Hint of Glamour- #2

So many of you liked the first Hint of Glamour post I wrote that I decided to make it a regular post series.
The focus today is, one of my favourite celebrities, Lauren Conrad (yes-I have Lauren fever!).
There are so many possible outfits or looks from Lauren that I could use for this post, but I am going to focus on two aspects in particular- the long-sleeved shift dress and low ponytail. Both are simple but elegant looks, which when used in combination offer a chic and classic look. This look is perfect for brunch with the girls, shopping or family parties but can also be glam for birthdays or nights out. Below I have included a few different outfits from Lauren using atleast one of these aspects. Lauren’s low ponytail is often wavy, which adds a fun vibe whereas a straight, sleek low ponytail is perfect for work or to help achieve a minimalistic look (Click here for a fantastic blog on minimalism).
Lauren Look One: The Hills Season 6 (and series) Finale Party
Mid-rise ponytail, streamlined slightly volumised

height at the front teamed with loose waves.
This hairdo is fun and party perfect.

The dress is fitted without been too tight (allowing easy
movement), the green matches Lauren’s eyes and pops
against her hair and skin tone. Nude pumps perfectly complete
the outfit. This is an outfit which easily goes from day to night

Lauren Look Two: Lauren Clothing Line Launch at Kohl’s

Love! This look takes a glam and edgy ensemble
and combines the sleek hairdo with a perfect smokey eye.
The result is effortlessly chic, brilliant for a night out!

This is a trend I am planning on really trying out this winter!
Let me know what you think, do you like this look? Do you have a favourite ‘Lauren Look?’
Would love to hear from you,
Kooklah Xx

Anticipation for Beauty..

As anyone who knows me or reads my blogs would know, one of my favourite celebrities is Lauren Conrad. She is one of my icons- for style, beauty and etiquette. Very classy.

I have a hardcopy of ‘Style’, Lauren’s first book on tips, tricks, hits and misses, it is a great guide to sorting out what your own individual style is as well as providing fantastic ideas to try. I am eagerly awaiting the release of another guide called ‘Beauty’ (see below for the cover). Anyone who watched ‘The Hills’ will be greatly anticipating ‘Beauty’ as well- the winged tip eyeliner, perfect (and SENSATIONAL) waved hair, red lips, smooth skin, defined eyebrows and updos for nights out.

Lauren has also stated that she will be including her less then fine moments, which I think is really commendable, it means that she recognises that style and beauty are constantly changing, you learn and grow with your individual tastes and learn from mistakes. I know I definitely have made many, but they have enabled me to improve.. mostly it is just looking back that you notice it-looking at photos and cringing. Below are a few style or beauty misses I have been guilty of over the years:

*  Blue eyeshadow- not in a blended, coloured smokey eye way but in year 8 I LOVED wearing bright blue eyeshadow, with everything. I thought I rocked it… at the time.
*  Just below the knee ugg-boots.. Yep I grew up (in high school), with that trend. Me and my best friend had a matching latte coloured pair with fur/wool at the top of the boot and shoelaces that tied up the side of the boot. Oh dear.
*  Overaccessorising- when I was younger it was multiple bracelets, a necklace, earrings.. Coco Chanel was right, less is more. Or using a eye-catching statement piece that is bold and requires no other
* Tights as pants. Now (unless I am in the comfort of my own home), I use tights paired with dresses, oversized shirts/jumpers where the garment come to atleast mid thigh.

I do not regret any of these as they have all gotten me to the style I have now, I’m not saying it is perfect but I am definitely better at putting together an outfit and often get friends asking for advice or assistance.

I cannot wait to add this book to my collection of style, beauty and fashion guides, lookbooks and how-tos. I use them to learn more about these areas, dicover new tricks or perfect a skill. Coming up in a couple of posts time I am going to be talking about Nina Garcia, currently working at Marie Claire in America as ‘Fashion Director’, who has some fabulous style tips-which she has released four books about!

Do you have a fashion guide/book/guru who inspires your style and/or the way you achieve it? If so, who and why?

Kooklah Xx

Inspire Me Monday

Inspire me Monday-that time of the week again (missed last week due to some personal stuff but this post should more than make up for it). Sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue. Five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week….
“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” Marilyn Monroe… These shoes are amazing, a clever take from Jimmy Choo on the gladiator sandal by turning them into classy heels with a touch of glitter, for all you Aussies, click here for an amazing discount from the Manolo Blahnik Australian Outlet.

