Wear How You Feel…

Fashion is absolutley a way to showcase your mood and personality. If you want someone to be able to look at you and get a certain vibe- flirty, girly, approachable, easygoing, risk taking, the important thing to consider is the simplest way to get the message across. You don’t want someone to look at you and feel confused.

For me it all depends on what I am doing or where I am going combined with how I feel that day. I always like to put my own spin on things, I am a big follower of using colours to make an impact. I don’t like to match my shoes to my outfit, I like to take a chance both in life and with my clothes. A few weekends ago I went to an outdoor rock concert, the weather was hot, I felt good and despite my usual ‘uniform’ to that type of show e.g. band shirt and pants with closed in shoes, wild hair I took a different turn. I wore mid-thigh denim shorts, black short-sleeved wrap shirt, gladiator sandals, massive sunglasses and straight free hair. I felt fantastic and had such a great time.

There is little worse than putting on an outfit, getting to your destination and realising you are uncomfortable or don’t like how you look in what you have on. I find this will ruin my day/night very quickly, I start to feel self conscious, uptight and annoyed.. really not the kind of person anyone wants to spend time with!

Another thing that I think is a big fashion NO is when people- and I mean mainly girls- ask each other what they are wearing. I don’t mean in the sense of working out an acceptable dress code (especially if you have never been to the venue before) or if the weather is creating clothing choice chaos, no I mean ‘lets ask each other what we are wearing so we can look exactly the same’. It doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you want to go out and look the same as everyone else that you are with? Let me tell you it will be confusing for the guy who thinks your cute, can you not dress yourself? Or do you just not have a personality? If you look the same he may also mistake you for your friend. I totally agree with ‘ok, what sort of thing like casual top and jean style clothes or dresses/skirts’ but then once you have determined that-if you need to- this is your chance to put your own spin on it!! If all the girls wear flats but you want more height (and coming from a vertically challenged person its a big benefit!) WEAR the heels, if you normally wear blacks/greys/blues but your feeling festive break out that hot pink or sunny yellow cocktail dress. Clothes are not meant to be boring, I love it when I wear something and I stand out just that bit that everyone wants to know where I have gotten it from.

High-end, opshop, online retail, chain stores, DIY projects…there is this massive industry that shows trends whilst also supporting individuality and mixing and matching. Get out there. Embrace it, Feel it, Wear it.

K, x.

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