DIY Beauty-body & face scrubs

(coffee, honey and oatmeal scrub)
My friend, Whitney, gave me a wonderful recipe for a homemade scrub, I have made this scrub multiple times. Everytime I have used this scrub my skin has felt fresh, clean, smooth and it glows!

Find the recipe below as well as a few others.

This amazing scrub can be used on the body but also the face and lips!

Here is Whitney’s simple and easy to follow recipe:


*Sugar – I usually use brown, it really exfoliates your skin but isn’t as rough as white/castor sugar

*Vanilla (essential oil) – Add as desired for scent; one/half teaspoon (or approximately ten drops) is usually enough depending on the quantity you are making. For an interesting mix, blend two scents.

*Baby Oil (carrier oil)- The baby oil combines with the sugar to help blend the ingredients, again add small amounts and mix until the scrub is at the right consistency for you.
Whitney’s scrub-
looks good enough to eat!
*Blend the ingredients you choose together until you are happy with the consistency, add the carrier oil to the texture ingredient in small portions and then add some of your chosen scent.
*Use a spoon to mix-either use a bowl or add the ingredients straight into the jar you will store it in.
*The scrub can be used ‘dry’ (use a loofah on skin that isn’t wet) before washing it off in the shower. It can also be used in the shower/bath, lather and scrub- the water will heighten the scent of the scrub.
*Once you have scrubbed the mix onto your skin, rinse it off with lukewarm water, pat the skin dry and moisturise. If there is some mixture leftover, store in an airtight jar and use next time!
Some Tips:

* I have discovered some wonderful ingredients that could be used for some variation:

~Essential oils: The fun part! Pick your scent…I have mostly used vanilla as it isn’t too overpowering but some other scents to try include rose, peppermint, lavender, cherry, peach, chocolate or even add some of your favourite perfume!
~Carrier oils: baby/olive/vegetable/sunflower/almond/coconut oils, lemon/lime juice, milk
~Ingredients for texture: sugar (white, brown or raw), sea salt, coffee, coconut, oatmeal, strawberries (mashed), cucmber (grated), yoghurt or honey
*The carrier oils are used to provide enough moisture to the scrub mix as the essential oils used for scent are too potent to use them solely in order to soften and combine the scrub

*To decide what you should use as your main ingredient look at what you have available and/or how smooth or rough you desire the scrub to be (consider the area it will be used on)

~For a smoother texture, add more of the liquid based ingredients or use a smoother texture option, such as honey, strawberries or yoghurt (yoghurt blended with oatmeal is great for mild facials)
~If you want a rougher, highly exfoliating scrub use salt, sugar, coconut or coffee and consider limiting the amount of carrier oil you combine in the mix.
*You can mix these ingredients around to make different types of scrubs- perfect gifts for friends and family! One that I would love to try is a chocolate-vanilla strawberry scrub.
*A rough, exfoliating scrub is perfect for the larger and dry areas of the body such as abdomen, back, legs, arms, elbows, feet and hands. Very useful in winter, before tan application or waxing.
                                                       *A smoother mix or a small amount of the rough mix is perfect for using on your lips (to get that perfect pout), face, hands and feet (DIY facials, manicures or pedicures).
*For lips I find using a toothbrush or eyebrow brush alongside the scrub help to prevent chapped lips.  
*Soaking hands and feet in warm water, milk or lemon juice before applying your scrub to soften dry skin. Use a pumice stone to remove dry skin and then moisturise.
*Lemon and milk are fantastic and gentle exfoliators due to the acids and enzymes present. Milk also helps to restore and rejuvenate the skin. Honey is amazing for creating soft skin and reducing scars. Cucumbers and strawberries soothe the skin and reduce fluid build up (such as puffy eyes or ankles).
Enjoy making your own scrubs!
I love it and can’t wait to start gifting them to people,
Kooklah, Xx

Sense of Romance…

The romantic style of dressing is one of my favourites.
 It is a style characterised by feminine, flirty, fun and pretty clothes or accessories with details such as lace, draped or flowing fabric, tulle, ruffles, pretty details including florals or a little sparkle.
An example of a long, flowing dress. The bodice is sequined with floral detail
Floral, lace, sparkle and button detail…
Using this style will not only ensure you look feminine and pretty but can also increase your confidence by making you feel attractive and happy.
 Romantic style is very girly, perfect for dates, outside events or parties.
I love this outfit, perfect for a date, girls night or even an outdoor cocktail party.
The ankle boots add abit of edge whilst highlighting the legs and flow of the ruffles in the dress.

