current obsession

My current fashion obsessions are: * tapered jeans- classic favourite and one I have loved for years. Looks great with band shirts, blazers, cropped jackets, floaty tops, slouchy knit jumpers (e.g Meredith Grey or Carrie Bradshaw) and look amazing with ankle boots or stilettos * rouched sleeves- add flattering detail to otherwise boring tops. Works on t-shirts or longer shirts. I team mine with a tapered leg to balance my silhouette *stilettos – ankle boot style with zips and studs with open heel, lace peeptoe ankle boots, coloured stilettos (current colours I am liking include red, black, tan, green purple and blue. *maxi dresses/skirts – add class, femininity to a look. Available in all kinds of styles from basic beach cover ups, to floaty florals perfect for bbqs or outdoor concerts, to dressy formal Maxis. I am 5″2 and have 3maxi dresses and one maxi skirt currently in my wardrobe. Belts are a great addition as you can add one to help shorten the dress to avoid stepping all over it. But varying lengths can be found. * costume jewelry – huge cocktail rings that cover half your hand with embellished aspects, dangly chandelier earrings, long necklaces with beads, chains or material. In my jewelry I love silver or white gold but for costume jewelry I always gravitate to gold. I have no idea why. I also live big studs. * scarves- in the space of four months I went from owning one to eight. Long ones, fluffy ruffled grey, red wool (my current favourite as it’s a long bit of attached wool that you place over your head like a necklace and twist) * clutch purses- I like a unique look, whether big, tiny, bright coloured, additions such as buckles, zips, chains… *coats- I love blazers, dressed up open jackets/cardigans, leather jackets and coats. Have the most amazing red winter coat which I bought in Melbourne in August. Happy shopping! Please comment, especially if you have a topic of interest or question for me K, Xx


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