Retreat Memories
Mentoring on my old high school’s retreat (for the third year), supporting the students through highs and lows they have experienced as well as providing them with tools for the future. Three days. Unbelieveable memories. This was our outdoor thinking spot, a place to go, be still. I am thankful for the people I was lucky enough to meet, the moments shared, the way they have changed my life and made it better… Whenever I am stressed or upset, I will look back on this and breathe. My own little solace, my own piece of heaven.
Words for Thought
The way we think really impact on how we feel, how we act and the kind of life we have. The three days on the retreat really reinforced that to me, especially when the people I was working with kept telling me that they viewed me as positive, determined and supportive… It really showed me that the internal conflict I sometimes put myself through, really is worthless. If I keep my thoughts and outlook positive it should translate to my life.
Notice ME Nails
I love nicely painted nails, and lately I have been really obsessed with brightly coloured nails. They can add a pop of colour to basic or monochrome outfits (including a work uniform if your job allows it). Once I have finished my no shopping challenge, I think I might buy a bottle or two of Revlon’s new Colourstay Longwear Nail enamel, in the theme of gelbased nail polish Revlon have released a product that is affordable, long lasting with bright and intense colours. Looking forward to trying it! (colour pictured is Stormy Night)
A Journey to Jane’s World
I have always wanted to read the works of Jane Austen, not just the six main novels but also her short stories and works collected after she died. One of my favourite movies is The Jane Austen Book Club (click the link for the trailor). So today I have started ‘Pride and Prejudice’ so far I am loving it. Have you read any of the novels?
Here’s to another week, looking forward to a midweek break when one of my best friends and I are heading to the coast to eat good food, watch dvds, snuggle under bankets and enjoy each others company.
What is inspiring your week? Kooklah Xx….

style icons

I have two main style icons- Audrey Hepburn and Drew Barrymore. They both portray confidence in what they wear and aren’t afraid to take risks with their fashion.

Audrey inspires me because her sense of style was feminine yet practical. She wore hats, pants, detailed beautiful dresses. And of course, made the LBD an iconic piece of clothing, becoming a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. I have atleast five. She also dressed for her shape, in clothes that suited her features which inspires me to no end to dress to suit my individual style and comfort. Plus the lady could wear a hat well, enough said.

Drew inspires me by the way she dresses in many different styles. In the blink of an eye she can go from edgy rock chick to floaty dreamy girly girl clothing. Her clothing choices are always quirky showing alittle bit of her personality. Mostly whatever she wears you can tell she believes it and loves the clothes. She also isn’t afraid to experiment and mix styles- something I also love to do. She is very curvy, which as someone who is also curvy, I find it inspiring that she celebrates her curves with her fashion choices instead of hiding it. In a society where there is sometimes pressure to be thin I am thankful for an icon like Drew, as she said “God gave me working arms and legs, why should I complain about my curves and my body”.

See my post fashion inspiration for a broader look at who inspires my style and why… Who inspires your own style?

Kooklah Xx

Inspire me Monday

Inspire me Monday, because sometimes you need something to make Monday not so blue. Five things that have grabbed my interest and are sparking the start of my week….
(This is a ‘co-post’ with my personal blog- Kooklah Check it out!!)

Get Lost in the Music- Trial Kennedy, the Final Tour
(One of my favourite indie bands on the Australian Scene, saying goodbye at one last show)
Hairspiration- Braided Topknots
(Such a cute, fun and original take on one of my favourite hairstyle the topknot.
Check out my post on topknots: The Carrie Bradshaw Bun)

Wanderlust- New York City Calling
(Have a trip booked for September in New York City is one of the destinations!
So excited, cannot wait to explore the city I’ve been dreaming of all these years. Getting butterflies everytime it’s mentioned! See this post on NYC as my money saving inspiration)

Look at ME Legs- Embellished Stockings
(A trend full of style, individuality and Sparkle… Click here for more)

Guilty Pleasure Read- Sugar and Spice
(Third novel in the L.A Candy Series by Lauren Conrad)

What is your favourite OR what is giving you inspiration at the start of the week? Check out my personal blog Kooklah, or look me up and follow me on Pinterest. Hope your week started well!

Kooklah Xx

New Trend Alert #1- Embellished Stockings

I love this trend… It has began to pop up again after Lady Gaga rocked an amazing white embellished pair at a New Years Eve Party last year. It allows functionality and warmth whilst adding some sparkle and glamour. It is a complete step forward from patterened tights. There are many kinds from subtle diamontes/studs, woollen tights with detail, pattenered (such as lace) with detail and over the top- show stopping pairs.
In 2009 designers used embellished stockings on the runway to add some glitz to their already amazing clothing. Zac Posen and Mui Mui are two of these designers:
Zac Posen Red Embellished Stockings 2009
Mui Mui Thick Embellished Tights
Zac Posen

Mui Mui also created embellished socks, I love the idea of a cosy winter holiday with friends or a lover, curled up near a fire, feet on the footstool with my embellished socks on show!!

