Fashion Inspiration

My Inspiration…  
These women below all inspire or influence my own style and I thought I would share them with you.
The famous Audrey up-do. I love the height!

I love the classic, elegant look and am always aiming for that

The catlike eyes, the smile. This makeup look is so iconic.
I have always played up my eyes more so than my lips, I have really long eyelashes and expressive eyes so I try to make the most of what my best friend calls ‘flirty eyes’. I think it also works with the classic look I aim for when I am going to an event such as a wedding. 
 Elizabeth Taylor.
Bold makeup and I am also inspired by her eyes, even with the red lipstick I am drawn to the way she has made her eyes stand out. She has strong eyebrows too, like Audrey which I think frames the face and makes someone take notice.

Drew Barrymore. This woman is a huge inspiration to me. She is so comfortable in her own skin and firmly stands by who she is. She has said “You are your own person with a right to make decisions that sometimes won’t please other people”.. I think this confidence comes through in her style. She also has such a great almost effortless girly quality.

She also has an edge which I love as I enjoy breaking out the bandshirt and jeans look

Marilyn Monroe.
She embodied a womanly look, embracing her curves. I read in an article that in today’s society she would be ‘too big for hollywood’. I think she is amazing. She wrote poems and manuscripts which have since been collected and put into books, what I have read shows how smart and insightful she was.

Blake Lively.
She has so much energy which comes across in all of her photos. 

                                She always manages to look trendy, amazing and confident.

Lauren Conrad.
I enjoy looking at Lauren’s style because she also follows a classic look as a basis to forming her outfits. Out of all the episodes on her show she never wore the exact same outfit twice, she styled herself and managed to put a twist on or create new outfits. Looking fabulous every time.


I think it is important to have people who inspire your own style or fashion choices. It helps to highlight what kind of clothes or looks you like personally and makes it easier to then go and select clothes and accessories which fit that style. I’m off to look through one of my favourite little boutiques, it’s my birthday dinner this week- so I want to look and feel amazing.
K, x

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