Deadbeat Magazine.
Do you have a quote or piece of advice that you use to live by or motivate you through life?
My favorite quote is from my idol Marilyn Monroe.
“Imperfection is Beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring…”
What is the piece of advice you give to others?
Advice I’d give to others would be Dream, Believe, Achieve! Everyone should always dream, and believe in themselves to achieve their dreams.
If someone wanted to break into your line of work, what would you tell them?
If girls wanted to become models I’d suggest paying to have some decent portfolio shots taken, this will help book future jobs.
Who are your role models? Why?
My role models are Marilyn Monroe and strangely enough Lady Gaga. I adore Marilyn I own all of her films and now enjoy them with my nearly four year old daughter. Alot of people dont realize how incredibly intelligent she actually was. I started off just enjoying Lady Gaga’s music but I was soon very intrigued by her style and lyrics. She was bullied in high school but never let them break her spirit.
Who is your style icon?
My style icons are Dita Von Teese because she always has a very classy style. Christina Hendricks is also one of my favourites, she has a gorgeous figure and knows exactly how to dress her curves.
Do you have a style or beauty tip you can pass on to For the Style Seeking Girl’s readers?
Always wear great underwear! A beautiful dress can be ruined by bad underwear. Always make sure you don’t have a visible line, it ruins an outfit!
What was your dream job growing up?
I had a million dream jobs as a kid, like every kid. I wanted to be a truck driver, an astronaut, a hairdresser, a spice girl!
What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
Oak chocolate milk! It fixes everything!!
What is something you want to cross off your bucket list?
I’d like to travel to America and see New York covered in snow, and take my daughter to Disney Land.
Do you have a single moment or time that has changed your life?
Having my daughter changed my life in so many ways. She has made me experience true love. She makes me smile and laugh everyday, having her has made me see what is important in life.
I asked Emma if her daughter is following in her footsteps with fashion. Emma said she loves clothes and walks around in Emma’s shoes! How cute! I used to do the same thing with my Mum haha.
What would you tell your 16 year old self?
I tell my 16 year old self to hold my head high and to believe in yourself!
What is a styling/beauty ‘rule’ that you follow/break?
I constantly break the rule to wash your makeup off before bed! I hardly ever take my makeup off after a night out. I’m lucky I don’t breakout or have problem skin.
What would you like to pass on to future generations?
I’d like future generations to be educated on classic films and how simple life use to be. When women had class and real natural beauty.
What is a fashion/beauty trend you dislike?
I really don’t like the super short shorts look. Where the pockets are longer then the shorts!! Girls leave nothing to the imagination these days.
What three things would you take with you on a desert island?
I’d take matches, bottled water and my makeup bag!
What is your favourite song?
Favourite song! That’s such a hard question. I’d have to say Ave Maria, it is the song I walked down the isle to and I don’t know what it is I just love it. And not the Beyonce version!
What is your favourite movie?
My all time favorite movie is Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe.

 I really want to thank Emma for these fantastic responses, I was really moved at some of her answers, they are sincere and from the heart. Thank you for your honesty and for opening up and sharing your world with my readers. You have a big heart, and I was glad to write this article to share with my readers, but also for you to share with your followers.
Emma is participating in the Leukaemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave to show support to her Mum, click here  to sponsor and help Emma reach her goal! *photos obtained from the Emma-Jane facebook page with permission..
I would love to hear what you are thinking of the Inspire Me Woman series so far. Don’t forget to click the link at the top of the page and head to Emma-Jane’s facebook page. Find For the Style Seeking Girl facebook page here. Email
Kooklah Xx

Inspire Me Monday

As I start this week – first up for days of work- my mind is completley on my next holiday away, a European adventure with one of my best friends. I have to admit, it is my main focus at the moment, from paying off my holiday, saving and looking into my wardrobe and mentally styling different outfits from a limited amount of items (trying to take the least amount of clothes possible but still have a variety of outfits over 20 something days)… These thoughts are definitely inspiring me and have crept into a few of the pictures I have picked for this week’s Inspire Me Monday post..
It’s All in the Eyes…
Liz Taylor, her eyes (and brows!) were always made up and fantastic! To make her eyes pop she used violet shadow. A hint? Violet shadow enhances any eye colour, so take the risk and try it! It adds a pop of colour and is a great alternative to a smokey or bronzed eye… My current favourite look!