 Last year this trend was popular with Caroline D’Amore, Katy Perry, Kourtney Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga to name a few. Jean Paul Gaultier also featured this trend during his ready to wear Spring/Summer fashion shows
Lady Gaga- NYE 2011

Caroline D’Amore
Below I have included some pics of the types of embellished stockings/tights/leggings available
Studded Tights
Polyvore/Bebaroque embellished stockings

Cocorsa Embellished Tights- these ones are beaded

Bebaroque front embellished stockings. How amazing are these??? I so want a pair! I will endeavour this year to buy and wear (AND ROCK) a pair of embellished stockings… With a cocktail dress and jacket for winter, peeping out of a trenchcoat as I wander down New York’s time square in September or teamed with a dress and leather jacket for an edgy-glam look.
Send me a pic or comment if you also like/try this trend!
Kooklah Xx

Protect the Sparkle*

One of the most common complaints I have heard from friends is when an embellished item loses one of the gems/jewels/sparkle/diamontes. If you can’t find a jewel to replace and therefore fix the item, you may as well kiss it goodbye. I don’t like to wear the items once they are broken (if irreparable), because even if no one else notices, I know. That said, rings and even some earrings will be easy to conceal the missing stone but other items -especially necklaces, shoes or bags.

Jimmy Choo- Quinze Embellished Sandals

So to fix this problem, a girl must have some tricks up her sleeve. I have tried hairspray, clear drying glue and clear nail polish/hardener. The hairspray doesn’t work (it may set your makeup but not your glitz), the glue works but you have to be careful that you don’t get use too much glue as it can clump and then won’t dry clear. The nail hardener is the one that I use, and I think the most effective. Here are my reasons why:

  • Quick drying time– most Nail polish/hardeners dry in 30-60 seconds, which means it can be applied quickly if you forget to do it earlier and are in a hurry.
  • Dry clear– keeps the embellished item looking the way it did when you bought it (although may add extra shine!)
  • Cost effective– You don’t need to spend alot of money, can be found in supermarkets/chemists/retail shops starting around $2.00
  • Can be reapplied easily– couple of strokes and you are done,

 #1- Have a separate nail hardener for your nails to what you use for your embellished items. Not only will you not have to replace it constantly but you may spread infection if you don’t separate the two. Label them or store them separatley.
#2- If you notice any stones starting to become loose, act quickly and coat them in the polish- two or three coats may be needed for some items.
#3- For items used frequently I would reapply nail hardener every couple of wears, especially on shoes, rings or clutches.
#4- If you forget to apply (or it has worn off) and something comes loose, see if you can salvage it (if you can find it) and glue/fasten it back on OR see if you can buy something to replace it with. For example discount stores often have little crystal/diamonte type stones for sale that people use for craft purposes, see if these suit your needs

Kooklah Xx

Hint of Glamour- #1

Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything with a hint of glamour. Could be some embellishment, perfectly styled hair, amazing accessories or a take notice outfit.
I was looking through pictures of my favourite outfits for the year so far, and I came across this pic of Australian actress Kate Ritchie, wearing this gorgeous navy-sequined floor length gown from Steven Khalil. This dress showcases absolute glamour whilst highlighting curves and the power of some sparkle!
Would love to hear your thoughts, do you like the dress? I think it is stunning, a breathtaking piece. Perfectly paired with sparkly but understated accessories (see the dulled-embellished clutch and the silver accessories) and simple yet feminine makeup and hair. The dress is able to ‘speak’ for itself.
Kooklah Xx

The No Shopping Challenge…

At the start of this year I created and set about completing a list of items that I had always wanted to do. I called it “130 Things to do this Summer”, I posted photos and updates to my friends on facebook, many of them helped complete a few items or have been influenced to do the same. Once my three week holidays had ended I had completed about 123 items. I am currently completing another list (and adding more items as I think of things I would like to do), titled  She believed she could, so she did- What would you do if you knew you could not fail? (click to check out the full list).
The shopping challenge is Item #7, the conditions? No make-up, clothing or accessory shopping for ONE month. I had chosen June as this month, so I am 7 days in… I am finding it not too bad, except when I get email alerts of sales or am walking past stores with items I love for sale or new stock in. Anyone who knows me well knows that this will be big, for one month to do no shopping.

During this time I am planning to knock more items off my list including the ones that revolve around redoing my room and sorting through my wardrobe (I want to cull my clothes down significantly).

There are of course people who have really committed to this and are doing it for longer, Jill Chiver is one of them. In 2009 she decided she would (in an effort to reduce spending) not shop for a year, instead she would ‘shop in her wardrobe’. I love the idea of this- looking into your wardrobe for options, wearing those items you look at but do not wear, forcing yourself to be creative. Following her own experience, Jill has set up a program called “My Year Without Clothes Shopping”, for more information click here .

I am starting small, but I want to prove to myself and others that I can do this… who knows I may extend the timeframe..

Kooklah Xx