Inspired by Charlize…

One thing I have always remembered is an article I read about Charlize Theron, she stated that while she enjoyed getting dressed up and recieving male attention it was actually females that she dressed up for. Who else would appreciate the effort she reasoned? I can see her point. Females will realise and understand the effort you went to get dolled up, how genius the outfit you put together is but also recognise a trend, style, brand. From the moment I read this article, I was inspired.

It changed my outlook, sure I like when a guy notices you or says you look pretty but I love it when I wear an item and get that squeal of recognition from a girl who knows where I got it, or maybe what inspired me to wear it or because for her, it reminds her of something important or fun. It’s like you instantly belong to this secret club.

This for me, links hand in hand with something important. TELL her she looks good. Tell your sister, mum, cousin, best friend… but also tell the girl you have just met, or the woman walking past you in the street. Trust me, it is such a great feeling to have someone stop you and tell you that you look amazing or that they love an aspect of your outfit. It also feels great to pass on the compliment knowing you’ve put a smile on someone’s face and given them a feeling of validation and admiration.

Here is a moment where just that happens! Happy Styling, Kooklah Xx

Sex and the City Movie-
Carrie walking down the street and been complimented by the girls who love her dress.

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