Inspire Me Woman…

          “I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore… I’ve been down there on the floor and no one’s ever gonna keep me down again. If I have to I can do anything… I am strong, I am invincible… I am woman…”

Over the next few months or so, I am going to publish posts on local women who I know, who I find inspiring and am glad that they have been or currently are in my life. These women are all different, they have different personalities, different outlooks and different careers… but one of the things they do have in common is that they all shine brightly.

They are passionate, creative, greatly opinionated, kind, compassionate, supportive, motivating… these women work hard, have goals and dreams which I love to see them strive for and complete.

The next post will be about me, answering the very questions I have put to these women. I was undecided whether I would write a post answering the questions, but then I thought it would be a good way to reach out to my readers and to share something about me. So I hope you enjoy this series of posts, they will be staggered out over the next couple of months. If you have any questions for the women once you have read the posts, feel free to write it in a comment and I will get it answered for you. It is important for me to allow other women or girls to see that strength is important, that a lust for life is important… that you are capable of anything you put your mind and heart’s desire to.

Kooklah Xx

Help a Sister Out!

Something which really annoys me is when you have been talking to someone or hanging out, you go to the bathroom or go home and look in the mirror and see food in your teeth, not blended makeup or some other fashion mess.

Many people seem to be in the frame of mind that telling someone about these things, is making fun of them or embarrasing them. I don’t see it that way at all. It may cause some embarrasment but it is better then the feeling of getting home and counting back all the people you saw and interacted with that day.

Do your friend, colleague or random stranger the kind courtesy of telling them and giving them a moment to fix whatever has happened. Just do it subtley. Walk up, whisper in their ear and no one else has to know, they may not have even seen the mishap yet! A sneaky text to someone who always has their phone on them also works well!

So come on girls, stick together! Help a sister out!

Kooklah Xx

The Go-To for Needs-to-be-washed Hair

Do you ever have days where washing your hair feels like the biggest burden? Like the last thing that you actually want to do?

I do. Fairly often. Especially when I am working. I work a job that has long shifts (12hours) with busy days and the absolute last thing I feel like doing when I get home is washing and then drying my hair. Having asked some girls at work about this, the discussions started, not only did I find that I wasn’t alone in not wanting to have to wash my hair on a run of shifts.
I found that the vast majority disliked the ‘activity’ of washing their hair altogether. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t like to have dirty hair but it was the effort involved. We also don’t believe that you have to wash your hair every second day to have good hair. I wondered, has hair washing joined the club of bikini or jeans shopping? To be avoided until absolutley necessary?
I started watching each girl I had talked to, and what hairstyles they used. I noticed a pattern that was very close to what I do myself.
As the week went on the hairstyles went from chic well put together styles that attract attention – straight or curled styled hair (ponytails, structured ‘dos)
to the use of big buns, woven styles and headbands (preferably embellished). Ala Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad, Blair Waldorf…
I noticed that as we approached the end of the week of shifts a bun with height or texture was highly favoured. I have worn a half looped ponytail for the last two nightshifts (have taken it down and combed in between), which is bobbypinned in place. I find the bobbypins helped create the structure I wanted but also helped to stop the hair falling out or becoming too noticeable that it was messy/not washed. 


Do you have a go-to style to get extra mileage out of your hair? Wide, coloured or embellished headbands are always a bonus – one of my colleagues notices that I change my headbands each time, never wearing the same one twice in a row, but he has never noticed the needs-to-be-washed hair.

For other ideas on this topic head to a past post called For those Bad Hair Days.

Kooklah Xx

*Disclaimer: I do not recommend avoiding washing if you use alot of product, this will only cause build up and make you look like you have dandruff!

Hair Tip Review…

When I am spending my time looking into different hair styles or hair tips I have kept coming across this tip that promises hair curl using hair in plaits and a straightner. ‘Perfect for summer and the beach’ is the comment following this tip. I had some time tonight and thought I would try it.

What you need:

* Hair ties – one per plait (I used five as my hair is quite thick and long)
* Some curling spray or hairspray (especially if your hair does not curl easily, for those with curly hair a curling spray will help to reduce frizz)
* Hair straightner

Your hair can be newly washed or dirty, it won’t really matter, but as with most hair styling, the less clean the hair, the longer the curl will hold.

How to do it:

* Comb your hair – finger comb for a less structured look, I used an actual comb for mine.
* Plait your hair- how many is up to you, take into consideration how thick or long your hair is. I chose five sections to break up the back section of my hair which is quite thick and to account for layers. Two or three would also work easily.
* Turn on your straightner, allow to heat and run the plait through the straightner tongs, I ran each plait through two-three times and then moved onto the next.
* You can do this from damp to dry, if this is the case once you have ‘straightened’ each plait go back and repeat the process one-three times.
* Take the hairbands off and unravel the plaits. Add a touch of spray if you need it and go!


* I was surprised, it definitely created a ‘wave’ to my hair. But it didn’t so much curl, see the picture below but the result looked like I had curled my hair and then combed or brushed them apart OR I had used a crimper (does anyone remember those?)
* I wouldn’t wear my whole hair like this, but it is a fun idea and something I will definitley use to incoporate through sections of my hair, for example small sections in a ponytail, under sections/layers of hair mixed with big curls or straight hair, or just at the ends.
* Very quick and easy, takes five- ten minutes tops!
* GREAT for dirty hair or to enhance a messy / bedhair style of do

Here is the result:

Have a go and see if it works for you! Post a icture or comment if you do, and also if you have another tip that you would like me to review.
Kooklah Xx


A chat with my readers..

Hello to anyone reading this post – regulars, readers who occasionally skim this blog and anyone who has just stumbled across it. I love writing and creating my blog posts.

The reason for this post? An apology, I have been out of action lately. I went on a wonderful and intense holiday throughout four major cities in North America (Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Las Vegas and New York City) with Contiki on the Best of Usa tour.
Following this due to some personal events that took place I needed some time out. To regather my thoughts and take some time out for myself. I am still working on that but tonight was the first night I have thought, ‘hey, let’s write a post’. So here we are. Basically sorry for the abrupt hiatus, but THANKYOU to everyone who kept reading, was very pleased to see the stats when I logged back in.

You guys are amazing! So here is what is coming, what you can expect in the weeks to come from For The Style Seeking Girl :

* Hairstyle review posts
* More Inspire Me Monday and Hint of Glamour posts
* A guest post from me (Kooklah) for another blogger
* A series of posts on women whom I know, and find strong, motivated, creative and stylish in their own way – especially in their respective careers or job positions.
* Some posts inspired and about my trip to the beautiful USA

So please be patient, so many good things on the way!

To finish, I will leave you with a style quote. To ‘like’ this blog on facebook click here

Your style is influenced by the person you are, what you believe, think or feel. Embrace that and enjoy it. Let your sparkle out… Kooklah Xx