                                            Lace is a very simple and beautiful way to add abit of romance to an outfit. It can be through the use of shoes or accessories such as headbands, earrings, bangles or, through using lace as the emphasis of the outfit for example dresses, skirts, shirts…

Lauren Conrad:                     Lauren really suits this feminine and romantic style.  Lauren has used slighty curled hair in a bun, with wispy pieces around her face. Her makeup is very natural with emphasis on flirty eyes..                                             

This dress has great detail at the top, it is very flattering and looks well put together and relaxed. The slight jewelled/crystal headband adds a lovely detail to the hairstyle that complements but maintains an understated look.
Blake Lively: Blake has really embraced the romantic style with this outfit. Her hair is very whimsical, with braids and plaits that are loose, her hair is partially pinned. It is very much so a hairstyle that will loosen and gradually fall out over time, which will only add to the overall look. The hair accessories which have been used are floral with beading, it is still quite natural as it blends with her hair colour.
I love that this dress is understated, cap sleeves, no plunging neckline with a slight flair below the hips. The lace work is amazing, complemented by floral details. This dress looks amazing and comfortable, a great one to copy for the beach, a date, a picnic or a party. Blake’s accessories in the ay of floral rings and a collection of charm bracelets are fantastic and really increase the romantic, slightly bohemian style.

Carrie Bradshaw- the intricate, mulitlayered dress worn in Paris (look at all that fabulous material, with the lace, ruffles, glitter and sequins) and the long, flowy orange maxi worn in the Middle East, this dress adds a fantastic pop of colour!

Romantic style can be simply achieved in the form of a sheer blouse…

 …or through the use of a beautiful pair of shoes.
                                                      Accessories are usually pretty and intricate with use of florals, beaded, glittery or lace detail

For your makeup focus on soft styles and colours such as nude, bronze, pinks, shimmer, glitter, gloss. A very natural, feminine look- wide eyes, long eyelashes, peachy pink cheeks.
 Hairstyles that compliment or enhance this style are waved styles like the pictures depicted above, loose braids, plaits or buns. Girly, flirty and fun hair. Doesn’t have to be perfectly put together, when I dress in this style or decide to use a romantic hairstyle I tend to focus on creating a girly, dreamy look-if it gradually falls or changes, don’t worry! It really does add to the look…

  Styling Tip: if looking ultra feminine is something you are not too comfortable with, you can still embrace the Romantic style- combine flirty, feminine details with another style.

 For example a flowing dress with a blazer or leather jacket, floral or pink heels with a LBD (little black dress), beautifully curled or wavy hair, a ruffled top with jeans or tailored pants or pretty, detailed accessories. This is the beauty of this style, it can be used to completley create an outfit, but also to influence or provide an addition to an outfit. 
I hope you enjoy this post! I had alot of fun creating it,
Happy Styling,
Kooklah, Xx

Abit of Girly-ness

This is just a little short post.. I was planning to publish my post on romantic style but I am not yet finished! So I thought I would post up a picture that I found, and loved.

I believe there is always a way to put a feminine, girly twist on an outfit or an item of clothing. Could be your accessories, colour choice, makeup or shoes. Keeping well looked after nails  is something that I think is so important- even just moisturised hands, filed and nail protectant covered nails can help achieve a flawless finish. I know I notice people’s nails, think about it- you shake hands, use a pen, hand over money. Our hands do so much, they are really in the limelight, five minutes of effort can take jagged, half-chipped nails to glossy or coloured perfection.

I love the playfullness of the nails below, and I can imagine them teamed easily with a floaty, romantic dress as well as a tour shirt and jeans type combo….

Girly, Unique, Fun!

Add a cocktail ring or a decorative bangle and you are set for an amazing outfit.
You don’t have to be perfect but I love it when I see girls who have made the extra effort to look alittle put together and classy.

Abit of girly-ness can never go wrong,

K, Xx