Re-Invent Yourself…Hair..

Style lovers! For part one in this ‘Re-Invent Yourself’ series, click here: Re-Invent Yourself…Style .

In the second part of my re-inventing and pushing myself out of my comfort zone aim, I thought about how moving out of the usual means taking a risk, changing something that is comfortable, something that may define you. Something that has become you.

I looked in the mirror and saw what I should change. My hair. I had really dark chocolate coloured hair, which, apart from the obligatory year eight fascination with hair rinses (chilli red, blueberry, chesnut brown) or dyeing it dark brown/black (semi-permanent washes) to add some sheen to my natural colour, had never been dyed, bleached or foiled. I had of course, had many different hairstyles- I have had layers, a side fringe, really long hair and a short, choppy, punkish concaved bob (which I loved!! See pic at the side…was concaved at the back).

I had been holding onto an idea for my hair, for a change- for a few years, I wanted to add some caramel colour and change my look. So I began searching for pictures and I found one of Jessica Biel that I remember seeing and thinking I’d love to be that brave. Here it is:

I had this picture in my phone for quite awhile, and about a month ago I started feeling like I was stuck in a rut. I knew that redoing my hair would revitalise my look and very possibly my outlook.
It would atleast be uplifting. I started to look for more photos that captured what I was looking for and found inspiration not only from Jessica Biel but also from Kate Beckinsile, Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sophia Bush, Drew Barrymore and Lauren Conrad.

I had seen this style on many celebrities and decided to look into it. Vogue Australia have an easy to understand explanation of Balayage. In summary of their explanation, balayage was first developed in France in the 1970s, the emphasis of the technique is on colouring the hair but so it looks naturally sunkissed with the hair moving gradually from a darker to lighter colour (”Sweeping” as per L.A. Fashion Magazine). The craze known as Ombre is a variation of the Balayage technique, perfect for a look that needs very little maintenance.
My hair was so dark, and untouched, that half of my hair was bleached, then using appropriate tonings and colours my hairdresser Amy (from Class One Hair Studio) washed, and then teased my hair before brushing the colour on my hair. I asked her about the teasing and she stated that the proper technique uses teasing on application to remove or reduce the ‘transition line’ and assists in the colour looking more gradual and natural.
Some obvious transitions:

For me, this hairstyle is perfect. It looks edgy and alittle bohemian which suits my style and is like one of my favourite style icons Drew Barrymore . I also have curly hair, which is perfect for this look as it highlights the colour transition (although I can say I do like to occasionally straighten my hair and it still looks good) and it is very low maintenance. I had my hair coloured just over a month ago and I am planning on going back until after my holiday (which will mean November). As the top of my hair was dyed a lighter, glossier brown as my hair grows out, the gradual colour will continue. This style is fantastic for me as I lead a very busy work life (and social life too-let’s face it).

Amy told me, it may take one or two times more to get the exact colour, but I am really happy with it. She also put through a few foils here and there that are blond in order to lighten the colour and my hair is now three toned-brown top graduating through to a caramel with blond highlights and blond tips. I have the choice to just go back and get a few more foils put through to lighten the overall look.

Here is a pic of me, before and after:

I love it, it has given me a new lease on life and I feel more ‘me’ than I have in a long time. To finish, here are some other pictures, one with straight hair, and one of the blonded tips. What hair risks have you taken lately? Kooklah Xx

Style ME inspired…

Five shots that are inspiring my sense of style this week….

Metallic eye looks with long, lush eyelashes
Simple messy, woven hairdo and winged eyeliner
Bright accessories to add emphasis to an outfit
Slightly structured, messy hair
Zoro-B in Black from Betts

What is inspiring your style currently? All of mine are somewhat edgy with a hint of structure and brights! Kooklah Xx

Re-Invent Yourself…Style..

I find, like most people, I can often be unhappy about change. But this year I have been trying as much as possible to push myself out of my comfort zones in all areas of my life. This also includes my own style, I have tried new things- from accessories, to makeup to clothes, am currently pulling apart my wardrobe to get rid of items I no longer want or need and revamping my personal style.

I am currently favouring the use of a basic, almost minimalistic style using simple pieces which together create an impact. For example, one of these looks I am currently favouring is the use of:

  • A blazer
  • Tapered jeans or resin denim (coated denim which looks like leather)
  • Embellished or detailed shoes (flats or heels)
  • A flowy blouse or top

Using this simple formula I add accessories like necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles and clutches as I feel. This look is really very simple to go from day to night, either by vamping up an element of makeup or changing my hairdo but also from going from flats to heels, simple accessories to statement accessories. To start, the basics (pictures primarily sourced from current and past collections of Portmans, Forever NewDotti, Just Jeans, Betts and ZU Shoes):


The colour and type of accessories you use will be dependant on the colours, fabrics and cuts used for your basic items. I favour my blazer in black, and dark denim or resin coated denim (usually come in gray or black) with shirts in any colour, most often something bright- white, pink, orange, patterned. I then use shoes that will blend or contrast including the use of glitter, textures or embellishment.
Using the outfit above, here are some accessories which add some glamour (from Equip Acessories).

 These accessories use the tonings of the outfit and complement whilst also drawing attention. I would use only two to three of these in order to achieve a minimalist look.
For example the ring, filigree drop earrings and the Ruby & Kit envelope clutch.
Using this look allows for simple and or more complex makeup and hair styles to be used (some examples are included below) but this is the time to have fun, use messy/bed hair, bold eye makeup red lips, have an intricate up do paired with barely there makeup. An outift like this becomes a canvas (albeit a well put together one) for you to explore with and add individual touches to.

What looks are you favouring? What looks would you like me to write about?

Kooklah, Xx