Three Quick Tips for Staying Sun Safe this Summer

There is nothing better for me then the feeling that summer has hit… a smell reaches the air, a smell of salt and coconut, everything seems a little bit brighter. I am definitely a summer person. I love the clothes of winter (hats, scarves, gloves, coats) but in summer you don’t need coats or cardigans when you go out, spending a few days on the coast with sun kissed skin, sand on your feet and late nights out with friends….

Ahhhh summer is here! Below are three quick tips to stay sun safe AND sun smart this summer.. to ensure you will be able to look stylish all summer long!

1. Protect yourself from the sun – easily achieved with sunscreen, hat, clothing and sunglasses. Using sunscreen is essential to protect yourself from sun damage or sunburn, the higher SPF (sun protection factor) the better. Using multiple products with differing SPF can be useful in regards to ensuring some coverage over areas you may have missed -but take note that they don’t combine to create an increased level of coverage (such as SPF 20 in foundation and 30 in sunscreen does not result in 50 SPF) certain products last longer and can increase the TIME that your skin is protected for (to apply another coat of protection). For more common myths on sun protection click here.

If you know you will be in the sun for long periods use a high SPF product (for example outdoor concerts/festivals, beach, outdoor sports), if you are running errands make sure you still have a decent coverage – atleast use makeup or moisturiser with a sun protection element in them. A high percentage of skin cancers occur on the hands, this is because people are always using their hands and often forget to protect them for example – when driving your hands are on the steering wheel and in the sun, even ten minutes can result in sun damage that can cause skin cancer. Do not forget your hands, feet, face/neck/ears/decollatage or your lips! For more information on skin cancer, including statistics and facts check out the information on the Cancer Council-Skin Cancer page.

Atleast once a year I go to Adnama Beauty and have a deluxe facial (for their treatment list click here) which is customised to each individual’s skin needs. They use a Wood’s lamp that shows all the sun damage or other blemishes that are under the surface. My skin has always had a minimal amount of damage.. I thank my daily cleansing/mositurising regime for this -taught to me by my Mum who has amazing skin. I use Olay for my basic face moisturiser (Complete UV Defence SPF15) morning and night.
Wear a hat to protect your face and also invest in sunglasses with some protective element. They aren’t expensive – most sunglasses hold this (the info is on the tags).  I believe sunglasses are doing a lot of good as the skin around my eyes has always had a good report, the bigger the better as they cover a greater area. Wear clothes that cover your body in times of high temperatures to reduce the amount of skin exposed to the sun and don’t forget to stay out of the sun during the middle of the day (usually the hottest temp of the sun). There are clothes with sun protectant fabric with an SPF rating available if you burn easily.

2. Keep Hydrated- higher temperatures increase the risk of dehydration (symptoms include headaches, low blood pressure, dizziness) to reduce or avoid dehydration increase your normal oral fluid intake. Drinking a good amount of water will not only keep you hydrated but improve skin condition. Limit consumption of alcohol or substances with caffeine as they will only dehydrate you. I consider these to be ‘negative units’. Hydration is another essential element to protecting your skin.

3. Moisturise- Protect your skin before and after sun exposure. You should be moisturising your skin everyday anyway but during summer try to moistutise a couple of times a day. This not only keeps skin supple and smooth but can reduce the severity of sunburn/damage and decrease the likelihood of the same. If you do end up with a sunburn, make sure you have a shower (people say hot water takes the sting away but it actually increases the burn – the sting occurs because you have exposed the nerve endings in your skin to the elements of your surrounding area. Cool/lukewarm running water is best for burns – about 20mins at a time).
Once a sunburn occurs, moisturise using a thick moisturiser or body butter. Don’t completley rub the product in, add extra and allow the product to soak into your skin. Apply often to reduce the appearance of the burn and relieve skin tightness or discomfort. There are some great after sun products available to use as well. Products with vitamin A/E, aloe, green tea, coconut or almond oil work really well (use products with water/plant oils are best as mineral oils reduce the absorption of nutrients needed for skin rejuvenation/rehydration).

Follow these tips to keep your skin smooth, supple and undamaged!

Kooklah Xx


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