Wander with me…
There are many things that make the perfect bag to carry throughout the day when you are travelling… a zip section, a partial or full leather strap (chains break if pulled) long enough to fit comfortably across your body plus fit the essentials – wallet, phone, passport, camera, sunglasses, small notebook, water bottle. I thought I had the perfect one for my USA trip but it could have been slightly bigger- didn’t fit a notebook or water bottle. I have found one that appears to have these aspects, for Europe – from ASOS
Loving this ‘do! Would love to rock this at an event, like a wedding..
Bit of a brave and sassy hairstyle! The Faux Mohawk!
My Inspired Kitchen
That time of year when the cooking competition shows take over and I am still completely obsessed with My Kitchen Rules… Too simple to be on the show but I love the idea of a glammed up healthy snack. Homemade apple chips – pieces of apple sprinkled lightly with cinnamon.
Inspire My Philosophy…
I love this piece of advice. I plan on doing just that and making the most of my 20s. To experience, explore, take risks, make mistakes, make magic, learn, laugh and LIVE. To really do things before myself, so that when I settle down I can focus on someone else.
Have a good start to the week everyone! This is going to be a big week on For the Style Seeking Girl! Keep in touch with us on our Facebook Page – for daily updates, tips and fun.
Kooklah Xx

FABruary Week One!

I love a photo challenge… they feed my instagram addiction! (find me @saregiak)… I have been an eager participant in Photo a Day by Fat Mum Slim where you are given a word or three and have to take a photo – capturing or inspired by the prompt and share it on your chosen social medium(s). I will publish a post over the next couple of days with January’s photos and start doing updates on what I have posted for February….

But this post is about a completley different challenge. A style challenge created by Andrea the wonderful woman behind Fox in Flats encouraging and assisting mothers to keep up their style and be inspired by fashion! I Love this site. I am not a mother, but as a full time worker I find the tips and tricks on this site to be incredibly useful, and totally inspiring as a relatively newbie trying to breakthrough into the world of styling and blogging.

So February, is now Fabruary (click the link to check out Andrea’s post)… one item or prompt listend for each day, all you have to do is use the item or prompt and style it within or as your outfit.. So much fun! A challenge too when I have a structured work uniform (scrubs) and I try to think outside the box or atleast aim to showcase my individual style so it stands out from all the thousands of uploaded photos. It also means that you can push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new styles or items you have kept ‘just in case’.
I love that the hashtag (#fabruary and #foxinflats) has opened me up to another aspect of the styling world I love, I get to obsess over styling and fashion every single day. Below are the prompts followed by the first seven days I have so far completed…

Fabruary Week One! From Fox in Flats .. 01.02.13-07.02.13
Day One: Sunglasses
Vintage Styled Leopard Print Sunglasses (perfect stylish look to cover day after nightshift eyes!)
Day Two: Glitter
Anyone who knows me is well aware that glitter or shimmer in my makeup is nothing new.. But rarely (except for new years eve and a night in Las Vegas in 2012) have I created an entire ‘eye’ out of glitter. I was in a smokey eye mood this day, so created it all out of glitter using products from Australis, Kat Von D and UrbanColour Makeup… with made up brows of course!

Day Three: Checks/Plaid
Had so many options but settled on a vintage cropped jacket I purchased two and a half years ago from an opshop (steal at $10).. Has a tweed look with some mauve through it – perfect with my new mani (which I got on day one). Loved the look, hadn’t worn this item in 2 years!


Day Four: Ponytail.
The aim was to break away from your standard or go-to pony. I went for a 90s flashback -think almost baby spice or the like. Was a very fresh feeling look and I loved the compliments I recieved! Will add it to my own looks now. Had a side part which turned into two twists, scrunched pony for some body and hair wrapped around/concealing elastic.
Day Five: Leather
Vintage Jacket I had originally purchased from Kiss My Button Vintage paired with a long, slouchy t-shirt and blue accessories with naturally curled hair.. No makeup as off to get a facial!
Day Six: Green
Had to go to work for a long-ish shift… had to be a bit subtle with the green so put on my black eyeliner – with winged tips of course and then ‘shadow lined’ that eyeliner with mint green eyeliner.. Loved it SO much that I have added flecks of green since then!
Day Seven: Statement Earrings
I had a 12hour shift at work and cannot wear long earrings. So at first I was stumped. BUT…today I wore statement studs.. well to be honest, I don’t even think they can be called studs! Each one is as big as my thumb, they are Leopards – black and gold- with holes for a mouth cut out. I got so many comments on them today, so they definitely created some impact!
Have you joined FABruary?? If so, please comment where you are uploading and I will keep an eye out for your pictures! I will do a weekly roundup for the next three weeks but you can check in daily via instagram (@saregiak) or twitter (@sarahgiak). Which day do you like best so far?
Kooklah Xx

Personal Planner Giveaway WINNER

First off I want to say a big THANKYOU to the lovely people at Personal Planner for offering the option of a giveaway! I am looking forward to creating my own and want to say congratualtions to the winner of the giveaway – Adina Shiel.

Thanks for all the interest and for the entries, thanks to those of you who commented, and also to the many email entries I had. Please share this blog with your friends and family, there will be many more exciting posts and things to come!

Here is what 2013 means to Adina:

“2013 to me means getting back the passion, happiness and spontaneity that I had as a teenager!”

Have a good year Adina, and enjoy your planner!
If you are interested in creating your own personal planner or notebook – think ahead for great gifts for 2014, please check out the website by clicking here!

Kooklah Xo